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  1. check the functions TAB spaces in: function script cloaknpc {
  2. replace this: dispbottom "You've spent one minute in WoE and gained a WoE point." dispbottom "Total points earned: +woepoints; that is why: dispbottom "You've spent one minute in WoE and gained a WoE point."; dispbottom "Total points earned: "+woepoints;
  3. //===== Hercules Script =========================================== //= King of Emperium Hill //===== By: ======================================================= //= AnnieRuru //===== Current Version: ========================================== //= 1.2 //===== Compatible With: ========================================== //= hercules & rathena 2018-04-08 //===== Description: ============================================== //= defends the emperium in the middle of the map until times up //===== Topic ===================================================== //= http://hercules.ws/board/topic/4495-gvg-king-of-emperium-hill/ //===== Additional Comments: ====================================== //= Finally there is a topic for this ! //================================================================= - script KoE FAKE_NPC,{ OnInit: hideonnpc "The King#KoE"; disablenpc "Exit#KoE"; bindatcmd "koe", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnCommand", 99,100; end; OnCommand: if ( compare( [email protected]_parameters$, "on" ) ) goto L_start; else if ( compare( [email protected]_parameters$, "off" ) ) goto L_end; else { dispbottom "type - '@koe on' to start the event"; dispbottom "type - '@koe off' to end the event"; } end; L_start: OnSun2000: // everyday 8pm starts if ( .start ) end; gvgon "koe"; announce "The King of Emperium Hill has begun!", bc_all; .start = true; hideoffnpc "The King#KoE"; disablenpc "Exit#KoE"; $koegid = 0; donpcevent "::OnRevKoE"; maprespawnguildid "koe", $koegid, 3; killmonster "koe", "KoE::OnEmpDead"; monster "koe",49,49, "EMPERIUM", 1288, 1, "KoE::OnEmpDead"; end; L_end: OnSun2100: // everyday 8:30pm ends gvgoff "koe"; announce "The King of Emperium Hill is over!", bc_all; .start = 0; enablenpc "Exit#KoE"; disablenpc "The King#KoE"; killmonster "koe", "KoE::OnEmpDead"; maprespawnguildid "koe", $koegid, 2; // uncomment this line to kick non-owner off the map when event ends end; OnEmpDead: $koegid = getcharid(2); announce "The current King of Emperium Hill is the ["+ strcharinfo(2) +"] guild.", bc_all; donpcevent "::OnRevKoE"; maprespawnguildid "koe", $koegid, 2; killmonster "koe", "KoE::OnEmpDead"; sleep 500; if ( .start ) monster "koe",50,50, "EMPERIUM", 1288, 1, "KoE::OnEmpDead"; end; } // KoE Entrance prontera,155,191,4 script The King#KoE 1_M_MERCHANT,{ mes "[The King]"; if ( !getcharid(2) ) { mes "You must have a guild to participate in the ^FF0000King of Emperium Hill Tournament^000000."; close; } mes "Hello."; mes "Would you like to participate in the ^FF0000King of Emperium Hill Tournament^000000?"; if ( select ( "Yes", "No" ) == 2 ) close; if ( !getvariableofnpc( .start, "KoE" ) ) close; switch( rand(1,4) ){ case 1: warp "koe", 14, 17; end; case 2: warp "koe", 14, 84; end; case 3: warp "koe", 85, 84; end; case 4: warp "koe", 85, 16; end; } } // KoE Exit koe,49,56,5 script Exit#KoE 1_M_BARD,{ mes "[Exit]"; mes "See ya."; close2; warp "Save",0,0; if ( getcharid(2) == $koegid ) getitem 7539, 1; // configure prize here - Poring Coin end; } // Flags koe,25,74,5 script King of Emperium Hill#1::koe_flag GUILD_FLAG,{ if ( !$koegid ) end; mes "[King of Emperium Hill]"; mes "The Current King of Emperium Hill is the ["+ getguildname($koegid) +"] guild."; close; OnInit: // Uncomment this line to make the emblem stay after @reloadscript OnRevKoE: flagemblem $koegid; end; } koe,39,40,3 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#2 GUILD_FLAG koe,39,59,1 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#3 GUILD_FLAG koe,60,59,7 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#4 GUILD_FLAG koe,60,40,5 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#5 GUILD_FLAG koe,74,74,3 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#6 GUILD_FLAG koe,75,24,1 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#7 GUILD_FLAG koe,26,24,7 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#8 GUILD_FLAG koe mapflag nobranch koe mapflag nomemo koe mapflag nopenalty koe mapflag noreturn koe mapflag nosave SavePoint koe mapflag noteleport //koe mapflag gvg_noparty koe mapflag nowarp koe mapflag nowarpto koe mapflag guildlock koe mapflag noicewall Use ex: prontera,150,177,5 duplicate(The King#KoE) test 1_M_MERCHANT for duplicate npc
  4. to duplicate you have to change the disablenpc commands to hideonnpc and enablenpc to hideoffnpc and then you can now duplicate npc disablenpc "The King#KoE"; enablenpc "The King#KoE"; what is the npc you want to duplicate?
  5. it's true, I didn't check it, I'm going to look for the commit that fixed it, thanks just download the current emulator that has already been fixed
  6. the use of the blacksmith's blessing is not working in the current revision, they have not yet corrected it. if you are using the previous version of @refineui it's ok but the current one no
  7. if you are interested i made this correction, call me on discord: Hyroshima#1621 sou br
  8. Posso estar falando merda mas pelo que vi em várias versões, a skill aumenta o dano somente por itens/cartas que aumentam o atk (como str ou o poder de atk), a carta general aumenta o dano através de um efeito bonus em raças, experimenta usar uma carta q aumenta um desses 2 atributos que falei.
  9. Hey guys. So, for some time I was creating an instance with interactive npcs, that walk around the map to give more immersion in the story. I was using a client 2018, so I tried it on a newer client in 2020 and it didn't work, so I went looking for where it was working to try to resolve it. maximum client that is working: 2019-05-08cRagexe (any client after that does not work.) I did the test on both rA and Hercules, i got the same result as shown in the video below. (Left does not work & Right work!) I am a few days trying to see if I can solve it but I have not succeeded so far. code used for testing: prontera,155,178,3 script testeeee 1039,{ sleep 1500; setarray [email protected][0],151,155,158,155; setarray [email protected][0],175,173,175,178; freeloop(1); while(true) { npcwalkto [email protected][[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]]; set [email protected],([email protected] >= getarraysize([email protected]) ? 0:[email protected]+1); sleep 2500; } freeloop(0); end; }
  10. @Edit: the problem is in the client, in other versions above this is not working: 2018-09-19aRagexe @Up Here a practical example code teste: prontera,155,178,3 script testeeee 1039,{end; OnInit: sleep 1500; setarray [email protected][0],151,155,158,155; setarray [email protected][0],175,173,175,178; freeloop(1); while(true) { npcwalkto [email protected][[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]]; set [email protected],([email protected] >= getarraysize([email protected]) ? 0:[email protected]+1); sleep 2000; } freeloop(0); end; }
  11. Hello again, i downloaded the latest version of the rA to do some tests and I realized that when using the sprite_id of a mob on an npc no longer the sword but the standard npc chat balloon: <- any sprite mob or npc now stay the balloon <- the old way when using mob sprite looked like this on a system that i'm doing on the older emulator (r16311) it works correctly, but in the current one it doesn't work because i use npcwalkto and as you know it bug the sprite if used as npc, so i make a transition from npc to mob sprite to don't let the sprite bug to happen. if anyone knows which commit contains the information about this change that has become the default it would help a lot. Thank you very much!!
  12. 14169,F_Blessing_10_Scroll_Box,Blessing 10 Scroll Box,18,20,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ if(BaseLevel >= 50){ getitem 12215,10; } else{ getitem 14169,1; } },{},{} .
  13. 603, Old_Blue_Box, Old Blue Box, 2,10000,, 200 ,,,,, 0xFFFFFFFF, 7,2 ,,,,,, { if(BaseLevel == 50){ getrandgroupitem (IG_BlueBox),1; } }, {}, {} ?
  14. It would be interesting, but would need a src mod to count when the player simply brought or took the item in storage, in a simple way it would only work when killing mobs. but if i add a @quest command to show the information in the chat? if I'm not mistaken there is a src mod that calls an event every time an item goes to the inventory.
  15. View File Quest Point System [PT-BR] O sistema consiste em da 1 quest/missão ao player, o jogador que a fizer ganhará 1 Ponto de Quest, esses pontos o player porá usar para trocar por custons ou algo de seu interesse, as quest são sorteadas de forma aleatória dentre as dificuldades, e os Admins/GMs podem adicionar itens de quest in-game assim como podem editar também. Obs: Mais em baixo deixarei uns videos relacionado ao sistema, o script tem algumas alterações se comparado com os videos mas nada de mais. Obs2: Caso alguém encontre algum bug ou queira da sugestões fique a vontade, farei assim que puder. [ENG] The system consists of 1 quest to the player, the player who makes it complete earn 1 Quest Point, and these points you can use to exchange for custom or something of interest to you, the quests are random, and the Admins / GMs can add quest items in-game like this you can edit too. Note: Below I will leave some videos related to the system, the script has some changes compared to the videos but nothing major. Note2: The translation is not very good, but I believe can understand it, you can make suggestions for me to make the improvement. Videos: Submitter Hyroshima Submitted 04/11/2021 Category Games, Events, Quests Video Content Author Hyroshima  
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