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  1. I did this example prontera,161,185,5 script NPCTIMED 112,{ if(#TalkTimer > gettimetick(2)) { mes "You have to wait!"; close; } else { for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize($Talkip$); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if($Talkip$[[email protected]] == getcharip()){ deletearray $Talkip$[[email protected]],1; set [email protected],getarraysize($Talkip$); } } } mes "Hi..."; mes "save teste?"; if(select("Yes:Not")==2){ close; } mes "Ok, ready"; set #TalkTimer,gettimetick(2)+(60*60*5); setarray $Talkip$[(getarraysize($Talkip$) ? getarraysize($Talkip$):0)],getcharip(); close; }
  2. Thanks for attention, but my idea is not to leave a time attachment, and work only when called similar to other labels that have a trigger that in this case it would always have been an increase in the minute real time. I will analyze and check how it would behave and try to create this function ^^. #Conclusion: you should pick between attempt #3 and #4. Personally, I would prefer #4. *this would also be the one I would use ^^
  3. I haven't tested it, but I hope it's the way you asked. you define the cooldown in: set [email protected],60; //time in minute the changes I made for you to understand ~1 before if ( strcharinfo(3) == strnpcinfo(4)) [email protected]++; ~ afeter if ( strcharinfo(3) == strnpcinfo(4) && RoomCD < gettimetick(2)) [email protected]++; else set [email protected]$,[email protected]$+strcharinfo(0)+", "; ~2 before else if ( .party_id ) { mes "[MvP Ladder Warper]"; mes "I'm sorry, but a party is currently playing the game. Please standby until the party is finished."; mes "Thank you."; close; } ~ afeter else if ( [email protected]$ != "" ) { mes "[MvP Ladder Warper]"; mes "There are players in your group with active cooldown!"; mes "^FF0000"[email protected]$+"^000000"; close; } ~3 before Zeny -= .register_cost; announce "The party ["+ strcharinfo(1) +"] has started the MvP ladder game.", bc_all; set .party_id, getcharid(1); set [email protected]_enter, gettimetick(2); ~ afeter Zeny -= .register_cost; announce "The party ["+ strcharinfo(1) +"] has started the MvP ladder game.", bc_all; set .party_id, getcharid(1); set [email protected]_enter, gettimetick(2); set [email protected],60; //time in minute ~4 before announce "You have "+ .timeout +" minutes to complete "+ .totalround +" rounds.", bc_self; [email protected]$[[email protected]] = strcharinfo(0); [email protected]++; ~ afeter announce "You have "+ .timeout +" minutes to complete "+ .totalround +" rounds.", bc_self; [email protected]$[[email protected]] = strcharinfo(0); RoomCD = gettimetick(2)+(60*[email protected]); [email protected]++; mvp_ladder.txt
  4. I would like to know how I change the calculation to be based on atk / matk (50%) + weapon atk currently (RE) this effect only calculates the weapon's atk, as hydra and turtle general. thank anyone who can help me
  5. é só abrir ele com um editor de texto, geralmente todas as pasta data base que tem pra montar cliente vem com eles .lub mas não ta convertida está com o seu conteúdo em texto normal. signboardlist.lub
  6. does the RDMOPT_VAR_ATKPERCENT formula work that way? https://streamable.com/egie8 Obs: 100 of RDMOPT_VAR_ATTPOWER is doubling atkpower.
  7. it's weird, it's ignoring the fixed 2 seconds of casttime, rumors say this has been around since eAthena.
  8. https://streamable.com/z9y9i - Id: 401 Name: CH_SOULCOLLECT Description: Zen MaxLevel: 1 TargetType: Self DamageFlags: NoDamage: true Hit: Single HitCount: 1 CastCancel: true Duration1: 600000 FixedCastTime: 2000 Requires: SpCost: 20 fixedcasttime 2sec '-'
  9. alter: getmapxy .map$,.x,.y,1; for: getmapxy .map$,.x,.y,BL_NPC; please show error image.
  10. \data\luafiles514\lua files\signboardlist.lub look for where and map
  11. I was using this mod from the normal goddameit on windows (vs), but when I tried to compile in linux he accused the lack of a windows library: WINSOCK2.H would it be possible to convert the ping.c code for linux centos and maintain the same functionality? ping.c #ifdef _DEBUG #define new DEBUG_NEW #undef THIS_FILE static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__; #endif #include <WINSOCK2.H> #define DEF_BUF_SIZE 1024 #define IP_HEADER_SIZE 20 #define ICMP_HEADER_SIZE 12 typedef struct _ICMP_HEADER { BYTE bType; BYTE bCode; USHORT nCheckSum; USHORT nId; USHORT nSequence; UINT nTimeStamp; }ICMP_HEADER, *PICMP_HEADER; USHORT GetCheckSum(LPBYTE lpBuff, DWORD dwSize) { DWORD dwCheckSum = 0; USHORT* lpWord = (USHORT*)lpBuff; while(dwSize > 1) { dwCheckSum += *lpWord++; dwSize -= 2; } if(dwSize ==1) dwCheckSum += *((LPBYTE)lpBuff); dwCheckSum = (dwCheckSum >> 16) + (dwCheckSum & 0XFFFF); return (USHORT)(~dwCheckSum); } BOOL Ping(char* lpDestIP, int *nRet_, int *nTime_) { int nTime = 0; int ret = 0; char ICMPPack[ICMP_HEADER_SIZE] = {0}; char szRcvBuff[DEF_BUF_SIZE] = {0}; int i = 0; int nRet = 0; int nLen = 0; int nError = 0; SOCKET s; PICMP_HEADER pRcvHeader; SOCKADDR_IN SourceSockAddr; SOCKADDR_IN DestSockAddr; PICMP_HEADER pICMPHeader; DestSockAddr.sin_family = AF_INET; DestSockAddr.sin_addr.S_un.S_addr = inet_addr(lpDestIP); DestSockAddr.sin_port = htons(0); pICMPHeader = (PICMP_HEADER)ICMPPack; pICMPHeader->bType = 8; pICMPHeader->bCode = 0; pICMPHeader->nId = (USHORT)GetCurrentProcessId(); pICMPHeader->nCheckSum = 0; pICMPHeader->nTimeStamp = 0; s = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_RAW, IPPROTO_ICMP); nTime = 1000; ret = setsockopt(s, SOL_SOCKET, SO_RCVTIMEO, (char*)&nTime, sizeof(nTime)); for(i=0; i <1; i++) { pICMPHeader->nCheckSum = 0; pICMPHeader->nSequence = i; pICMPHeader->nTimeStamp = GetTickCount(); pICMPHeader->nCheckSum = GetCheckSum((LPBYTE)(ICMPPack), ICMP_HEADER_SIZE); nRet = sendto(s, ICMPPack, ICMP_HEADER_SIZE, 0, (SOCKADDR*)&DestSockAddr, sizeof(DestSockAddr)); if(nRet == SOCKET_ERROR) { return FALSE; } nLen = sizeof(SOCKADDR_IN); if(nRet == SOCKET_ERROR) { return FALSE; } nRet = recvfrom(s, szRcvBuff,DEF_BUF_SIZE,0,(SOCKADDR*)&SourceSockAddr,&nLen); if(nRet == SOCKET_ERROR) { return FALSE; } pRcvHeader = (PICMP_HEADER)(szRcvBuff + IP_HEADER_SIZE); nTime = GetTickCount() - pRcvHeader->nTimeStamp; //printf("Return Message: %s bytes=%d time=%dms\n", inet_ntoa(SourceSockAddr.sin_addr), nRet, nTime); *nRet_ = nRet; *nTime_ = nTime; } return TRUE; }
  12. in this case warp will not work since it is an instance, it would have to be instance_enter, or am i mistaken? I will make a model and send it here...
  13. here's normal [ r16311 ] prontera,155,191,5 script teste22 112,{ mes "guild name: "+getguildname(getcharid(2))+""; mes "guild name: "+getguildname(1)+""; close; } @Edit: I did another test and the result was abnormal! https://streamable.com/6czh9
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