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  1. this is screenshoot with fluxbb inside buy jupeto coffee
  2. Hi all.. i've been searching for fluxcp integrations with forums software like ipb, vb, phpbb, xenforo etc.. i saw 1 addons ( fluxcp fluxbb ) at rathena , provide by jupeto. i know him since at eathena 2006, after searhcing finally i found him. He has been busy for a long time XD, so i asked to him to write again the guide for his addons. after chit chat a bit long, he said : "if you can get at least 50 users to agree with you for me to write a new one, I'll write a new one " then i decide to write here to ask all of you who need fluxcp forum integrations XD if any of you agreed, just replay here >.< i will gather all of you then thank you before
  3. @alexandria: why not create subversion for your translation (the data folder itself) ? i mean exclude texture, pallete, and sprite. updating from version 1 to 2 and etc is too big update just sugestion from me
  4. the encryption keys used by (hercules emulator as fas as i know == somebody tell me about that )
  5. how the other people can reproduce ur problem if u cant tell it more detail >.< @hendra : still trying , ill notice u when finish
  6. can you help me what i should pick for less feature? what client version are u using right now? im using 2013-08-07 and its work well.
  7. just delete it >.< its make you crazy i guess : lua files\quest\quest_function
  8. try compile using lpcre
  9. checkur inbox, note : ill send detail about this error later when im fixed it
  10. may i know ur hexed version?
  11. ummh ur map tell that your packet db has only support up to 30 .. re download packet db maybe help u
  12. sirius back again dude