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  1. di PM aja hehe atau di telegram : @beamguide or discord : https://discord.gg/q2k4rPY
  2. tester untuk maen di server ane
  3. yang bersedia jadi tester PM ane ya gan
  4. this is screenshoot with fluxbb inside buy jupeto coffee
  5. Hi all.. i've been searching for fluxcp integrations with forums software like ipb, vb, phpbb, xenforo etc.. i saw 1 addons ( fluxcp fluxbb ) at rathena , provide by jupeto. i know him since at eathena 2006, after searhcing finally i found him. He has been busy for a long time XD, so i asked to him to write again the guide for his addons. after chit chat a bit long, he said : "if you can get at least 50 users to agree with you for me to write a new one, I'll write a new one " then i decide to write here to ask all of you who need fluxcp forum integrations XD if any of you agreed, just replay here >.< i will gather all of you then thank you before
  6. the encryption keys used by (hercules emulator as fas as i know == somebody tell me about that )
  7. how the other people can reproduce ur problem if u cant tell it more detail >.< @hendra : still trying , ill notice u when finish
  8. can you help me what i should pick for less feature? what client version are u using right now? im using 2013-08-07 and its work well.
  9. just delete it >.< its make you crazy i guess : lua files\quest\quest_function
  10. checkur inbox, note : ill send detail about this error later when im fixed it
  11. ummh ur map tell that your packet db has only support up to 30 .. re download packet db maybe help u
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