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  1. Sory how to solve this?? CXX unit.cpp CXX vending.cpp LD map-server obj/channel.o: In function `channel_send(Channel*, map_session_data*, char const*)': /home/rathena/src/map/channel.cpp:460: undefined reference to `discord_send(char const*, char const*, char const*)' obj/map.o: In function `do_init(int, char**)': /home/rathena/src/map/map.cpp:5257: undefined reference to `discord_init()' obj/mob.o: In function `mob_dead(mob_data*, block_list*, int)': /home/rathena/src/map/mob.cpp:2802: undefined reference to `discord_announce_drop(char const*)' obj/script.o: In function `buildin_discord(script_state*)': /home/rathena/src/map/../custom/script.inc:27: undefined reference to `discord_script(char const*, char const*)' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status Makefile:72: recipe for target 'map-server' failed make[1]: *** [map-server] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/rathena/src/map' Makefile:50: recipe for target 'map' failed make: *** [map] Error 2 [email protected]:/home/rathena# and where file name index.js ?? thx for answer
  2. before start your map-server youse screen command #screen [enter] #./athena-start start to preview , use #screen -ls #screen -pid[number in screen -ls]
  3. The shield sprite name must contain the job you wish to use
  4. how to activate the costume_2 folder? is there any possibility to add another body style? I get a gravity error when trying to use @bodystyle 2 in job mechanics maybe here someone understands if using @Bodystyle 1 no problem and how to add another bodystyle to other job? Thx hexed : 2018
  5. can enter map server ? if yes you forget to add SCDream4.otf and SCDream6.otf
  6. what client do you use? and data translate ?
  7. just update your KRO, some of the sprite files are there
  8. where can i get this file sir ?? SCDream4.otf and SCDream6.otf in folder system>font ?? [FIXED] shortcut its ready work? im use ALt+S and other shortcut, client Stuck and stop working
  9. The NPC call use Command @shop do not need to be duplicate
  10. check in : 0-Prontera.grf if you have, edited in here for msgstringtable.txt but if not you can look to the next GRF 1-Server.grf 2-Palette.grf 3-Data.grf
  11. maybe edited in sprite and act file position
  12. this no hexed jus exe patcher, need hexed for diff
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