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  1. try move to other drive to C
  2. i use https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP my character menu have a error how to solve? thx for advanced
  3. maybe you can provide information on the emulator and the hexed used
  4. im use https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP/pull/275 but still error
  5. create 2 exe one for renewal and one for pre-re for renewal use nemo and change to read iteminfo_re.lub for pre-re use nemo and change to read iteminfo_pre.lub
  6. try to default load profile in nemo and diff one by one
  7. hahaha....saya tidak terlalu mengikuti perkembangan rathena, semakin sulit memahami dengan apa yang terjadi. saya sedang dalam proses pembuatan server sendiri yang mungkin akan dimainkan secara private for fun saja hehehe
  8. Hai @mrfizi lama tak bersua hahaha
  9. how to solved ? [ Error ] : Guild skill "GD_GUILD_STORAGE" with Id 10016 is out of the guild skill range [10000-10020], skipping.
  10. compile with visual studio and running web.sql
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