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  1. Whats your problem ? take a screenshoot
  2. I have an instance I've been inside but then I die, how to return to the instance? Is there a script command that can be given to npc thx i'm use instance simple script //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Sample: Instancing //===== By: ================================================== //= Euphy //===== Last Updated: ======================================== //= 20140129 //===== Description: ========================================= //= Contains elements of a basic instance script. //============================================================ // Before running this script, add the entry below to // 'db/(pre-)re/instance_db.txt': // 100,Abyss Lake Instance,3600,300,abyss_03,160,155 // Instance Creation //============================================================ prontera,151,190,6 script Sample Instance 101,{ [email protected]$ = "Rent Location"; if (instance_id()) { // ignore the console debug message (harmless) mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "You are already part of an instance."; next; switch(select("Enter Instance.:Cancel.")) { case 1: break; case 2: mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "You don't want to try again?"; emotion ET_CRY; close; } } else { mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "Would you like to try the sample instance in Abyss Lake 3?"; next; switch(select("Create Instance.:Cancel.")) { case 1: [email protected] = instance_create([email protected]$); if ([email protected] < 0) { mes "[Sample Instance]"; switch ([email protected]) { case -1: mes "ERROR: Invalid type."; break; case -2: mes "ERROR: Party not found."; break; case -3: mes "ERROR: Instance already exists."; break; case -4: mes "ERROR: No free instances."; break; } mes " "; mes "Instance creation ^FF0000failed^000000."; emotion ET_HUK; close; } mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "Instance created."; mes " "; mes "Now entering the instance..."; next; break; case 2: mes "[Sample Instance]"; mes "Okay. Maybe next time!"; close; } } [email protected] = instance_enter([email protected]$); if ([email protected] != 0) { mes "[Sample Instance]"; switch ([email protected]) { case 1: mes "ERROR: Party not found."; break; case 2: mes "ERROR: Party does not have an instance."; break; case 3: mes "ERROR: Unknown error."; break; } mes " "; mes "Instance entry ^FF0000failed^000000."; emotion ET_HUK; close; } close; } // Instance Scripts //============================================================ abyss_03,154,159,6 script Instance NPC#start 101,{ mes "[Instance NPC]"; mes "Are you ready to begin?"; next; switch(select("Yes.:No.")) { case 1: mes "[Instance NPC]"; mes "Good luck."; close2; donpcevent instance_npcname("#ins_abyss03_mobs")+"::OnEnable"; delwaitingroom; disablenpc instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0)); end; case 2: mes "[Instance NPC]"; mes "Take your time."; close; } end; OnInit: // hide the NPC on the normal map disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; OnInstanceInit: // initialize the NPC when the instance is created disablenpc instance_npcname("abysslakedunwarp004"); // disable original warp portal (currently buggy) waitingroom "Click here to start!",0; end; } abyss_03,0,0,0 script #ins_abyss03_mobs -1,{ end; OnEnable: initnpctimer; end; OnTimer1000: //strnpcinfo(4) will retrieve the instanced map name mapannounce strnpcinfo(4),"Instance NPC: The Abyss Lake instance has begun.",bc_all; end; OnTimer4000: mapannounce strnpcinfo(4),"Instance NPC: Smash the Treasure Chest in the center of the map for a prize.",bc_all; end; OnTimer5000: stopnpctimer; // spawn mobs [email protected]$ = instance_mapname("abyss_03"); [email protected]$ = instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0))+"::OnMyMobDead"; [email protected]_boss$ = instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0))+"::OnMyBossDead"; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Huge Poring",1002,20,[email protected]$,2; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Huge Drops",1113,15,[email protected]$,2; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Huge Poporing",1031,10,[email protected]$,2; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Huge Marin",1242,10,[email protected]$,2; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Tiny Zombie",1015,30,[email protected]$,1; monster [email protected]$,0,0,"Huge Mime Monkey",1585,2,[email protected]$,2; monster [email protected]$,97,102,"Treasure Chest",1732,1,[email protected]_boss$,2; end; OnMyMobDead: // normal mobs dispbottom "What am I doing? I should be attacking the Treasure Chest!"; viewpoint 0,97,102,0,0xFF0000; switch (rand(6)) { // for fun (: case 0: sc_start SC_STONE,5000,0; break; case 1: sc_start SC_FREEZE,5000,0; break; case 2: sc_start SC_STUN,5000,0; break; case 3: sc_start SC_SLEEP,5000,0; break; case 4: sc_start SC_CONFUSION,5000,0; break; case 5: sc_start SC_BLIND,5000,0; break; } end; OnMyBossDead: // treasure chest specialeffect2 EF_MVP; getitem 512,1; //Apple // trigger other events [email protected]$ = instance_mapname("abyss_03"); [email protected]$ = instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0))+"::OnMyMobDead"; killmonster [email protected]$,[email protected]$; mapannounce [email protected]$,"Instance NPC: Good work! Please speak to me as soon as possible.",bc_all; donpcevent instance_npcname("Instance NPC#finish")+"::OnEnable"; end; } abyss_03,97,102,4 script Instance NPC#finish 101,{ mes "[Instance NPC]"; mes "Congratulations! You've finished the instance."; mes "I'll send you back to town now."; emotion ET_BEST; close2; warp "prontera",156,191; instance_destroy(); end; OnInit: disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; OnInstanceInit: disablenpc instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0)); end; OnEnable: enablenpc instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0)); specialeffect EF_HIDING; end; } abyss_03,115,26,0 script #ins_abyss03_warp 45,5,5,{ end; OnTouch: mes "Are you sure you want to leave?"; next; switch(select("Leave.:Stay.")) { case 1: warp "prontera",156,191; break; case 2: warp strnpcinfo(4),160,155; break; } close; OnInit: disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; }
  3. edit one by one skill in db db/skill_damage_db.txt
  4. try it item_db.txt 618,Worn_Out_Scroll,Worn Out Scroll,2,10000,,200,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ callfunc "callscroll"; },{},{} npc function script callscroll { if(countitem(1155) < 1 || countitem(1037) < 250 || countitem(1036) < 100) goto L_NOITEMS; getitem 1160,1; //(Broad_Sword) mes "Sword Craft"; close; L_NOITEMS: mes "item not completed"; getitem 618,1; //worn out scroll close; } change ID item with your itemID
  5. clear your data hairstyle dan use default pallete
  6. may I know what web you are using? for fluxcp it will automatically read
  7. disable mob info ? or what ? conf/battle/monster.conf show_mob_info: 0
  8. just upload your webfile in www folder and open your browser to access link
  9. everything is ok in item_db.txt I've tried all the custom items that I have and they're all stuck i looked at rathena's default item_db and they are fine
  10. hello, maybe someone can help my error i have a custom item_db.txt 30001,Akatsuki_Hat,Akatsuki_Hat,5,10000,,10,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,256,,0,1,1100,{ bonus bStr,5; bonus bDex,5; bonus bCriticalRate,20; },{},{} I convert using csv2yaml.bat but there is a problem in the view id if I change the view id, it works 30001,Akatsuki_Hat,Akatsuki_Hat,5,10000,,10,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,256,,0,1,11,{ bonus bStr,5; bonus bDex,5; bonus bCriticalRate,20; },{},{} maybe someone can help so I can use the view id THX
  11. Akbare

    FluxCP notice

    THX work like a charm case close
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