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  1. Dê uma olhada em doc/ea_job_system.txt
  2. How do you calculate the remaining monsters? Checking all values of arrays. prontera,155,175,4 script TestScript 69,{ setarray [email protected]_id, 1002, 1004, 1005; setarray [email protected]_qt, 1, 3, 8; setarray [email protected]_req, 7, 8, 10; for(; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]_id); [email protected]++){ if([email protected]_qt[[email protected]] >= [email protected]_req[[email protected]]) { dispbottom "You hunted down all the monsters on that map."; } else { dispbottom "You still have to hunt down the following monsters:"; dispbottom "MonsterID: "[email protected]_id[[email protected]]+" Amount: "[email protected]_qt[[email protected]]+" Required quantity: "[email protected]_req[[email protected]]; } } end; }
  3. I'm trying to learn how the emulator identifies water areas. And do something in that sense to be able to plant only where there is land, not to plant on sidewalks. But I understood what you wanted to say about just a few places, just like @AnnieRuru sales system.
  4. I am creating a rainfall system that also influences harvest time. As for the plants, you will have a mapflag to define where the seed can be planted. I'm looking at how to put a farm style map to use as a house instance. Really with a little knowledge and creativity you can do a lot in this emulator
  5. I'm developing a server based on a game called Harvest Moon. Conclude the Farm system, it will accept trees, vegetables and animals. What do you think? Any suggestions? Content of the video in Portuguese.
  6. Tenta criar seu próprio script usando pointshop e itemshop nativo do emulador. Tenta e posta aqui que eu te ajudo. Ou se não da uma procurada no forúm que você acha um monte de script usando esses comandos pra você ter como exemplo.
  7. What were the changes at the end of the year?
  8. I know that, but I would like to know what has changed from 2018> 2019.
  9. What's new for 2019 clients?
  10. Hello guys! Is it possible to pick up information when using consumable items? Example, when using item 607 it identifies the id of the item used, or identifies the item's uid.
  11. As always, you're surprising. Congratulations on the excellent work.
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