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  1. this part still producing errors @rootKid struct map_session_data * sd = script_rid2sd(st);
  2. doesnt work anymore because of the update in npc_shop_discount() **** BUT MANAGE TO FIX JUST COMMENT THAT ONE old : bool npc_shop_discount(enum npc_subtype type, bool discount) { new : bool npc_shop_discount( struct npc_data* nd ){ manage to fix i guess just comment out this one. //nd->u.shop.discount = is_discount > 0; << THIS ONE
  3. @Epoque I would like to know if this one still on progress
  4. you can add new effects in it. it really shows little or few effect list but it doesnt mean that is the limit. for the status one refer to sc_hiding. for the direction krane is right then why not change dir while casting the skill. you can do it bro.
  5. @AnnieRuru is this possible to showscript too?
  6. seems its also in the data.grf and rdata
  7. thanks ill give a try
  8. is there a way to remove these. in source? or in hex? or luas? the animation in the body of the character when casting the skill the lights?
  9. yes i found a way to add the crit same with ground drift? forgot the other skill but it works
  10. sorry i am kind of confused but anyway i have fix it its just the crit animation not showing thank you @sader1992 :3
  11. how do you solve it. ???
  12. yes and click GO Button also if you encounter .sql files upload you can refer to what @Amir Azman saying you can import if the file is in .sql format. that is located in the import tab , export that should be you know
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