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  1. you can add new effects in it. it really shows little or few effect list but it doesnt mean that is the limit. for the status one refer to sc_hiding. for the direction krane is right then why not change dir while casting the skill. you can do it bro.
  2. @AnnieRuru is this possible to showscript too?
  3. seems its also in the data.grf and rdata
  4. thanks ill give a try
  5. is there a way to remove these. in source? or in hex? or luas? the animation in the body of the character when casting the skill the lights?
  6. yes i found a way to add the crit same with ground drift? forgot the other skill but it works
  7. sorry i am kind of confused but anyway i have fix it its just the crit animation not showing thank you @sader1992 :3
  8. how do you solve it. ???
  9. yes and click GO Button also if you encounter .sql files upload you can refer to what @Amir Azman saying you can import if the file is in .sql format. that is located in the import tab , export that should be you know
  10. no the SQL one the one after Structure Tab
  11. click ragnarok goto SQL TAB there will be a input box you will put the sql code inside and execute but first i highly recommend that you test this offline in your pc just to make sure that these tables wont affect anything.
  12. I am trying to make tetra unlimited version that you can cast tetra and retain the element ball in the character in skill.cpp i try to disable this status_change_end(src, static_cast<sc_type>(spheres), INVALID_TIMER); it worked but the balls animation still removed unlike with release skill it retain even i remove this status_change_end(src, static_cast<sc_type>(spheres), INVALID_TIMER); any ideas to retain element ball in tetra vortex?
  13. problem solved, dont do @warp inside instance it will break it , thanks to @sadder