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  1. Entao brother, se olhar a data foi em 2017, mesmo tendo tanto tempo assim, os anos que utilizei nunca tive problemas. Agora como o pixel falou, procure empresas que nao trabalhem exclusivamente com hospedagem exclusiva para rag... uma sugestão Amazon ... nao é barato, qualidade muito muito foda, mas quem configura tudo é vc, o suporte e somente relacioanado a hospedagem . vlws
  2. I believe you will grow a lot and helped the community a lot with its contents. They're your wallet fan, you know that. I go deep into what I can get here and can help anyone I can! Big hug and success always my friend!
  3. @Stolao Oops, what's up? So I'm not having any errors in the script or emulator, but events are not starting. What can it be ? '-'
  4. not work, i'm used client 2017-06-14bRagexeRE and close game ... auraspec crashed hexed.
  5. Hello Functor, I sent you a message on Skype, as soon as I can, please answer me !
  6. how to add stats only at certain level ? ex : max lvl 181 i have all stats 99, but starting 182 i can put on more attributes until set in server configuration before lvl 181 i can not exceed 99, and the consumption of points to be used after 181 also has to be higher what can I do this way or something?
  7. yeah, i did it. I managed to clean it. was something in the src. was soon after putting the gepard files. I removed, I returned the original files ... I took the gepard files and add manually ... came back to work ... Anyway thanks for the help! can close the topic
  8. yeah . i tested this. But the server os already online =\ i tested offline and the same thing. I testes with 0x0170000 0x40 0x0400000 And nothing
  9. I'm having problems with damage to plants and mushrooms, server is set to pre-renewal, both are taking full damage, not just "1". already checked on the db mob line, I already looked at the settings in src / config / renewal.conf Anyone would know how to help me ?? appreciate
  10. It does not work, I tried searching for change in gettime (GETTIME_HOUR) I just did the script and it did not solve.
  11. Yes, but I could not change the way to set the HOURS example, 7:30, 8:30, etc. Ai I researched a little and I axed this toast script, I'm just having this little problem then starting all at once!
  12. help to set up a small problem I set the days, castles and schedules, but all the castles are enabled for every day, and I would like to follow the order defined. What can I change? //WoE timings needs to be ordered ascendingly unless you want to do weird //stuff like skip a region every other week or so... //Also times can't overlap. Uses second of day(gettimetick(1)) for timing // eg 1am -> 3600, 2:30pm -> 52200, midnight -> 86400 (anything past that doesn't work) //Note: woe_0 is start times, woe_1 is end times. Ignore how it's called but // don't change it either since it's dynamically used // Also..woe has to end on the same day it starts (it's easier that way..) setarray .woe_day[0], 0, 1, 3, 5; setarray .woe_0[0], 73800,73800,73800,73800; setarray .woe_1[0], 77400,77400,77400,77400; setarray .woe_state[0], 0, 0, 0, 0; //WoE state settings. Every WoE session can be defined as a particular state of castle configuration. //.woe_state_#[%] = $ // # - state number // % - region number // $ - binary representation of castles that are active for that region in that state ( // (ie. 0 is no castles, 5 is castle 0 and 2 (2^0 + 2^2 = 5)) setarray .woe_state_0[0],16,1,0,0,1,8,0;
  13. I understood, look how far I went to search and try to find out, I did not see anything serious, but it is risky, but only using to find out!
  14. Use the search you will find what you are looking for! Google also helps !!!!
  15. Check on the sprite the colors of the pixels and the format saved
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