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  1. has error to patch this files
  2. how i can change VNK skill element to normal type and i need to change bonus Element ATK on knife Item : Freezing_Knife > Rate to freez target Flame_Knife > Rate to burn target Venom_Knife > Rate to posion target
  3. i need script to talk with npc for 1ID / 1IP / 1Time and reset every 05.00 am. to player can talk again [dairy gift]
  4. maybe have Max Achivement id
  5. can you show for me ? because i've use Ach ID 300001 it's cant finish
  6. can you finish this script if done i need it's too
  7. map,x,y,p script name view,x1,y1{ /// x1,y1 = auto script when you walk pass this location EX : morocc,100,100,4 script name 111,5,5 = auto script in morocc 95-105 (around NPC) sc_start SC_BLESSING,240000,10; specialeffect2 EF_BLESSING; sc_start SC_INCREASEAGI,240000,10; specialeffect2 EF_INCAGILITY; // add more buffs here percentheal 100,100; end; }
  8. i've try this post and mix into worldboss script[Free Function] and show this how to fix that [ invisible npc ]
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