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  1. Can someone help me decipher this? (this is eAthena emulator btw, not rAthena)
  2. Is there a way to make this work on eAthena?
  3. I want to know if there's a working pre-re client without the new renewal interface. Like this
  4. I'll be honest, I'd rate it 1/10, this isn't a remake, more like buttons are moved, background was changed and added few low definition images (like the 3 characters above the Download button. If you're practicing/applying your skills on web developing, you should try to create your own design and then code it yourself. That's how you practice your skills
  5. Hi, I know this is strange but the player's name entitled to the potion changes when it is stored to storage. Anyone experienced this?
  6. nicoscene

    Server crash

    Error: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x00000000005c71ce in clif_send (buf=0x7fffffffd840 "\362\001h\233\036", len=20, bl=0xb0b4bf0, type=GUILD) at clif.c:818 818 WFIFOHEAD(fd,len); My clif.c http://pastebin.com/sFbhNxHS I put a comment "//This is line 818" so that you'll know which is line 818 lol Btw, I am using 2010-10-30RagexeRE Thanks!
  7. even when not patching the grf, the patch still doesnt apply
  8. Hello rAthena, my thor patcher is downloading the patches but the patches were never applied. Am I missing something? Thanks to the person who can answer. I tried deleting the .dat file to repatch (doesnt work) I tried making a simple patch with only 1 file (doesnt work) I tried using gamexe+patcher option (doesnt work) I even used the ASCII option (doesnt work)
  9. Hi, rAthena. I've been searching the forum and I wasn't able to find any answer. I'm getting this error when logging in. I wanted to change the maximum character slot to a higher range. [Error]: Account '2000000' `character_slots` column is higher than supported MAX_CHARS (18), update MAX_CHARS in mmo.h! capping to MAX_CHARS... Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks! I'm using 2010-07-30aRagexeRE (If this info is needed)
  10. I had this issue before. Just upgrade your account (Usually it is automatic when you add a credit card to your paypal account). Another tip, your paypal name must be similar to your card name. ^^
  11. Where can i find those dump files? There are cases that server crashes without any messages from Map server. Please read my question. You're responding randomly.
  12. I mean, if server crashes. is there any crash dump file? If yes, where can i find them?
  13. And then where can i find the dump files after compiling it on debug mode?
  14. You don't need gdb on windows. Just recompile server in debug mode (VS) How do i do that? (Sorry for the noob question)
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