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  1. Oooh.. Words of Wisdom from Stolao, Thanks . But I have been out for quite a long time now and I am afraid I might screw up. The thing is alot of players now are using 3pps and it kills the purpose of the game, it also kills my desire to maintain a server.
  2. So i just came back to rAthena and RO world and I want to put myself in it again. I had set up an RO server and looking forward to put much time on it and take it as far as I can but I dont have an idea on what type/rate of server is in trend nowadays. So can you guys please throw a little ideas and opinion?
  3. File Name: Valkyrie Set Recolors File Submitter: hardflakes1212 File Submitted: 14 Nov 2014 File Category: Recolours Content Author: Hatred This is my First Recolor Attempt Please Do Not Claim it as yours Click here to download this file
  4. 616 downloads

    This is my First Recolor Attempt Please Do Not Claim it as yours


  5. Hiii!! as the title says.. does anyone have or can someone translate euphys quest shop script for eA and 3CeAM?? i have a problem in euphys script.. i think its only for rA... whenever i click it,, it only shows blank menu screen... Thanks~
  6. Hi .. Can someone translate euphys quest shop script from ra to ea?? i tried his script in game but i got a blank menu screen... maybe because its only applicable for ra. Thanks~!
  7. Coin to coin exchanger??? Anyone??? like silver coin>gold coin>mithril coin and mithril coin>gold coin>silver coin Thanks~
  8. Hi guys!. Does anyone have quest shop with preview item applicable in eA?? Thanks~
  9. Is there any coin to coin exchanger script here?? i need one for eAthena.... Thanks~
  10. Hi guys... Im wondering, How can i add custom mob sprites and sprite id to my ro server?? Thanks~
  11. Hi Guys.. im new at making custom items in ragnarok.. so i had this problem.. effects are ok.. no errors when dragging the item.. the only problem i cant see the wings when i put it on Can anyone please Help me???.. Thanks~ Hardflakes1212
  12. i created my server a while ago but when i open the client... theres no window showing up.... can anyone please help me with this??? Thanks~
  13. a while ago.. i created my own ragnarok server... and i did all the necessary steps...i have no problem in server side... but in client side...when i click the client theres no single window showing up so i dont know what really is the problem.. any ideas regarding this problem?? Thanks~
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