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  1. Haikenz

    Problem with Holy Water

    How to make the "Holy Water" ability work on maps with water? already tried to use in several standard maps with water and it does not work, it is only working in the skill of the Sage (Deluge)
  2. Haikenz

    pre-re ATK is only 720+0 500str

    It's the same with me.
  3. Haikenz

    R> Client 2017-09-13bRagexeRE

    I'm not finding the 2017-09-13bRagexeRE client download, does anyone have it?
  4. Haikenz

    Damage Attack and Skill Low

  5. Haikenz

    Damage Attack and Skill Low

    Can you increase the skill damage rate at once? Skill damage is taking 4 ~ 5k, I want to double damage. ex: 8 ~ 10k (pre-re)
  6. Haikenz

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    No, I added everything right, I'm using the current commit.
  7. Haikenz

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    Sorry, ty now
  8. Haikenz

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    @NakedWolf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMLEE8GJjdg Ignore the sound, hahah... fan
  9. Haikenz

    Release: Extended Battleground [eAmod BG]

    @Easycore [Debug]: NPCEvent 'GEoSCBW::OnDisable' not found! (source: Tierra_EOS) [Debug]: NPCEvent 'CEoSCBW::OnDisable' not found! (source: Tierra_EOS) And you're also missing the quest id 8506 ( setquest 8506; // Deserter) npc/bg_tierra_boss.txt and npc/bg_flavius_sc.txt
  10. Haikenz

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    I have a small problem, I can open the stores normally, but you can not click to open the store, I click several times and it does not open.
  11. Haikenz

    Equipment Swap System

    When you reach a total of $250 in donations, you already have $100 donated. https://rathena.org/board/crowdfunding/project/10-equipment-switch-feature/
  12. Haikenz

    Change position of character selection

    the recommended for new clients 2018 is 1024x768
  13. Haikenz

    Informações sobre o Emulador

    o iteminfo.lub você pegar a do bRO ( lembrando que no bRO não tem a Raça doram, então se for usar o RE vai ficar itens em falta. ) e sobre o item_db se ta pensando em importar a do brAthena pro rAthena não vai dar certo. tem que traduzir a do rA mesmo.
  14. Haikenz

    Informações sobre o Emulador

    A descrição e nome dos itens é no System/iteminfolub Sim pode linkar, esse sistema já foi implementado a muito tempo. Agora para linkar o item com texto traduzido precisa traduzir também o item_db.txt ou item_db.sql
  15. Haikenz

    change language from Login and Ingame

    1 pic = msgstringtable.txt line 3262 ~ 3265 2 pic = lua files/signboardlist.lub