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  1. you are a god send, thank you Edit: nvm, this is only a generalized MVP ladder reward system. I was looking for a ladder that has the daily/weekly/monthly reward system like his does
  2. Hello everyone! I have attempted to add Pajodex on discord and have attempted to message him on here but I am unable to contact him. I was looking to purchase his Automated MvP Reward and Ladder system but it is no longer for sale. I was wondering if anyone had a script similar to that one or if that exact script was around somewhere that I missed. I'll post a link of what I am talking about Link: thanks in advance, - Kris
  3. Nvm, I figured out how, apparently the new grfs require editing other luas and overwriting certain id's...every guide available is outdated if you utilize the new data folders.
  4. Hello rathena peeps! I feel like ive been occasionally working on adding a custom mob for a month now with no results, only errors. I realize custom mob ids are 1000-3999 so i've maintained my mob id at 3800 as no pre-re mobs take advantage of that id number however, I still run into errors. It seems just be editing my jobname/npcidentity i get errors. I've checked for innapropriate spacings, commas, etc and non exist. I have turned to the wise and all-knowing people of the rathena forum for help. Any and all suggestions would be amazing, I'll post the details below! My ó½ºÅÍ Folder Sprite Names: Jobname/NPCIdentity Edits: Abundance of errors when attempting to activate client(I have only edited NPCIdentity.lub and Jobname.lub, nothing else. thanks in advance everyone! - Kris
  5. and what can i do to help you part ways with said files
  6. Does anyone, by chance, have this or the red version etc?
  7. i is being used, i removed it, as it states its a renewal mob and im using pre-renewal but still the same error. Unless that was a mistake and there's another route i should go? I apologize, i'm fairly new to the custom mob area that's why i came here for further assistance!
  8. Hello everyone! I am aware that custom mobs bust utilize ids 1000-3999, I have added a custom mob utilizing the id "2309" and "2310" but i still keep getting nil value(jobname table) errors. There are no mobs utilizing the id, I added it in notepad not notepad++ or brackets so no unintentional spaces instead of tabs. I placed the new mob line above JT_MONSTER_LAST and increased its value. I made sure there wasnt a comma at the end of the last line in both jobname and npcidentity. but i still keep getting these errors....I'm not entirely sure what im doing wrong. npcidentity.lub jobname.lub: mob_db: Error: Error2(Looping): thanks for any and all help! have to work at 3pm eastern but ill attempt to try fixes and get back to everyone as soon as i can!
  9. 32508:32509:32510,{ if (BaseLevel < 100) { [email protected] += 50; } else if (BaseLevel < 200) { [email protected] += 75; } else { [email protected] = 100; } bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,[email protected]; } made a little edit thanks a ton for the help! I see that I was super way off...i'm sorry if its a bother but, would you mind going about explaining why that route instead of what I went with? If not, all is well, i'm still wrapping my head around RO scripting haha.
  10. Hello everyone, i'm fairly new to scripting so go easy on me...as i know this is probably a simple issue. I currently have 3 items that give 5% bonus experience by themselves and they apply correctly, however, I am attempting to place them in a set. The purpose would be if base level is 99 or less they receive a 50% bonus experience gain, between levels 100-200 they receive a 75% bonus experience gain and at 200-255 they receive a 100% total bonus experience gain. I went to my "item_combo_db" and added the following script: 32508:32509:32510,{ if(BaseLevel<=99) { bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,50; bonus2 bExpAddClass,Class_All,50; } if(BaseLevel==100) {{ bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,75; bonus2 bExpAddClass,Class_All,75; } if(BaseLevel>=200) {{ bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,100; bonus2 bExpAddClass,Class_All,100; } As I said, learning as I go so I apologize if this is a dumb question haha. I look forward to hearing from everyone!
  11. hmmm looks like all the mob ids are taken from 1000-3999 xD. how would i go about adding a mob if all the ids are taken? I apologize if any of these questions are 'stupid', still learning as I go!
  12. everything has been edited, re-edited and checked 700x over, spent 6 hours last night trying every different format known to man lol. still all porings. the mob spawns but....also looks like a poring. is the viewid/item_db id too high or not high enough?
  13. Tried replacing an existing mobs name with HRIST and it is still giivng me porings
  14. ill give it a shot and report back!
  15. Hello everyone! Having a bit of an issue at this time with my mob not showing up and all of the npcs appearing as porings. I am currently running 20180620RagexeRE from Nemo utilizing DATA folder first. I will post my pics of mob_db.txt, npcidentity.lub and jobname.lub as well my sprite folder which, according to guides, is all I need to edit. The sprite is located in \data\sprite\¸ó½ºÅÍ . I also have my mob.cpp edited to support up to 40000 ids which I will post a picture of below as well. If you have any other question I will try my best to answer them, thanks in advance for your help! mob_db.txt(I have the MVP drops modified so atm im only posting up to the drops ids.) 32001,HRIST,HRIST,HRIST,155,35000000,1,6700000,4500000,2,18000,32000,400,300,300,380,250,300,400,200,12,1000,1,8,88,0x7283695,75,76,384,288,3000000, NPCIDENTITY.LUB JOBNAME.LUB MOB.CPP(Re-Compiled) SPRITE FOLDER PICTURE OF END RESULT:
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