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  1. hello Rathena master, i have a problem with my server, btw im using Rathena SVN r17704 on my server, i make 100% Reduce Demi Human on my server, if i hit that them the damage is Null or Miss can all of you help my problem??? i want to make Reduce like this, if reduce 100% the damage still in, i will put video to preview, but not now thanks before
  2. sound like @request commands right??
  3. - script ItemGiver 1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if(!#givenStartItems) { set #givenStartItems, 1; //=== Freebies getitem <item_id>, <quantity>; getitem <item_id>, <quantity>; getitem <item_id>, <quantity>; getitem <item_id>, <quantity>; } end; } Like this??
  4. Thanks for replay Stolao im using lastes git
  5. Please help with this skill https://youtu.be/joPlDl62edo this skill didnt't effect on my server i dont know why Thanks Rathena
  6. thanks for replay Isaiah , i will try it first thanks for help
  7. src/map/skill.c case RK_STONEHARDSKIN: if( sd && pc_checkskill(sd,RK_RUNEMASTERY) >= 4 ) { int heal = sstatus->hp / 5; // 20% HP if( status_charge(bl,heal,0) ) clif_skill_nodamage(src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,sc_start2(src,bl,type,100,skill_lv,heal,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv))); else clif_skill_fail(sd,skill_id,USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL,0); } break; src/map/status.c case SC_STONEHARDSKIN: if( sd ) val1 = sd->status.job_level * pc_checkskill(sd, RK_RUNEMASTERY) / 4; // DEF/MDEF Increase break; src/map/battle.c if( damage > 0 && ((flag&(BF_WEAPON|BF_SHORT)) == (BF_WEAPON|BF_SHORT)) && (sce = sc->data[SC_STONEHARDSKIN]) ) { sce->val2 -= (int)cap_value(damage,INT_MIN,INT_MAX); if( src->type == BL_MOB ) //using explicit call instead break_equip for duration sc_start(src,src, SC_STRIPWEAPON, 30, 0, skill_get_time2(RK_STONEHARDSKIN, sce->val1)); else skill_break_equip(src,src, EQP_WEAPON, 3000, BCT_SELF); if( sce->val2 <= 0 ) status_change_end(bl, SC_STONEHARDSKIN, INVALID_TIMER); } where to delete def and mdef of STONEHARDSKIN
  8. try this Change this case SC_FREEZE: sc_def = status->mdef*100; sc_def2 = status->luk*10 + status_get_lv(bl)*10 - status_get_lv(src)*10; tick_def2 = status_src->mdef*-10; // Caster can increase final duration with luk break; to this if (status->luk == 150) return 0; sc_def = status->mdef*100; sc_def2 = status->luk*10 + status_get_lv(bl)*10 - status_get_lv(src)*10; tick_def2 = status_src->luk*-10; // Caster can increase final duration with luk break; and then , recompile your server
  9. Thanks a lot for Replay Stolao, where and how to edit that Rune??? Will you teach me??
  10. Thanks for Replay Isaiah Right, i will change RK_STONEHARDSKIN if i use this stone, my def and my mdef up to 127 i will remove that def and mdef can you?
  11. hello good day... please help with this item ... 12733,Runstone_Hagalas,Hagalaz Rune,11,100,,100,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,8,2,,,,,,{ itemskill "RK_STONEHARDSKIN",1; },{},{} Cast 'Stonehard Skin' changing your skin into a solid shell for 3 minutes. Has a chance of destroying weapons of attacking enemies. Consumes 25% of your HP and this skin possesses the same amount of HP consumed. It disappears when all the HP is consumed. For monsters, it decreases 25% of Atk for 10 seconds at a fixed rate. This skill cannot be used for a boss monster. on my server if Rune Knight use that stone, def going to 127 and mdef going 127 How to erase that Def and Mdef ? Sorry for my bad english Please Help Thanks a lot