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  1. I downloaded VS 2015, and now it will build a solution. I thought that would fix my issue, but the src is still not updated. I went to debug the solutions, but it gets stuck when it's trying to connect to the charserver-exe. The program wont connect, may i ask what can i do to fix this? I was looking through my rathena folder, but can't find the correct file to modify to correct this connect issue.
  2. Hello, I'm currently using the "[rAthena] Ragnarok Online offline newbie package 2017". I'm very familiar with recompiling an online server through putty, but I can't seem to do that here because I cannot connect to an offline server with putty. I next try to use visual studio 2017 to recompile the server. I simply open the entire rathena folder in visual studio, and tried to build a solution/debug every possible file that was an option only to fail. I tried building a solution/debug every file while running runserver_PRERE.bat and having it off. When runserver_PRERE.bat was on it simply ran into errors such as c1083 & etc... Mainly stated it was unable to located src files. When runserver_PRERE.bat was off, it tried to connect to server but couldn't. After exhausting all my options and looking through the forums. It seems to me, I'm not intelligent enough to figure out a solution on my own. May someone please provide a detail guide, because the current guides I found on rathena isn't suffice for me.
  3. it could be that 18001 interferes with another mob. Try using ID from 3400-4000. Those IDs don't interfere with anything
  4. How to do back up my server date files? I.E if the server has a bug that players are exploiting. And I wanted to restore server back like 1 day. How do i do that?
  5. Follow up question. I got the patcher to connect and run, but it seems currently. I cannot get the patch to overwrite the correct file in the correct locations. It seems i can add files to the data folder, but what im trying to do is add monsters. I'm trying to adjust the jobname and npcidentity After i created the thor patcher, i ran it through the grf viewer. And I notice that the files are located under Root. I figure that might be the reason it's not overwritting the correct files. Any idea what i can do?
  6. I tried looking through rAthena, but couldn't relocate it Simply, I just need a program in which i can extract my grf out. So i can add locate the correct folders in data folder to add/change in certain things in which i can create a patcher for and etc. A simple link to the program would be enough to solve my issue. Thank you.
  7. Thanks i will try it boss thanks for the help Here the correct text: if (countitem(7189) > 19) { } Here an exmaple if (countitem("Item ID") > " item number") { "your txt/quest" } else { mes "sorry."; // put whatever message you want close; } There you go, an outline of how to set the item check Do i just need to put that on the top of the script?? if (countitem("Item ID") > " item number") { "your txt/quest"// Add your script right here } else { mes "sorry."; // put whatever message you want close; }
  8. if (checkquest(60520) != -1 || (60521) != -1 || (60518) != -1)) { Should work fine; Not entirely sure it looks better this way, but if that is what you want to do. Actually looking at my own use of a similar format, it looks nice in script editor. Important side note.. in your post, when scripting 'or' || You use 'll' <- two lower case L's. You need to use '||' <- two shift+\ Regards, ~Azura Skyy Thank you. I had a couple question about your script. Checkquest(60520)= = 2 , why you set it equal to 2? Next question is if ($Questleve >0), what does that command do? I'm just curious to learn these things so I can become a better scripter.
  9. Thanks i will try it boss thanks for the help Here the correct text: if (countitem(7189) > 19) { } Here an exmaple if (countitem("Item ID") > " item number") { "your txt/quest" } else { mes "sorry."; // put whatever message you want close; } There you go, an outline of how to set the item check
  10. if (checkquest(60520) != -1) { if (checkquest(60521) != -1) { if (checkquest(60518) != -1) { Is there a way to compress it so i dont have to type the same thing over and over, and risk messing up with my else..... Because the code just looks ugly like that I was thinking it could look something like this. if (checkquest(60520 ll 60521 ll 60518) != -1) {
  11. There's a way to check for specific item, but if you want to check for like weapon type then idk
  12. Check if ( item ( "item ID > "x amount") ) I'm not sure if I type it out correctly, but just add that check at the front of your script. Then the npc will only proceed to giving out mission if they have requirement. Note I'm at work so I can't provide more accurate information
  13. I was working on a monster, and i was wondering is it possible to set it so that the monster only uses a skill while he's hiding? Like let says, I have a monster that doesn't use heaven drive at all, but when the monster is in hiding. It now uses heaven drive. Is there a way to set that? Nvm i figure it out.
  14. Doesn't work like that. Your asking for a time limit & emp break. What you can do is make a script where everyone is warp out room when emp gets broken i.e. Event over. and set it so event ends in 1 hour, but then there's no winner. But if you want event to last exactly one hour and emp dies lets say at the one hour point & not before... That's a tricky one, bc then you won't have a set winner
  15. There's a way where the server makes an announcement any time an item drop under XX value is drop & obtain. You can adjust the XX value to any % you like, but the announcement is not only limited to cards. I can show you where and how to adjust it, but like I said again it's not only limited to just cards.
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