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  1. Hello, I'm currently working on a C# Launcher and I wanted to add a Update method into it(Might be more added to the future). I would just like to know what sort of Patch does R.O. have when it comes to the behavior of it? Any answer would be great. P.S. I'm making it from scratch as a small project and I haven't personally tried Thor Patcher and Neon Cube.
  2. i like the design and stuff. But it seems to not make any sense if you have Account Panel and Register Account, what i would suggest is change either one of them with Community. but other than i'll rate it a 10/10
  3. instead of using a npc why not use the cash shop system or make it Quest type npc? + donation npc shouldn't be in town have them inside a warp with no skills allowed, unless the problem is npc timeout? but i could be wrong you can probably wait for @Emistry to solve the issue.
  4. Hello everyone, i would just like to asked if anybody here has the Fishing Ranking System. Either looking for a code or a guide on how to make one would be nice. thank you very much in advance.
  5. I see, just wondering which one should I be changing for the IP?
  6. I manage to install rathena for my windows OS for a localhost. I would just like to know how would i be able to release it to the public so that some of our friends can play and try to detect errors and bugs. thank you. P.S. Sorry if I'm in the wrong thread not sure where to post it.
  7. WorldSeed

    Master Account

    Sorry I'm not sure where to ask on this topic. Was just wondering for making a fluxtheme cp how can i add a Master Account?
  8. I was just wondering if someone would happen to have any item_db or monster_db for this certain mechanics? or is there a guide on how you can have a balance Revo Classic server?
  9. good evening. i was just wondering if someone would happen to have a floating rates that is only working lets say Friday 12am til Monday 12am?.. Then it would stop and repeat again on the following day(Friday)
  10. oh i would like to have like the one that pRO had. basically even if you're level 99 you could still grab lvl 1 crate instead of just going to lvl 6.
  11. was able to figure out the problem.
  12. would it be this one? 'MailerUseSMTP' => false, // Whether or not to use a separate SMTP server for sending mail. 'MailerSMTPUseSSL' => false, // Whether or not mailer should connect using SSL (yes for GMail). 'MailerSMTPUseTLS' => false, // Same as above SSL setting, but for TLS. This setting will override the SSL setting. 'MailerSMTPPort' => null, // When MailerUseSMTP is true: SMTP server port (mailer will default to 25). 'MailerSMTPHosts' => null, // When MailerUseSMTP is true: A string host or array of hosts (e.g., 'host1' or array('host1', 'backuphost')). 'MailerSMTPUsername' => null, // When MailerUseSMTP is true: Authorized username for SMTP server. 'MailerSMTPPassword' => null, // When MailerUseSMTP is true: Authorized password for SMTP server (for above user).
  13. Good evening to everyone. I was just hoping if someone would be able to pin point a certain file for a Flux CP. I was already able to send email confirmation but i when i try to click the link it keeps sending me to my host. How would i be able to get it verified and return to my flux website? anyone??
  14. I would just like to know if i could separate the database of the forum and in-game accounts??? if Yes any suggestion how to do it? thank you for answering in advance.
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