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  1. Si, eso ya esta capado por parte del servidor, a pesar de ya estar en la grf. En tu servidor debes buscar en la carpeta conf/battle/client.conf las opciones para el bodystyle
  2. Debes descargar también el archivo de dressroom y agregarlo a tu grf
  3. Hi Luan, i think that your code is from Hercules and not from Rathena, i recommend to see the npc_click function in npc.c int npc_click(struct map_session_data* sd, struct npc_data* nd) { nullpo_retr(1, sd); if (sd->npc_id != 0) { ShowError("npc_click: npc_id != 0\n"); return 1; } if(!nd) return 1; if ((nd = npc_checknear(sd,&nd->bl)) == NULL) return 1; //Hidden/Disabled npc. if (nd->class_ < 0 || nd->sc.option&(OPTION_INVISIBLE|OPTION_HIDE)) return 1; switch(nd->subtype) { case NPCTYPE_SHOP: clif_npcbuysell(sd,nd->bl.id); break; case NPCTYPE_CASHSHOP: case NPCTYPE_ITEMSHOP: case NPCTYPE_POINTSHOP: clif_cashshop_show(sd,nd); break; case NPCTYPE_MARKETSHOP: #if PACKETVER >= 20131223 { unsigned short i; for (i = 0; i < nd->u.shop.count; i++) { if (nd->u.shop.shop_item[i].qty) break; } if (i == nd->u.shop.count) { clif_messagecolor(&sd->bl, color_table[COLOR_RED], msg_txt(sd, 534), false, SELF); return false; } sd->npc_shopid = nd->bl.id; clif_npc_market_open(sd, nd); } #endif break; case NPCTYPE_SCRIPT: run_script(nd->u.scr.script,0,sd->bl.id,nd->bl.id); break; case NPCTYPE_TOMB: run_tomb(sd,nd); break; } return 0; } you can see here all the things you need
  4. Hola daniel, te escribo en español ya que veo que somos vecinos. ¿Podrías adjuntarme unas imágenes de las consolas? si es posible, de todas, para poder ver bien en donde podría estar la falla.
  5. It's not implemented by default, so there is not an existing command for that, but, what might do the trick is to spawn an invisible monster in the coordinates saving the GID, and then do specialeffect 14,AREA,[email protected]; then delete the monster.
  6. Hi, this is not the forum you are looking for. I think that nobody will post that information here, and it might be deleted. How @sader1992 said, you will be more lucky on the openkore forum, but, in my advice, its never recommended to use bots.
  7. Hi! Reading the docs is always a good practice and you might find your answer much faster. You can find them in your server folder under the doc folder, the one that interest you is the item_db.txt There is an example of how an item is made and all of his parameters, you will see at the end this lines: Script: <" Script (it can be multi-line) "> OnEquipScript: <" OnEquip Script (can also be multi-line) "> OnUnequipScript: <" OnUnequip Script (can also be multi-line) "> and the one that you want is this: OnUnequipScript: <" OnUnequip Script (can also be multi-line) "> so, in your db/re/item_db.txt in the item you are using just change the script line to the OnUnequipScript one (if its not there, just add it)
  8. Hi, i just read the post and see your SS and could help to ask, because i only see just one connection in hamachi. Its the client side joined to the hamachi server? You need to go to "join to an existing network" in the client side and enter the network name and password. When you see two dots on the network you are going to be able to connect with the other machine (well, at least that is how it was before, i didnt used hamachi in some time)
  9. just add the line after the OnPCDieEvent: if (countitem(501) >= 1) end; where, 501 is the id of the item
  10. What are you telling him? this is completely wrong, the parenthesis are right, the problem is that he is putting semicolons on the value, or the value itself, because instance_id take no values, it have to be: if(instance_id()){ like Christopher says.
  11. Hi! Overall, its a nice looking design, but it have the problem that when the grey letters go from one part of the background to another one (for example, top-right corner, the green figure), its difficult to read, also for the green text a little more downward. It have so much squares and the text its not accord to them, the background is not aligned or matched with the information, so, basically its nice and a "cool" background design, but have that factor that leave the impression that it is wasnt done correctly Keep practicing and improving your work!
  12. Hi! Well, it cant be like that without more modification to the script, but if you want to, i will give you just what you need when i'm free
  13. Well, we cannot help you if you don't show us the script... Can you put it here please?
  14. Did you restarted your server? (or reloaded it?)
  15. Thats happens when your client have a different date from the one that it's specified in your emu at mmo.h, check the version there
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