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  1. There's a lot of available working bombring. Just use the search function.
  2. Hello, Anyone has a corrected sprite wherein it supports the palette available in download section? I tried searching only to find out that the available corrected sprites are as follows: 3rd Job including its Alternative Costume Kagerou/Oboro Star Emperor/Soul Reaper Maybe I have overlooked but I tried searching the index. If anyone who is willing to share. Thanks!
  3. This is an old post. If you're having problem with captacha, make sure you have the keys installed on your application.php under config folder. You should have 2 keys, public and private. For more info, search google recaptcha -> admin console.
  4. Add the diff manually by changing the NK flags itself. The NK flags are not updated.
  5. Use expanded skill NK flags for that.
  6. May posibilidad kasi nasa kanila lahat ng access. At magkakaroon sila ng access sa lahat sayo.
  7. Try adding in your stateiconinfo.lub "EFST_EXPLOSIONSPIRITS" inputs such as.. StateIconList[EFST_IDs.EFST_EXPLOSIONSPIRITS] = { haveTimeLimit = 1, posTimeLimitStr = 2, descript = { { "Critical Explosion", COLOR_TITLE_BUFF }, { "%s", COLOR_TIME }, { "Insert Description here." } } }
  8. Foob

    Iris Ragnarok

    Hello rA, Currently looking for active core developer who is capable of doing the following: Updating game mechanics Bug fixing Implementation of some deliverables If you're interested please don't hesitate to message me here or in my website/forums/discord.
  9. Not sure how to do it. However that's the observed behavior if you use this setup. It will always use the proxy IP.
  10. In battle.cpp find the line //Elemental attribute fix if(!nk[NK_IGNOREELEMENT]) { under it there's switch( skill_id ) { case MC_CARTREVOLUTION: case SR_GATEOFHELL: case SR_TIGERCANNON: case KO_BAKURETSU: //case NC_MAGMA_ERUPTION: //Forced to neutral element wd->damage = battle_attr_fix(src, target, wd->damage, ELE_NEUTRAL, tstatus->def_ele, tstatus->ele_lv); break; comment the "case SR_GATEOFHELL"
  11. Foob

    Console Logging

    Probably but I have set the rights for the user correctly. Follow-up question. Scenario: user A (rathena444): starts the server ./athena-start and the folder is owned by the user and such. Who will write the logs? will it be rathena444? or system?
  12. Hello, I've already asked on Discord however I wasn't successful so I guess I'll try it here. Hehe! I'm trying to log map_server messages via console_msg_log which are shown below. //Makes server log selected message types to a file in the /log/ folder //1: Log Warning Messages //2: Log Error and SQL Error messages. //4: Log Debug Messages //Example: "console_msg_log: 7" logs all 3 kinds //Messages logged by this overrides console_silent setting console_msg_log: 7 // File path to store the console messages above console_log_filepath: ./log/map-msg_log.log //Makes server output more silent by omitting certain types of messages: //1: Hide Information messages //2: Hide Status messages //4: Hide Notice Messages //8: Hide Warning Messages //16: Hide Error and SQL Error messages. //32: Hide Debug Messages //Example: "console_silent: 7" Hides information, status and notice messages (1+2+4) console_silent: 0 // Console Commands // Allow for console commands to be used on/off // This prevents usage of >& log.file console: on Created the log folder under the master/rathena folder to follow the filepath. However, upon running the server. If I receive any debug messages or error, I cannot see it in log folder. What am I missing? Thanks in advance!
  13. See attached "Link" on the 1st post. "Original guide for it".
  14. Hercules emulator gamit mo na hindi compatible sa server database editor.