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  1. Hercules emulator gamit mo na hindi compatible sa server database editor.
  2. You can always go for OVH, Digital Ocean, Linode and other VPS provider and follow Installation guide on rA's wiki.
  3. Kung marunong ka mag setup ng kusa, check mo si OVH, DigitalOcean, Linode. Mas maganda i self manage ang server kasi if meron ka exclusive file di nila makukuha
  4. Foob

    Using Proxy

    The answer is possibly yes or no. Depends really on the routing of your so called proxy. However, proxy what it really do is hide your IP. 1 way to reduce latency on different regions is to provide a direct tunnel from 1 edge router to your server.
  5. A rough walkthrough conversation for the following links below will work: Thanks!
  6. Use server database editor add the skills manually.
  7. @domez86
  8. Anyone who has the SE/SR job change quest? P.M. me if you have it. Thanks!
  9. Not possible via event script. Since I want to use the tomb thus I'm using the normal monster spawn with boss_monster for it. Somehow the missing part is how to check if the mob is alive.
  10. Sorry incomplete question. Via script cause I'm planning to create a script wherein if an MVP monster is summoned the PVP mapflag will be on. (example below) mvp_room,0,0 boss_monster Poring 1002,1,3600000,600000,"#mvp_room::OnMobKilled" mvp_room,0,0,0 script #mvp_room -1,{ OnMobKilled: //mapflag pvp disable end; } However, my next problem is that, the checking for the MVP mob once summoned. By chance, do you have an idea how to do it @Radian?
  11. As the title says, how to check if MVP mob is summoned on a map? The script mobcount doesn't count.
  12. clientxml - change service to usa.
  13. @iubantot make sure you use the service_usa thing. else it will not be translated.
  14. You can use the PR for 16th year anniversary which is available on git. That's solves the level adjustment of some skills.