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  1. @DrakeSky no idea with pre-renewal.
  2. I thinks it's much better to tell if you're running on pre-re or renewal mode. But yeah, 2020-03-04RagexeRE or 2020-04-01 is a good choice when running on renewal. It works fine
  3. Foob

    Iris Ragnarok

    I'm re-posting this job offer for veteran script maker/coder that is able to script instances according to videos and such. Main responsibility are: Script instances Script optimization Payment is negotiable and only thru Paypal. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to message me together with your portfolio if you have one. Or add me in Discord kianzack#2582
  4. I have this problem when select menu has many entry such as 50+ menu. e.g. setarray [email protected]_list[0],1,2,3,4,5,6,up-to,100; [email protected] = getarraysize([email protected]_list); for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) and so on.. In-game it will only appear up-to 50 and other will not show. Is there a way to paginate select lets say for example per page is 30 menu then next is 30?
  5. @Chaos92 You don't need to delete the .env file however you can add .htaccess to prevent public users to view it. Also, you don't need to use port :8000 if you didn't change the port on your http daemon. This link (external) might help you.
  6. Visual c++ redistrib. Download 2015 or 2019 edition.
  7. If you're having problem after loading at map-server, it's either mapinfo_true/sak is missing and the font.
  8. Weird if the script is too long because if I remove one of the bvariablecastrate it has no error
  9. I have this bonus script. [email protected] = getrefine(); bonus bMdef,15; bonus bDelayrate,-10+(getskilllv("SU_NYANGGRASS")>4?-20:0); bonus2 bMagicAddClass,Class_Boss,getskilllv("SU_MEOWMEOW")>4?25:0; bonus2 bSkillAtk,"SU_CN_METEOR",[email protected]>8?50:([email protected]>6?25:10); bonus2 bSkillAtk,"SU_SV_STEMSPEAR",[email protected]>8?50:([email protected]>6?25:10); bonus2 bVariableCastrate,"SU_STOOP",[email protected]>8?-100:([email protected]>6?-50:0); bonus2 bVariableCastrate,"SU_LOPE",[email protected]>8?-100:([email protected]>6?-50:0); if([email protected] >=10 ){ autobonus " bonus bUseSPrate,-100; ",10,20000,BF_MAGIC|BF_SKILL; } bonus bHPGainValue,[email protected]*30; bonus bLongHPGainValue,[email protected]*30; bonus bMagicHPGainValue,[email protected]*30; bonus bSPGainValue,[email protected]*3; bonus bLongSPGainValue,[email protected]*3; bonus bMagicSPGainValue,[email protected]*3; if(getskilllv("SU_SPIRITOFLAND")>=1){ bonus2 bVariableCastrate,"SU_CN_METEOR",-4*(getskilllv("SU_CN_METEOR")+getskilllv("SU_SV_STEMSPEAR")+getskilllv("SU_NYANGGRASS")+getskilllv("SU_CN_POWDERING")+getskilllv("SU_SV_ROOTTWIST")); bonus2 bVariableCastrate,"SU_SV_STEMSPEAR",-4*(getskilllv("SU_CN_METEOR")+getskilllv("SU_SV_STEMSPEAR")+getskilllv("SU_NYANGGRASS")+getskilllv("SU_CN_POWDERING")+getskilllv("SU_SV_ROOTTWIST")); } And results an error below. However, if I use the same script removing one line of bonus2 bVariableCastrate,"SU_SV_STEMSPEAR",-4*(getskilllv("SU_CN_METEOR")+getskilllv("SU_SV_STEMSPEAR")+getskilllv("SU_NYANGGRASS")+getskilllv("SU_CN_POWDERING")+getskilllv("SU_SV_ROOTTWIST")); it works perfectly. What am I missing on the bonus? So the error only shows if I use 2 "bonus2 bVariableCastrate,sk,n;"
  10. Hello, Anyone has an updated proxy patch for newer client such as 2020-04-01? The current patch is making the client crash upon login or entering credentials. EnableProxySupport.qs I'm using the problematic patch attached above.
  11. @HaARiZz you are unable to find it in git right now since its closed already and has been pushed to master branch. However some of the updates that are from 16th anniversary onwards are available in PR such as update/rune_knight and etc. You just have to merge it with your current branch.
  12. Is it possible that player who have have global var such as #mute will not receive any announcement via announce "This is a test message",bc_all;
  13. Foob


    Hello, I'm trying to edit clif_broadcast function from clif.cpp to work with player who has var like example below. void clif_broadcast(struct block_list* bl, const char* mes, int len, int type, enum send_target target) { nullpo_retv(mes); if (len < 2) return; int lp = (type&BC_COLOR_MASK) ? 4 : 0; std::unique_ptr<unsigned char> buf(new unsigned char[4+lp+len]); WBUFW(buf.get(),0) = 0x9a; WBUFW(buf.get(),2) = 4 + lp + len; if (type&BC_BLUE) WBUFL(buf.get(),4) = 0x65756c62; //If there's "blue" at the beginning of the message, game client will display it in blue instead of yellow. else if (type&BC_WOE) WBUFL(buf.get(),4) = 0x73737373; //If there's "ssss", game client will recognize message as 'WoE broadcast'. memcpy(WBUFP(buf.get(), 4 + lp), mes, len); struct map_session_data* sd; nullpo_retv(sd); int counter = static_cast<int>(pc_readreg2( sd, MY_VAR )); if(counter < 1) clif_send(buf.get(), WBUFW(buf.get(),2), bl, target); } When I compile, there's a problem where it says: "uninitialized local variable 'sd' used" The server will start but come broadcast it will crash and will point out to the line. What am I missing? Is this possible?
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