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  1. and where is crazyarashi script ?
  2. https://herc.ws/board/topic/7218-sample-questlog-achievement-script/?tab=comments#comment-43794. https://github.com/AnnieRuru/Release/blob/master/scripts/Quest %26 Shops/quest log/daily_quest_log_1.1.txt#L175 rathena doesn't have *getcalendartime script command to do this though https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/1593#issuecomment-284083798
  3. yes originally I was also thinking about storing it on SQL table or using a $PERMANENT_GLOBAL_ARRAY so can GM can track which announcement are still being queue or deny the same player from using auto-broadcast over and over, but somehow I went for the easier route and do things that is easier to be made ... probably because he didn't pay me to do it so I made it easy hahaha initnpctimer and sleep doesn't persist after server reboots, I think the only way is use OnMinute00: OnMinute03: ... OnMinute57: ... ?
  4. interesting script, but low readability if ( [email protected]_ofthemonth ) { [email protected] += .reward_month; login_reward = login_reward + pow( 2,30 ); [email protected]_message$ = " and " + .reward_month +" coin for being online a month"; } if I understood this correctly, this means... if I being online everyday for 2 months on 1st month, no problem but on 2nd month, login += pow(2,30) again and will cause integer overflow I think just use a simple daily login script like Poring King provided earlier ... if its bug, anyone can fix it easily, not like this one using confusing bitmask where it doesn't actually saving in bits ...
  5. @JinYuichi https://github.com/AnnieRuru/Release/blob/master/scripts/Utility/stylist/stylist_r2.0.txt
  6. I tested this grf only has 35 cloth color no additional body style on 3rd job (arch bishop) or doram(Job_Summoner) few days ago I saw a topic on script release that has additional job sprite like 4th job and jro sprite ... I downloaded that before it was taken down, but I couldn't get it to work either retry again ..... I just unpack this grf using grf editor .... first thing I noticed is ... yes changing the bodystyle needs to reset cloth color to 0 2nd thing is ... bodystyle number 2 only has 1 cloth color which value at 0, anything above it will client crash ok after talked with Zell, he answered a lot 1. is human race and doram race separate hairstyle and haircolor ? yes 2. is the additional bodystyle based on basejob ? eg: rune knight, rune knight T and baby rune knight share same bodystyle number ... no knight and lord knight is separate rune knight, rune knight T and baby rune knight DOES share the same ... .... gravity logic 3. if having addition bodystyle, means also need to add palettes too right ? because if it doesn't, means my script needs each bodystyle has custom cloth range yes however you should fix that yourself by adding additional palette to your custom bodystyle number
  7. @JinYuichi, send me your data.grf over discord, my PM box is full on this forum
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! ok you must have learn from my scripts, but strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME_HIDDEN)is HERCULES only constant in rathena, because NPC_NAME_HIDDEN isn't declare as constant number 2, it becomes 0, means strnpcinfo(0) = the full name of the npc //== AGIT Manager ========================================== prtg_cas01,197,197,0 duplicate(Gld_Agit_Manager) Agit#prtg_cas01 FAKE_NPC change strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME_HIDDEN) into strnpcinfo(2), because you are using rathena, not hercules ok some more pointing query_sql "SELECT `castle_name` FROM `agit_defend_stats`",[email protected]_ranks$; if( !getarraysize([email protected]_ranks$) ){ just do query_sql "SELECT COUNT(1) FROM `agit_defend_stats`, [email protected]; if ([email protected]) if I remember correctly, our query_sql doesn't have a row limit on how much it can fetch ... so if this having a large table, executing this line can cause server to lag SELECT `defend_time`,`guild_id`,`woe_ended` FROM `agit_defend_stats` WHERE `castle_name`='" + [email protected]$ + "' ORDER BY `defend_time` DESC LIMIT 10 index the `castle_name` and `defend_time` column
  9. well yes its actually better to create table with phpmyadmin why use OnInit and access query_sql everytime ? query_sql is a slow operation (a simple line is fine but if having multiple lines you'll start notice the lag) anyway, I don't recommend using OnInit, but here's the answer - script jsdfksfj 1_F_MARIA,{ OnInit: [email protected]$ = "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `blah` (" + "`id` INT AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY," + "`points` INT," + "`breaktimestamp` DATETIME," + "KEY(`points`)" + ") ENGINE = InnoDB;"; query_sql [email protected]$; } by the way I didn't see your table is index properly anything that has SELECT <something> FROM `table` WHERE `column` ... this `column` has to be index
  10. I don't really come in to serve anyone, but only to serve my knowledge every time I wrote a script free on the forum, I get a feedback tells my script has bugs, then I learn my mistakes I didn't really come for likes or compliments, though
  11. it supposed to look like this here is the documentation from script_commands.txt https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt#L1101-L1118 if your client don't support it then change F_MesItemInfo into getitemname as usual
  12. oh =/ I linked to version 1.3, I have version 1.6 in my repo https://github.com/AnnieRuru/Release/blob/master/scripts/Utility/stylist/stylist_r1.6.txt let's do 1.7 .... https://github.com/AnnieRuru/Release/blob/master/scripts/Utility/stylist/stylist_r1.7.txt done
  13. @Mael oh that, players can enable the command and bring it into the map ... OnStart: if (!getstatus(SC_BERSERK) && !getstatus(SC_SATURDAYNIGHTFEVER) && !getstatus(SC_GRAVITATION) && !getstatus(SC_TRICKDEAD) && !getstatus(SC_HIDING) && !getstatus(SC__SHADOWFORM) && !getstatus(SC__INVISIBILITY) && !getstatus(SC__MANHOLE) && !getstatus(SC_KAGEHUMI) && !getstatus(SC_HEAT_BARREL_AFTER) && !getstatus(SC_STONE) && !getstatus(SC_FREEZE) && !getstatus(SC_STUN) && !getstatus(SC_SLEEP) && !getmapflag(strcharinfo(3), MF_BATTLEGROUND) && !getmapflag(strcharinfo(3), MF_PVP) && !getmapflag(strcharinfo(3), MF_GVG)) { its more like replacing with this condition, so it doesn't trigger with mapflags
  14. open another topic, you always seems to asking questions on another person's topic and mess up the conversation same goes to this -> https://rathena.org/board/topic/126009-deadbloody-branch-timer/?do=findComment&comment=386976 I'll ignore all your post on this forum from now on if you don't open a new topic, I'm backseat moderating atm I don't have moderation power on rathena forum, https://github.com/AnnieRuru/Release/blob/master/scripts/Utility/choose3card_1randomcard/choose3card_1randomcard_0.2r.txt
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