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  1. faz menos no script koe 2.0 aguardo resposta

    1. AnnieRuru


      english pls ...

    2. luizinhomt


      do less in script koe 2.0 I await response
  2. AnnieRuru


    next time please use *setitemscript since you want it to trigger from npc npc script can totally control item database with *setitemdata and *setitemscript
  3. AnnieRuru

    refining the wrong item :(

    hercules still haven't made this change, so the value still the same with eamod hercules -> EQI_HEAD_TOP (1) - Upper head gear EQI_ARMOR (2) - Armor (Where you keep your Jackets and Robes) EQI_HAND_L (3) - What is in your Left hand. EQI_HAND_R (4) - What is in your Right hand. EQI_GARMENT (5) - The garment slot (Mufflers, Hoods, Manteaus) EQI_SHOES (6) - What foot gear the player has on. EQI_ACC_L (7) - Accessory 1. EQI_ACC_R (8) - Accessory 2. EQI_HEAD_MID (9) - Middle Headgear (masks and glasses) EQI_HEAD_LOW (10) - Lower Headgear (beards, some masks) rathena -> EQI_ACC_L (0) - Accessory 1 EQI_ACC_R (1) - Accessory 2 EQI_SHOES (2) - Footgear (shoes, boots) EQI_GARMENT (3) - Garment (mufflers, hoods, manteaux) EQI_HEAD_LOW (4) - Lower Headgear (beards, some masks) EQI_HEAD_MID (5) - Middle Headgear (masks, glasses) EQI_HEAD_TOP (6) - Upper Headgear EQI_ARMOR (7) - Armor (jackets, robes) EQI_HAND_L (8) - Left hand (weapons, shields) EQI_HAND_R (9) - Right hand (weapons) curious ... you are switching to rathena ? you no longer follow the value by eamod/hercules ...
  4. AnnieRuru

    downrefitem debug

    nope, its the source code I still remember this ... since eathena times, the script command actually return 1; means false -> show a debug message and return 0; means success that's why when you do return SCRIPT_CMD_SUCCESS;, actually means return 0; all you have to do is change return 1; into return 0; into the source code, and return 0; into return 1; .... if you are still using eamod btw, hercules did it by swap the return 0; into return true; rathena did it by return SCRIPT_CMD_SUCCESS;
  5. AnnieRuru

    Random Treasure Box in Castle

    you can increase the castle economy by adding a debug script that use setcastledata - script kdsjfskf 1_F_MARIA,{ end; OnInit: bindatcmd "asdf", strnpcinfo(0)+"::Onaaa"; end; Onaaa: setcastledata "aldeg_cas01", 1, getcharid(2); // set this castle ID to yours setcastledata "aldeg_cas01", 2, 100; // set economy value to 100 donpcevent "Treasure#aldeg_cas01::OnClock0001"; // spawn the treasure immediately end; } well you can play with it btw I'm thinking about going back to hercules forum and concentrate there if you ... or anyone still wants my support just post a topic over there
  6. AnnieRuru

    how to put countdown?

    why not just use *showdigit ? might need to use addrid because showdigit only attach to 1 player though prontera,155,185,5 script kshdfkfs 1_F_MARIA,{ addrid 1; showdigit ~10, 2; sleep2 10000; showdigit 0, 0; end; }
  7. AnnieRuru

    Random Treasure Box in Castle

    yup this is correct if you think the official woe script spawn wrong treasure chest, I think you should file report to get a developer for clarify the official information ... hmm ... although ratemyserver is normally not use by developers for official information ...
  8. AnnieRuru

    Random Treasure Box in Castle

    just use the original and only change 1 line Euphy suggestion is make different castles having different sets of treasure chest what you did is all castles spawn the same set of treasure chest
  9. AnnieRuru

    Custom Gift Box with expiration and guild bounded

    I think that's the problem we have *rentitem and also *getitembound ... but we don't have *rentitembound ... I just tested make a rentitem, then directly hijack the SQL `inventory` table and set the item bound as type 2 still cannot store the item into the guild storage like a normal getitembound with type 2 which means the rental item script takes priority though, your suggestion might need source modification, I search rentitembound on both hercules and rathena forum and no result return nobody ever bring this up
  10. AnnieRuru

    Equip with clothing script

    heck, don't use *setlook ... setlook will save to the character data ... for example, like in this script, if you have use setlook here, player can save the clothing color by logging out, and this will make the player permanently have that cloth color - script ksdjhfksjf -1,{ OnInit: // 1201 - knife ... 2301 - cotton shirt setitemscript 1201, "{ changelook LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR, getlook(LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR); }", 2; setitemscript 2301, "{ changelook LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR, getlook(LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR); }", 2; end; } db\re\item_combo_db.txt 1201:2301,{ changelook LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR, 2; }
  11. AnnieRuru

    Random Treasure Box in Castle

    what Euphy suggested there is the treasure box for each castle has its own set of treasure chests eg: castle 1 and castle 2 spawn different sets of treasure chests but what I see on your script is ALL castle spawn randomly -> all the same ID this makes things easier change this line 1273 monster strnpcinfo(2),[email protected][[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]],"Treasure Chest",[email protected],1,"Treasure#"+strnpcinfo(2)+"::OnTreasureDied"[email protected]; into monster strnpcinfo(2),[email protected][[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]],"Treasure Chest", F_Rand(1324,1326,1328,1330,1332,1334,1336,1338,1340,1342,1344,1346,1348,1350,1352,1354,1356,1358,1360,1362), 1,"Treasure#"+strnpcinfo(2)+"::OnTreasureDied"[email protected];
  12. AnnieRuru

    Cluckers winning chance.

    correction .... rand(2) actually produce number 0 or 1 .. if ( rand(50) < 4 ) actually means 4 out 50, means land on 0,1,2,3 is true condition, 4~49 is false condition when you quote the code ... didn't you see it has case 0: ? and the default: case is actually case 14:
  13. AnnieRuru

    PvP Ranking & SQL

    I think you just have to change your INT(11) UNSIGNED into INT(11) SIGNED yeah I reproduce your error [SQL]: DB error - BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range in '(`rathena`.`pvpladder`.`points` - 14)' [Debug]: at d:\ragnarok\rathena\src\map\script.cpp:16882 - insert into `pvpladder` value ( 150001, 'EnnyRuru', 0 ) on duplicate key update `points` = IF( points - 14 < 0, 0, points - 14) [Debug]: Source (NPC): kjsdhfj at prontera (155,185) if you make your `points` field as varchar(30), then when you list out the top 10 players, let's say player A has 20 points and player B has 9 points, the script will show player B has higher score than player A, because the number '9' is bigger than number '2' (remember this is a string) you have to cast the `points` field as Integer like this SELECT * FROM `pvpladder` ORDER BY CAST(`points` AS SIGNED) DESC;
  14. AnnieRuru

    gear with auto skill by upg lvl

    since you want this as equipments, you have to add new skills and adding new skills is never simple yes, just like TheDerpySupport said, when you shout the skill name, the skill level is not included which means, you have to make 20 new skills, with each skill having just 1 level, and each skill ID has different name to shout the number you want cannot done with scripting or database alone this is probably source modification
  15. AnnieRuru

    help me, I need an anti bot script

    apparently most of the anti-bot out there that uses SC_BERSERK to mute the players, actually can be bypass by opencore I wish rathena actually has this *setpcblock script command that just merge into hercules days ago so nope, until rathena actually has its own script command to disable player from using atcommand ... nvm, just write one right now for hercules ones - script anti-bot FAKE_NPC,{ OnNPCKillEvent: if ( getmapflag( strcharinfo(PC_MAP), mf_nosave ) ) end; // never trigger anti-bot on event maps [email protected]_bot_mob_killed; if ( @anti_bot_mob_killed < 100 ) end; setpcblock PCBLOCK_MOVE | PCBLOCK_ATTACK | PCBLOCK_SKILL | PCBLOCK_USEITEM | PCBLOCK_IMMUNE | PCBLOCK_COMMANDS, true; [email protected] = rand(1,9); [email protected] = rand(0, 9 - [email protected]); mes "What is the number"; mes [email protected] +" + "+ [email protected] +" = ?"; next; input [email protected], 1, 10; if ( [email protected] + [email protected] != [email protected] ) { ++#anti_bot_wrong_answer; if ( #anti_bot_wrong_answer >= 3 ) { atcommand "@jailfor 30m "+ strcharinfo(PC_NAME); end; } mes "wrong answer"; close2; setpcblock PCBLOCK_COMMANDS, false; // hmm .... atcommand "@kick "+ strcharinfo(PC_NAME); end; } mes "ok you are free to go"; #anti_bot_wrong_answer = 0; setpcblock PCBLOCK_MOVE | PCBLOCK_ATTACK | PCBLOCK_SKILL | PCBLOCK_USEITEM | PCBLOCK_IMMUNE | PCBLOCK_COMMANDS, false; close; }