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  1. Edit mo lang sa client side mo. msgstringtable.txt
  2. if your centos just install firewalld. then open the port.
  3. did you open the port 80 ? 80/tcp
  4. much better to ask @Functor ....
  5. Set the min_group_id_to_connect: 1 or 99 Then restart your server.
  6. shatowolf

    Pony VPS

    Go to OVH or Digital , like everyone say, stay away RO Hosting Services, they still content.
  7. it's like promotional code, you just need to modified some code on it. but not 100% like that. ^_^ peace.
  8. just reboot your vps. make sure you have 2gb+ ram.
  9. functor.x is the real one.
  10. stay away sa mga ro server services, dahil hnd mo alam nakukuwa na pla mga files mo. ^_^ go to OVH...
  11. simple fix. just set the mapflag to MAPNAME<tab>mapflag<tab>gvg_castle
  12. yea check your firewall, and also check if apache/nginx or what ever you are using. if its running.
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