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  1. why still use Harmony? it's very old and outdated, daniel is gone, missing the action.... Get the GEPARD...
  2. did you guys try it @ 2018-04-18 client date ?
  3. Yea new client crash, hope someone fix the auraspec issue for new client.
  4. yes newer client crash if you Use "Custom Aura Limits"
  5. Just edit the line : MF_NIGHTMAREDROP change it to MF_PVP_NIGHTMAREDROP
  6. yea why another CP ? why don't you just improve the nodecp ? or the fluxcp ?
  7. Up for this. waiting for the guide
  8. Hello,


    When you will release the Gepard Website? thanks. so we can order instantly and setup . 😄 

  9. if home base - port forward. if vps easy setup
  10. i think you should wait.? let us know if its ok.
  11. advice ko sau, read read read + time time time welcome mate.
  12. hey func i pm you. tnx