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  1. pre suggest ko do it manually. manual mo i add. ^_^
  2. you can do, yum install firewalld to enable firewall : systemctl enable firewalld to start : systemctl start firewalld to check status systemctl status firewalld then ---> firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=6900/tcp --permanent the Red is the port. just change it to your port. check if the port is open : firewall-cmd --zone=public --list-all then reload the firewall : firewall-cmd --reload your good to go.
  3. mid rate master. tamad na mga player ngayon hehehe.
  4. welcome back mate.
  5. just search and go around the forum mate, your 80% questions already answered to the forum.
  6. you should get the other module. it works.
  7. Gepard is the best option this day, just contact @Functor
  8. your thor patcher tools find the CheckSum.
  9. Go to var/lib/phpMyAdmin/upload/ upload your .sql files to that location and then go to phpmyadmin import.
  10. the answer is simple. search button.... just search man.
  11. Yo, you need to WeeMapCache your current prontera ".rsw, .gat, .gnd"
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