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  1. it's like promotional code, you just need to modified some code on it. but not 100% like that. ^_^ peace.
  2. just reboot your vps. make sure you have 2gb+ ram.
  3. functor.x is the real one.
  4. stay away sa mga ro server services, dahil hnd mo alam nakukuwa na pla mga files mo. ^_^ go to OVH...
  5. simple fix. just set the mapflag to MAPNAME<tab>mapflag<tab>gvg_castle
  6. yea check your firewall, and also check if apache/nginx or what ever you are using. if its running.
  7. What client date you are using ? and yea maybe on your script or server side.
  8. Check mo accname and accessoryid double check mo din ung sprite name.
  9. you can pm @Functor via skype.
  10. groups.conf @duel {<player name>} - Enables duel mode, if a valid name is provided, the player will be sent an invite to duel. @invite <player name> - Invites a player to duel. @accept - Accepts a duel invitation. @reject - Rejects a duel invitation. @leave - Leaves duel mode.
  11. Yea this is confirm. bug issue at view equipment.
  12. This might solve your problem. skillinfoz.rar
  13. pnta ka sa grf mo. edit the msgstringtable.txt nasa line : 627 and 210 - just look for it lang.
  14. I think gepard will do the trick. gepard have unique id check.
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