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  1. about gepard you should contact @Functor
  2. did you manually add the path? it's working.
  3. chat mo cya, cya lang makkasagot sa mga tanong mo. sa skype mo cya ichat.
  4. nasa mysql mo / phpmyadmin - export mo lang, make sure naka maintenance mode ung server mo.
  5. just Truncate the table or empty it. `donation` and `donate` table.
  6. install ka ng microsoft redistributable sa pc mo. "Visual C++ Redistributable"
  7. ito guide pre. follow mo lang. -- >
  8. The Bombring bug report -> once it start then your in the map, all in the map will get reward then warp to prontera, no monster spawn.
  9. Hi mate, Nice, gonna try it out. will update you.
  10. hey func, check your pm. gonna order gepard thanks.