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  1. Give this to me or I murder you when you're sleeping. <3
  2. BONER ALERT (again). This design looks fantastic <3
  3. Oh my gawd, Olrox... Boner alert! Love it.
  4. Hello rAthena Community, We, the rAthena team, are happy to be able to announce we have the IP.Blog addon now! Each and everyone of you is able to have your own blog here on the board now. It's easy to use and good to share some news for everyone here to read.
  5. We're working on it, give it a few more days.
  6. I've talked about this with Maki and Brian a couple of months ago and just like DevilEvil said we came to the decision Wiki is the way to go because it's simply more organized.
  7. So cute, I love it! I can hear it ringing in my head!
  8. He's currently busy with final exams and might take a little longer to respond.
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