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  1. Hi guys, I want the item results you get through @mi to have itemlinks on 'em, just like how it shows on the image below. I'm not good with src editing so that is why I'm here asking for your help. Please show me how it's done, thank you!
  2. The official airship script is missing an npc as shown in the image. Is there a fix for this? Tried searching but couldn't find anything related to it.
  3. I don't see the skill delay animation on my skill icons after using a skill. Any one know how to fix this? Client I'm using is a 2018 one.
  4. Is it possible to create a weapon type like below for a custom weapon? I've been searching for any topics related to this, but couldn't find any. The weapon type I want to make is specifically for the Taekwon class.
  5. Is it possible to give a certain quest to ALL the characters in an account through a script? For example, when character A received the quest, Character B, C & D (which are in the same account) also receive the quest.
  6. Thanks for the response! I tried it out, but it didn't give any EXP at all.. And no errors.
  7. I'm trying to make a usable item that gives you a set % of exp. For example, if the % is set to 5%, when the item is used it will give you 5% EXP regardless of your level. Can this be done? and please show an example. Thank you!
  8. I have an item that give Zeny when you double click, but it doesn't display the amount of zeny you receive. Anyone know how I can make it display the amount of zeny you get with dispbottom? set Zeny,Zeny+rand(5000,50000);
  9. Just got this error as well. Anyone know the cause to it?
  10. I'm wondering if it's possible to re-position the reward item section to where the arrow is pointing at through hexing the client? Currently the item name overlaps with the npc sprite and it is annoying to read the item name. resulting with something like this:
  11. This is not a scripting issue though. What I'm asking for is a custom modification to the client.
  12. I'd like to disable npc chat from being displayed in the chat window, I know that this is possible through hexing the client. I'm wondering if anyone with hexing knowledge could help me to achieve this. Thank you!
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