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  1. Hi everyone, i have a question to ask. is there any possibility to select from an array and make sure that the selection is distinct? for example if i set an array of setarray .random[0], 100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000; Is there a possibility that if i pick a number from this array, that it will not be repeated anymore? a quick solution would be putting the number in a variable and checking it, but that's only if it works with 1 time checks, what if i had 5 different times i'm selecting from this array that requires a distinct selection.
  2. Hi everyone, i seem to be having an issue where the channels that i've configured for some reason, such as #global, #trade, #support, doesn't work for all players except for the administrator. For example, the administrator is able to chat to everyone in global, but for any other players, it'll state that you're typing too fast. I've tried downloading a fresh copy of rAthena with only the conf file import and no scripts and db amendments and the problem still persists, i've checked on the config and i can't find anything that players cannot chat via #global., I've set autojoin: true on the settings, follow by chat: yes, removed the delay or set delay to 1 but to no avail. Players can see the #global chat, but they just cant type it back. Hope someone is able to point me to the right direction. Thank you!
  3. Are you looking for the /str +number? Example /str+ 50 will add 50 into strength, same for Dex, luk, agi, and etc.
  4. Thanks! I wasn't aware that this was the specific command that I was looking for. I'm not sure how I missed as well ._. but thanks for clearing that up!
  5. Hey Chris! Thanks for taking the time to script that out, i've tested and it works great, however there seems to be a small little issue though, this is kinda the part that i'm stuck lol for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.reqItemID1); [email protected]++) if(countitem(.reqItemID1[[email protected]]) < .reqItemQty1[[email protected]]){ mes "You have insufficient items"; The requirements doesn't jump directly to the 2nd requirements from here since .reqItemID1 is fixed i was hoping it'd be something like [email protected][[email protected]] followed by [email protected][[email protected]] so that it automatically rotates based on which selection i chose but, after trying out this one it doesn't work , generally hoping for a way to join 2 variables into one Oh and before i forget since you've removed the first array, then i guess this part has to start from 0 then , otherwise it'd skipped the first item for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.itemID); [email protected]++) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + "~ "+ getitemname(.itemID[[email protected]]) + ":"; set [email protected],select( [email protected]$) - 1;
  6. Hey Chris! Thanks for the insight! I'll try out removing the switch and adjusting the menu. However I'd still like to know whether if its possible to combine them into one though, perhaps I can show what I plan to achieve? Cause each case requires me to copy and paste so I'm hoping to not copy and paste instead. I have a rough concept in mind but I just can't put my head on how to do it. I'll write it up once I'm back home. Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, The script currently works fine, however i'm hoping to get an opinion whether if the script below can be improved or better answer my query which is whether is it possible to join 2 variables into 1 ? Here's the NPC that i've made so far. mes "Select Equipment to Craft."; for ([email protected] = 1; [email protected] < getarraysize(.itemID); [email protected]++) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + "~ "+ getitemname(.itemID[[email protected]]) + ":"; switch(select( [email protected]$ ) ){ case 1: [email protected] = 1; mes "Item Preview: <ITEM>"+getitemname(.itemID[[email protected]])+"<INFO>"+.itemID[[email protected]]+"</INFO></ITEM>"; mes "===================="; for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.reqItemID1); [email protected]++){ mes "^FF0000"+countitem(.reqItemID1[[email protected]])+"^000000 / "+.reqItemQty1[[email protected]]+ " ~ "+getitemname(.reqItemID1[[email protected]]); } mes "^FF0000"+callfunc("F_InsertComma",Zeny)+" / "+callfunc("F_InsertComma",.Zeny[[email protected]])+" Zeny"; next; mes "Do you wish to continue?"; switch(select("Let me think about it: Yes, create item.")){ case 1: mes "Come back anytime"; close; case 2: if(Zeny <= .Zeny[[email protected]]){ mes "You have insufficient Zeny!"; close;} for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.reqItemID1); [email protected]++){ if(countitem(.reqItemID1[[email protected]]) < .reqItemQty1[[email protected]]){ mes "You have insufficient items"; close; } } for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.reqItemID1); [email protected]++){ delitem .reqItemID1[[email protected]],.reqItemQty1[[email protected]];} Zeny -= .Zeny[[email protected]]; getitem .itemID[[email protected]],1; mes "Here you go!"; close; } // mini case end case 2: [email protected] = 2; mes "Item Preview: <ITEM>"+getitemname(.itemID[[email protected]])+"<INFO>"+.itemID[[email protected]]+"</INFO></ITEM>"; mes "===================="; for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.reqItemID2); [email protected]++){ mes "^FF0000"+countitem(.reqItemID2[[email protected]])+"^000000 / "+.reqItemQty2[[email protected]]+ " ~ "+getitemname(.reqItemID2[[email protected]]); } mes "^FF0000"+callfunc("F_InsertComma",Zeny)+" / "+callfunc("F_InsertComma",.Zeny[[email protected]])+" Zeny"; next; mes "Do you wish to continue?"; switch(select("Let me think about it: Yes, create item.")){ case 1: mes "Come back anytime"; close; case 2: if(Zeny <= .Zeny[[email protected]]){mes "You have insufficient Zeny!";close;} for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.reqItemID2); [email protected]++){ if(countitem(.reqItemID2[[email protected]]) < .reqItemQty2[[email protected]]){ mes "You have insufficient items"; close; } } for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.reqItemID2); [email protected]++){ delitem .reqItemID2[[email protected]],.reqItemQty2[[email protected]];} Zeny -= .Zeny[[email protected]]; getitem .itemID[[email protected]],1; mes "Here you go!"; close; } OnInit: setarray .itemID, 0, 2589, 18600; setarray .Zeny, 0, 50000000,20000000; //item requirement for each items //Fallen Angel Wing setarray .reqItemID1, 2573, 7441,916,949, 1039, 7063,7511,983,982; setarray .reqItemQty1, 1, 300, 300, 300, 300, 100, 50, 20, 20; //Cat Ear Beret setarray .reqItemID2, 5172, 714, 5057, 919, 7161, 1059, 983; setarray .reqItemQty2, 1, 1, 1, 100, 200, 200, 5; end; } currently i copy and paste case 1 and case 2 and only changing the [email protected] variable. If i can add the use .reqitemID + [email protected] together then i'd be able to save much more on this one. Would appreciate on your feedback, thanks! P.S., the itemID being 0 for the first array is kinda because i wanna align the case with the [email protected] >_>
  8. Whenever there's an input for string with SQL, you should always try to use escape_sql command to make it safe. As long as you parse the variable with this then it should be fine, I've not tested this entirely though since I'm on my phone but it should work.
  9. Hope you don't mind if I divert from the original request of this thread, however, Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't this part here make this vulnerable to SQL injection? while it does have a check to prevent groupID to be 4 and above to be able to interact with the NPC, however if it falls into the wrong hands they could do quite a bit of damage if they really wanted.
  10. Thanks a lot @Nitrous , I've tested this and it works perfectly!
  11. Hi everyone, i seem to be having an issue, as we store permanent character variables in char_reg_num, i have a script that deletes this on a timed basis. query_sql( "DELETE FROM `char_reg_num` WHERE `key`='variable' " ); However, the problem i find out is that the variables only saves once the person logs out, thus if the person interacts with the NPC and for example gets an additional ranking, it'll be the old value + new value together. For example Value before Scripts deletes the variables Variable = 100 If the person interacts with the NPC and let's say the variable adds 10 without logging off, Variable = 110 If the person interacts with the NPC and let's say the variable adds 10 after logging off Variable = 10 Is there any way to force it to clear the values? This is because i'm using a SQL based ranking for this and players are able to add that variable by themselves. Similar to Rachel's donation quest to open the gateway but instead with a ranking.
  12. You need to add the quest description in your questid2display.txt in your grf/data folder. Follow the format there and add it in there and it should work in game.
  13. Just purchased his services on a specific concept I have in mind for a script and he did the work pretty quickly. He adjusted to the needs and listens to your request accordingly. Great person to work with and would definitely recommend to everyone.
  14. I'm not sure entirely on this as i had someone else to come in and take a look and they mentioned it was something to do with my host unfortunately, but i've moved it to another server now and it works fine. thanks for the help though!
  15. Cyro helped assessed my situation and even though the issue seems to be on my hosting side, he gave a lot of valuable advices and extremely friendly. For anyone thinking about purchasing his services, you'll definitely be amazed by the professionalism given. Cheers for the assistance!
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