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  1. BrOgBr

    Como adicionar imagem no ALT+U ?

    Nice, confesso que ainda não tinha visto imagens aí e como venho utilizando apenas clientes mais recentes achei que estivesse falando da nova janela de quests. Que bom que conseguiu.
  2. BrOgBr

    Iteminfo.lua in grf possible?

    Diff a new client, choose the option "Load custom lua file instead of iteminfo" so put it: "data/iteminfo.lua"
  3. BrOgBr

    Como adicionar imagem no ALT+U ?

    Você provavelmente deve estar falando do novo sistema de quests: Se for isso, só utilizando os clientes 2018, salvo engano a partir do 2018-03-07.
  4. BrOgBr

    Item description

    @xyrox You'll need decompile first.
  5. BrOgBr

    Tools Dealers

    Try this: case 1: callshop "sell",2; end; - shop sell -1,512:-1
  6. BrOgBr

    N>Help Increase number of big bell mob 110 is the amount. And you need reload the npcs or your server.
  7. BrOgBr

    Item script deactivate effect

    Thanks @Nitrous, I did it with two itens and worked, but with another combo it didn't work. Thanks @pajodex, but I need to know how can I do it directly in item_combo.txt. I'll try explain better. The item (15238), says that when compound with item 2554 the result is: nullify convert damage to SP from the item (2554) (1% chance to convert 1% of physical damage in SP) item (15238): 2% chance to convert 2% of physical damage in SP +7 = 1%/1% additional +12 = 2%/2% additional
  8. Someone can tell me how can I make it? Item x combined with item y = deactive item y effect. I don't know how explain better.
  9. BrOgBr

    Custom Pet not Working...

    1252,Garm,Garm,25005,25005,0,100,10,20,50,100,50,20,2000,400,1,0,350,400,800,{ petloot 10; },{ bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Fire,5; } Try this: 1252,Garm,Garm,25005,35312,0,100,10,20,50,100,50,20,2000,400,1,0,350,400,800,{ petloot 10; },{ bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Fire,5; }
  10. This?
  11. BrOgBr

    [Q] Calculate Rate

    @Jess in your example you can calculate so: rate 2000 = 2000/100 = 2 7019 = 1 then: 1/100 = 0,01 2 x 0,01 = 0,02 2 is your rate. 0,01 is the normal item's rate. Then with rate 2000 in your emulator, the chance of drop the item 7019 is 0,02%.
  12. BrOgBr

    Alguém poderia me ajudar?

    Update your bRO/kRO.
  13. BrOgBr

    How to write this script

    Someone can help me, how can I write this script? and this: I tried so: bonus3 bAutoSpell,SL_STUN,5,50; but I don't know if it works with "magical attacks" or just with normal attacks.
  14. BrOgBr

    Script Autobonnus

    Hello @Raf4h you need use github to report issues.
  15. BrOgBr

    how to edit base level and job level?

    You can follow this Tutorial to edit it: