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  1. Tal vez alguien tenga experiencia con este problema. Varios jugadores reportan, en el cliente 2010 y 2012 que estoy utilizando, posiciones en donde se activa el cursor de Batalla aun si no hay personajes allí y están visualmente en otra ubicación. Explorando con el GM puedo observar que al dar click derecho, a menudo son trampas, o jugadores. Alguien sabe que puede ser el problema o si existió en el pasado y se solucionó de alguna forma? Aún no migro a rAthena pero tal vez puedan apuntarme en el código actual donde se resolvió un problema así, o si es el EXE que utilizo. Muchas gracias.
  2. I am using my battlegrounds 2.0 but I would like to change the default maps. I would like a different map for CTF, Stone Control, Team Deathmatch, Domination. A BG MAP basically requires a cementery for each team, away from the battle zone.
  3. With my new server already up I feel motivation. I am going to rewrite eAmod and put all modifications on rAthena, starting by Battlegrounds. BTW, It's true, there was a lot of buxes on eAmod SVN left behind by another DEV, but everything is fixed and I am going to merge all soon too for all old costumers.
  4. Hi, just to confirm I am Andrés Garbanzo from Facebook and the owner of eAmod.

    Y soy de Costa Rica.


  5. Well I can say "hi" too. I was developer on eAthena.
  6. You got no sales per month because you sold it as "buy it once, get free updates for life". ( That's true ) And when you started to realise that you don't make any money, you started to take away our SVN reading rights and asked us for money. ( That's not true, The SVN is still working on Assembla, UP, and all members inside. I never asked for extra payments ). You never fixed bugs and barely updated the project. ( My mother's death put me away a long time from Dev, When I came back I found 2 emulators, and a huge work of updates from rAthena. I just get it was impossible to merge updates as the rAthena dev team never stops merging changes ) And when you finally updated it, you usualy broke several features which were originaly sold simply because you didn't bother to properly update it. ( I am sure it wasn't me who did this, this "BG 3.0". eAmod as my work was stable, because I was the first user of it with 3 servers, and one of those Super WoE with +2000 players) eAmod, originally, was a great mod with great features. The older it got, the less features it offered, or the ones available were simply broken. ( Everybody loves my BG 2.0, Housing Scripts, I remember a lot. Thanks ) Maybe they got broken but I am sure it was because people was trying to update theirself the SRC. Most of my scripts requires custom src mods. But your service was the worst that someone can possibly get. ( And everybody crying and cleaning their tears with money from "donations" ) I already said and repeat one more time: "My support was about eAmod stuff". A lot, really a lot of server owners was asking me stuff like "how can I compile on linux", "how can i setup mysql", "how can i open ports"... and also questions about base emulator bugs, and I wasn't rAthena support staff. Also asking for money without actually offering a service usualy doesn't workout. Especially not since you didn't sell it as a subscription in the first place. Anyway, a lot of the old devs are gone, some pay services as mine quits too, like olders client shields. I am back and I will open eAmod so if someone wants to merge it into rAthena just can do it. I am not going to charge $$$ anymore, also, I dont need money anymore.
  7. Why I quit? Easy... no sales per months because of the discussion of "sharing it for free!!". I dont like the idea of work for free... But It don't matter right now, also, I am going to open eAmod for everybody, but first, I am going to take a look of those "Exploids" reports. I believe some of the members with upload rights to the SVN did something wrong.
  8. I quit eAmod a time ago. My last version of eAmod was stable (I was the first using it with a 2010 exe), the one MINE, not including others work. I read someone sold it and did their customs mods, but I wasn't me. If there was bugs, exploids, crashs, it wasn't my release. I am going to take a look on Assembla commits log.
  9. Hi everybody. Long time away from Ragnarok but I am setting a new server for my old community. Who remember me? who is still alive? What about my Battlegrounds? I read about a 3.0 version... could someone emulate the virtual BG guilds I did?
  10. Hello Functor, I am going back to Ragnarok from a long time ago (Zephyrus from eAmod).

    I am looking for a good shield for my server, how should I contact you?

    1. Functor


      Hello! You should send me your Skype login in PM. I will add you.

  11. I will post here later the last mod I did about aura system, using a /db/aura_db.txt to create your own auras without editing source.
  12. I will share this bg script for free soon.
  13. In the past, the housing script of eAmod was public, there was a topic on eAthena forum about it. So you want find that script and maps, there is no problem with eAmod at all.
  14. Great work. I recoded it all and optimized your work (but yes it's your Idea and I give you credits) to implement this on eAmod. With some differences in the code because I call to Char server for saving and load, and using TXT db to create achievements with parameters. I just want to inform you about the credit for your Idea.
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