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  1. I use Drawmove theme for my custom theme, installed properly and should work fine but this error message happen i have search google for solution and i got nothing.. hope someone can help me with this issue...
  2. @Start_ thanks for your help - i mean normal attack with range animation just like archer class but it works for mage class... or may i should adjust it here db\re\item_db.txt (weapon range) - like this?
  3. I am looking for this kind of source modification sorry for bad english hopefully someone can help me with this.. thanks
  4. mr @Cydh can i ask for skype or something.. i need to ask some source and maybe make a deal.. thanks

    1. Cydh


      send me PM the details or talk with me on discord Cydh#2400 (once you joined rAthena discord, you can send me DM)

  5. Dear all, i have search for entire rathena and cant find to solve this problem, could we catch many mob by using one taming item? ex: unripe apple can catch poring,drops, or poporing however i have try to use this kind of script: function script tame { setarray [email protected][0],1002,1003,1011; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected]++) { pet [email protected]; end; } } but it can only catch mob id "3671" and i try to use this too still nothing can help. any idea how to create a new script command just like thanks
  6. @tokei can i get an information how to edit mob size using Act Editor 1.0.4



  7. bro elu msh jadi develop? gw dulu mantan costumer battle ro apa dulu..

    1. Ilfan Zulkarnain
    2. mjonrest


      gan.. web nya apa gan? pgn liat"

    3. Ilfan Zulkarnain

      Ilfan Zulkarnain


  8. @Tanos92 for this post : 

    do you have another link? coz that link dead



  9. @Tanos92 the link is dead, can i get another link sir.. thanks
  10. pls reply my skyp -hendrick-

  11. sir, i have seen your post "[WIP] Native Ragnarok Client"

    do you serve an service for that?

    please contact me..



  12. @Cyro thanks to reply, im sorry but may i know which file should i change or replace with? thanks
  13. Hello guys, just want to know, if it is possible to use simplify aura permanently for 3rd job (yellow aura) because, i want to activate special effect continously for part of game thanks
  14. About Paid Service (Drawmove - Free Animated Flux CP Theme- 2.0)

    Dear Sir,

    may i know what kind of features you give for your paid server? and how much is it?




    1. KamiShi


      Sorry... Not doing that anymore.

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