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  1. increase the inventory name letter.
  2. You can add the nightmare mapflag to the map you want. npc/mapflag/nightmare.txt
  3. What's the point of this changes? if drop rate is 0% ... it meant the monster will never drop it, as if the item drops weren't added to the monster. Your changes probably messed up with the calculation part (value divide by 0) and caused server crashed.
  4. try change your clientinfo servicetype to uae, and langtype 19
  5. you have disabled or removed the npc.... enable the NPC or remove it from the script ...
  6. 7140,Seed_Of_Life,Seed of Life,0,600,,10,,,,,,,,,,,,,{ input [email protected]$; atcommand "@unjail " + [email protected]$; },{},{} you almost did it, except the missing semi colon;
  7. check the wav folder inside the data.grf, its all there.
  8. a slightly more optimized version... alberta,220,42,3 script CardTrader 60,{ mes "Exchange Cards:"; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .cards_size; [email protected]++) { mes "~ "+getitemname(.cards[[email protected]]); if (!countitem(.cards[[email protected]]) [email protected]++; } if ([email protected]) { next; mes "[Card Trader]","Congratz you have all cards."; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .cards_size; [email protected]++) delitem .cards[[email protected]], 1; mes "You gained:"; for ([email protected] = 0 ; [email protected] < .price_size; [email protected] += 2) { mes "~ "+.prize[[email protected]+1]+"x "+getitemname(.prize[[email protected]]); getitem .prize[[email protected]],.prize[[email protected]+1]; } } close; OnInit: setarray .cards,4001,4002,4003,4004; // Card ID list setarray .prize,909,3,901,5; // <ITEM ID><AMOUNT>{<ITEM ID><AMOUNT>....} .cards_size = getarraysize(.cards); .price_size = getarraysize(.prize); end; }
  9. try change if(!getarg(0,0)&&!getarg(1,0)) into if (getargcount() < 2)
  10. maybe just follow how Randgrid Card work? auto cast dispell skill ? bonus3 bAutoSpell,"SA_DISPELL",1,50;
  11. shut down the server and run the SQL query DELETE FROM `char` WHERE `last_map` <> 'prontera'
  12. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/8efd61f9b27dd5163d8f71f55f2025470f1254b3/src/config/core.hpp#L15
  13. 7551,Ticket02,Ticket VIP 14 days,0.50,,70,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63.2,,,,,,{ doevent "vip_group_main::OnSetVIP"; },{},{} - script vip_group_main -1,{ OnSetVIP: vip_time(60 * 24 * 14); OnPCLoginEvent: if (vip_status(VIP_STATUS_ACTIVE)) { atcommand "@adjgroupid 7"; [email protected] = vip_status(VIP_STATUS_REMAINING); addtimer ([email protected] * 1000), strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnExpire"; dispbottom "VIP Expire in "+F_InsertComma([email protected])+" second(s)"; } end; OnExpire: atcommand "@adjgroupid 0"; end; }
  14. turbo_room,94,105,4 script Zenny Giver#BG8 804,{ mes "^0055AA[ Banker ]^000000"; mes "Who wants to be a Millionaire?"; mes "For sure you are!"; next; [email protected] = min(5000000, (MAX_ZENY - Zeny)); mes "Here you go!"; mes F_InsertComma([email protected])+" zeny for you, darling"; Zeny += [email protected]; close; OnInit: waitingroom "Zenny Giver",0; end; }
  15. Emistry

    MvP SQL

    if you have enabled the log , then you can check it in the mvplog table. conf/log_athena.conf#L92-L94
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