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  1. i am using the 700 pack but it seems there are still
  2. Im using 2018-06-20 and kamishi palettes and i think the sprite of summoner is not compatible with the palettes. does anyone have a corrected one?
  3. So i have this npc and i need to check if the invoking player is inside ANY instance or not
  4. what is that? is it a patch on nemo?
  5. May i request for translation for these parts of the client im using 2018-09-19
  6. I tried opening my map using 586 but its crashing without errors shown i guess i have to remake it from scratch on 586 thanks for the information!
  7. What is causing the black tiles to appear? Im using browedit 620.
  8. Thank you! but im wondering how do i fetch it on the master branch?
  9. im sorry for being rude but my questions is about converting the logic of blacksmith bless for the refine UI.
  10. Has anyone successfully converted the scripts from idAthena for Blacksmith Blessing here in rAthena? Im trying to convert but im not successful im having this error
  11. Are digital ocean droplets ddos protected? if not what offers are ddos protected?
  12. HERCULES FEATURE Is it possible to do this in rA? to add an icon on the side of an npc.
  13. Hi this is my Ragnarok adaptation of the Ouryuken Blade from Digimon, this blade was used by Alphamon Ouryuken. Do we have any digimon fans here? More Digimon weapons i guess in the future.
  14. will WPE/RPE work on client above 2018-03-07? like 2018-06-20?