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  1. https://rathena.org/board/files/category/159-fully-coded-themes/ https://rathena.org/board/files/category/160-pre-designed-themes/
  2. try https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE
  3. quote it so that I could mark this topic solved.
  4. If you want to share files, kindly use https://rathena.org/board/files/.
  5. Emistry

    DB erro

    the errors are pretty much self explained.... item id doesn't exists in your db. if you're using pre-re make sure your item exists in the db/pre-re/item_db.txt
  6. you probably changed a new client or renamed it. just use the GRF Editor to generate a new cps.dll using the new client you made.
  7. by default 1 tab is equal to 4 space... just add that manually for whatever you want to add in front of the message. if you're referring to something like columns in message separated by tab, then you could try using the mes() + sprintf() .... it does the trick... only if you're using the fonts that could align perfectly.
  8. menu "Prontera",T1, "Alberta",T2, "Aldebaran",T3, "Amatsu",T4, "Ayothaya",T5, "Brasilis",T6, "Comodo",T7, "Dewata",T8, "Eclage",T9, "Einbech",T10, "Einbroch",T11, "El Dicastes",T12, "Geffen",T13, "Gonryun",T14, "Hugel",T15, "Izlude",T16, "Jawaii",T17, "Lighthalzen",T18, "Louyang",T19, "Lutie",T20, "Malangdo",T21, "Malaya",T22, "Manuk",T23, "Midgarts Expedition Camp",T24, "Mora",T25, "Morroc",T26, "Moscovia",T27, "Nameless Island",T28, "Niflheim",T29, "Payon",T30, "Rachel",T31, "Splendide",T32, "Thor Camp",T33, "Umbala",T34, "Veins",T35, "Yuno",T36; find in these menu lines... and remove the map and the menu category. Ex: if you want to remove the prontera map, then remove this ......."Prontera", T1,.... same goes for other maps
  9. find the defailt NPC Sprite ID 10252 and replace it with whatever npc sprite you want.
  10. you probably didnt import the item_db sql into your database.
  11. you're probably didnt copy the full content to execute in your database. Ex: missing the create table lines... refer sql-files/upgrades/upgrade_20161116.sql
  12. perhaps this could help you...read through everything, you shall get your answer for your questions. http://forum.ratemyserver.net/guides/guide-force-to-use-nvidia-graphics-card-instead-of-intel-on-your-any-laptop/ use at your own risk tho ... i tried the guide, it does work.
  13. Hii Epoque, long time no see and welcome back 😄  How are you? Where have you been ? 

    1. Epoque


      Hey hey! Yeah it's been a while, all good here thanks! How about yourself?

      Spend most of my time working really, just had an urge to see whether rAthena was still active!

    2. Emistry


      Everything  good too, similar to your, spend most of the time working now and visit the forum once in awhile or whenever have free time to do so.

      Good to see you back in the forum 😄 looking forward for your upcoming releases too. 

  14. missing the small map display file for the top right corner?
  15. like this? convert your short videos into thousands of cutin file using softwares and use npc to show it in game.
  16. OnClock0240: OnClock0840: OnClock1440: OnClock2040: setnpcdisplay "Disguise Event",795; set .RoundCount,0; set .Change,0; set .EventON,0; setnpctimer 0; stopnpctimer; npctalk "Disguise Event : Thank you all for playing. That was the last round of the Disguise Event. Come play again later."; disablenpc "Disguise Event"; announce "The Disguise Event has ended",bc_all | bc_blue; end; you could add this part into your script.
  17. behind the scene .... in case anyone share the same views and would like to join for discussion lol @AnnieRuru
  18. 501,Red_Potion,Red Potion,0,50,,70,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,15:50,,,{ itemheal rand(45,65),0; },{},{} // Structure of Database: // ID,AegisName,Name,Type,Buy,Sell,Weight,ATK[:MATK],DEF,Range,Slots,Job,Class,Gender,Loc,wLV,eLV[:maxLevel],Refineable,View,{ Script },{ OnEquip_Script },{ OnUnequip_Script } use the field eLV[:maxLevel]
  19. if you wanted to remove/disable this HP view feature you need to configure it in the conf/groups.conf permissions: { ... ... view_hpmeter: false }
  20. - script OnlineReward#1 -1,{ //--Start of the Script OnPCLoginEvent: attachnpctimer ""+strcharinfo(0)+""; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer30000: //Check if Vending (normal or @at) if(checkvending() >= 1) { dispbottom "The rewards has stopped because you were vending . Please relog if you wish to start again."; stopnpctimer; end; } OnTimer60000: set @minute, @minute + 1; //Check for 1 Minute if(@minute == 1 && (strcharinfo(3) == "prontera" || strcharinfo(3) == "payon")){ set @minute,0; set #CASHPOINTS,#CASHPOINTS+100; dispbottom "You received 100 Cash Points. Current Cash Points: " + #CASHPOINTS; } stopnpctimer; initnpctimer; end; } if(@minute == 1 && (strcharinfo(3) == "prontera" || strcharinfo(3) == "payon")){
  21. you can check on the message by clicking on the tick or cross symbols. It refer to the job for both appveyor and travis you can click on the details to further read the details for each job.
  22. does the value look like exceed 20m to you? conf/battle/player.conf#L80-L86 // Maximum HPs depending on base level. Default values are: // Lv 99: 330000 // Lv150: 660000 // Lv175: 1100000 max_hp_lv99: 330000 max_hp_lv150: 660000 max_hp: 1100000 its 1.1m and its way better you take a look at the answer/hints that provided by other member rather than just keep asking for spoonfeeding. lol beside, max hp/sp cap was never 20m, unless you meant the value for 2.1b
  23. prontera,111,64,5 script +10 Refiner NPC 813,{ for( set [email protected],EQI_SHOES; [email protected] <= EQI_HAND_R; set [email protected],[email protected] + 1 ) if( getequipisequiped( [email protected] ) ){ if( getequipisenableref( [email protected] ) && getequiprefinerycnt( [email protected] ) <= .max_refine ){ set [email protected]_count,[email protected]_count + 1; set [email protected]$,[email protected]$ + " +"+getequiprefinerycnt( [email protected] )+" "+getequipname( [email protected] ) +":"; }else{ set [email protected]$,[email protected]$ +":"; } }else{ set [email protected]$,[email protected]$ +":"; } if( [email protected]_count ){ mes "You dont have any equipment available for refine."; close; } set [email protected],select( [email protected]$ ) + 1; set [email protected]_equip,getequipid( [email protected] ); do{ if( getequipid( [email protected] ) != [email protected]_equip ){ mes "Dont change to other equipments."; close; } set [email protected]_level,getequipweaponlv( [email protected] ); if( [email protected]_level == 1 ) set [email protected]_refine,6; else if( [email protected]_level == 2 ) set [email protected]_refine,7; else if( [email protected]_level == 3 ) set [email protected]_refine,8; else if( [email protected]_level == 4 ) set [email protected]_refine,9; else if( [email protected]_level == 5 ) set [email protected]_refine,3; else if( [email protected]_level == 6 ) set [email protected]_refine,2; else set [email protected]_refine,4; set [email protected]_count,getequiprefinerycnt( [email protected] ); if( .zeny_cost ){ mes "Every Refine : ^0055FF"+callfunc( "ValueConvert",.zeny_cost )+" Zeny^000000"; mes "De-refine : ^FF0000Free^000000"; mes " "; mes "If current refine below +^FF0000"[email protected]_refine+" : ^FF0000Free^000000"; next; } set [email protected],select(( [email protected]_count >= .max_refine )?"":"Refine to ^0055FF+"+( [email protected]_count + 1 )+" "+getequipname( [email protected] )+"^000000", ( [email protected]_count < 1 )?"":"De-refine -1" ); // temporary disabled de-refine if( Zeny < .zeny_cost && [email protected] == 1 ){ message strcharinfo(0),"Dont have enough zeny."; break; } if( [email protected]_count < 1 && [email protected] == 2 ){ mes "You cant de-refine this anymore."; break; }else if( [email protected]_count >= .max_refine && [email protected] == 1 ){ mes "You cant refine this anymore."; }else{ if( [email protected] == 1 && [email protected]_count >= [email protected]_refine ) set Zeny,Zeny - .zeny_cost; switch( [email protected] ){ Case 1: successrefitem [email protected]; break; Case 2: downrefitem [email protected]; break; default: break; } } if( getequiprefinerycnt( [email protected] ) >= .max_refine ){ mes "Max Refine Reach..."; break; } }while( 1 ); close; OnInit: OnWhisperGlobal: set .zeny_cost,0; set .max_refine,10; waitingroom " Refiner / DeRefiner",0; end; }
  24. you could try using the getinventorylist prontera,155,181,5 script Sample 4_F_KAFRA1,{ getinventorylist(); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < @inventorylist_count; [email protected]++) { if (@inventorylist_equip[[email protected]] > 0) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + "[" + getitemname(@inventorylist_id[[email protected]])+"]"; [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + ":"; } [email protected] = select([email protected]$) - 1; if (@inventorylist_bound[[email protected]]) { mes "this is bounded item."; } else if ([email protected]_card1[[email protected]]) { mes "It doesn't have card compounded in it."; } else { // uncard... } close; }
  25. View File Healer - Selective Buff A healer that allow player to receive the buffs they want. Player could decide the combination of buff they want. * Notes: For demo purpose, I only write a simple script to demo the rough idea, imagine the buff system you could do with your own creative imagination. Feel free to share with us if you have any nice idea. Preview: Submitter Emistry Submitted 01/06/2019 Category Utilities Video https://youtu.be/2Mfq13pAJdc Content Author Emistry