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  1. Well if you better use the mob_db from your Mysql tables you'll be able to do that easily just by running a simple query. For example if you want to increase Str,Agi,Vit,Int,Dex and Luk by 2x you would simply need to run the following query into your database and it will increase the mob stats. UPDATE mob_db SET mob_db.STR = mob_db.STR * 2,mob_db.AGI = mob_db.AGI * 2,mob_db.VIT = mob_db.VIT * 2,mob_db.INT = mob_db.`INT` * 2,mob_db.DEX = mob_db.DEX * 2,mob_db.LUK = mob_db.LUK * 2 Using .txt files is very limited, since is very static, and is hard to manage the data efficiently. But if you still want to stay using mob_db.txt you'll have to change manually each stat in each mob. Regards,
  2. I love the idea about to just ditch pre-renewal, and just keep with Renewal and leave pre-renewal for eAthena, but mainly i'm most interested in stuff like: - The complete removal of TXT from rAthena. - Stop supporting old clients, (The amount of #if is insane on clif.c due the support of old clients). - Drop the support of VC 6, 7, 8, since "almost" no one uses that except for a few guys which i can count with my hand. - Removal of unused code as the effect rain and other stuff. - Improve the eAthena script engine with some mods which were added time ago by a few users which greatly improve the way to make scripts. - Decide if we're going to follow kRO or iRO, cause eAthena is a mix between kRO and iRO. I didn't see anything added from kRO to eAthena since 2006 far as i remember, except by a few items. Since mostly of information and data has been gathered from iRO and leaks of cRO, Regards,
  3. Even if my spanish is not quite good i been providing support for that community since a few months ago, as i thought eathena would die by fall 2011 and i wasn't wrong lol. I started there just as a lurker by using google translate but i found a very nice community, mostly very active and a nice place to continue practicing my spanish By the time i started there, i received plenty of help from Mods and users with the language. Hell mostly of the pm's (90%) that i receive there are written in english to try to help me to understand correctly about their inquires. So at this moment DivineRO is probably 10x bigger than the ea Spanish section as it best. So i don't see a point to keep an useless spanish section where "almost" no one made a post in years, when there is also another community better organized, more active and larger. I saw a few post from darkmeistersp now helping the community there, so probably very soon he could catch up once again his Mod status if he continues helping like that. For these reasons i support the points made by DevilEvil about this situation. Regards,
  4. Probably because a few people in here are able to read those stacks and registries from Gravity Errors. And also you're wrong because he's using a Renewal client, the Gravity error shows this: Time Stamp: 0x4c52288f - Fri Jul 30 09:19:11 2010 So that's a Renewal client 2010-07-30. The exception type shows the following: Exception Type: 0xc0000005 So this indicates a Write or Read error, and without look at the stack neither the register, and by just looking about what Rage says the error probably will come from a custom hat which is wearing the character. Regards,
  5. JakeRed

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    Anime: Ranma 1/2 Rurouni Kenshin: Seishouhen Beelzebub Shinryaku Ika Musume Steins Gate Hellsing Ultimate One Piece GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) Slam Dunk Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Cowboy Bebop Manga: Berserk Vagabond Gantz Claymore Fairy Tail GTO Noblesse Neon Genesis Evangelion
  6. Currently Ragnarok Online has 2 way different ASPD formulas, one running on servers iRO, bRO, pRO, twRO, rRO, fRO, etc. The other is running only over kRO. The one which some private servers bought it from a Dev of eAthena is the one that iRO uses, which has fixed penalty from weapons, fixed bonus aspd from items. The kRO aspd formula decrease the penalty from weapons depending on AGI, there are not fixed bonus from items (more AGI means more bonus from conc pot, awakening pot or berserk potions), and normally their aspd formula provides less aspd than iRO aspd formula. This mean a char would have more Aspd at low/ medium AGI in iRO based servers compared to kRO servers, but in contrast a char would reach more Aspd at high AGI over kRO (main servers / sakray) than iRO based servers. So which one are you requesting?.
  7. Thank you for point out that, the function itemdb_isequiptype is one of the remains of a really old system that i made for crafting back on 2006, i just simply did copy and paste so i didn't think about to recode it. Thank you pojiejapan, But this is not a place for request, If you want to create new skils by yourself, you're forced to learn C at some degree to understand how does eathena skills works since depending on the skills, it would be programmed in any or other way; so there is no way to create a guide which will cover the 100% about making new skills for eAthena. Regards,
  8. First post updated. Added Diff files, lua files and also the icon into a compressed 7zip file as requested. Regards,
  9. Woot finally stat reset is back on Sakray, it'ts gonna be perfect to do a few test with the renewal mechanics. I just hope it will be the same as before, without pay zeny to do the reset. EDIT: Anyone knows where is now located the reset npc?. Because i just went there and they had the same old skill reset npc, but they didn't added any stat reset to the npc, or maybe they moved it to another town.
  10. I love it!!. 100 times better than our old Forum ranks
  11. The spoiler button work correctly for me.
  12. Smith Armor I decided to release this little mod as support to this new forum. Yay i'll be the first one making a source edit in here. Back on topic... This little mod will allow WhiteSmiths to have a new skill "Smith Armor" which will allow users to create elemental armors in the same way as they did with weapons. It will work in a similar fashion as to forge new Weapons. Just check the following screenshots to see how it will work. Steps 1- Go to yourserver/src/map/skill.h and find the following: ALL_REVERSEORCISH, ALL_WEWISH, ALL_SONKRAN, And paste below this: WS_SMITH_ARMOR = 998, Then save the file. 2- Go to yourserver/src/map/skill.c and find the following: } else { // Weapon Forging - skill bonuses are straight from kRO website, other things from a jRO calculator [DracoRPG] And replace it with this: } else if(itemdb_isequiptype(nameid) == 1){ // Weapon Forging - skill bonuses are straight from kRO website, other things from a jRO calculator [DracoRPG] Find this: if(pc_search_inventory(sd,989) > 0) make_per+= 1000; // Emperium Anvil: +10 else if(pc_search_inventory(sd,988) > 0) make_per+= 500; // Golden Anvil: +5 else if(pc_search_inventory(sd,987) > 0) make_per+= 300; // Oridecon Anvil: +3 else if(pc_search_inventory(sd,986) > 0) make_per+= 0; // Anvil: +0? if(battle_config.wp_rate != 100) make_per = make_per * battle_config.wp_rate / 100; } Then paste below this: else { // Calc Smith Armor bonus make_per = sd->status.job_level*20 + status->dex*10 + status->luk*10; make_per += pc_checkskill(sd,skill_id)*500; // Smithing skills bonus: +5/+10/+15 if(pc_search_inventory(sd,989) > 0) make_per+= 1000; // Emperium Anvil: +10 else if(pc_search_inventory(sd,988) > 0) make_per+= 500; // Golden Anvil: +5 else if(pc_search_inventory(sd,987) > 0) make_per+= 300; // Oridecon Anvil: +3 else if(pc_search_inventory(sd,986) > 0) make_per+= 0; // Anvil: +0? if(battle_config.wp_rate != 100) make_per = make_per * battle_config.wp_rate / 100; } Save this file. 3- Go to yourserver/src/map/itemdb.h and find this: int itemdb_isequip2(struct item_data *); Paste below this: int itemdb_isequiptype(int); Save this file. 4- Go to yourserver/src/map/itemdb.c and find this: /*========================================== * Alternate version of itemdb_isequip *------------------------------------------*/ int itemdb_isequip2(struct item_data *data) { nullpo_ret(data); switch(data->type) { case IT_WEAPON: case IT_ARMOR: case IT_AMMO: return 1; default: return 0; } } Then paste below this: /*========================================== * Return if weapon, armor or ammo. //by JakeRed *------------------------------------------*/ int itemdb_isequiptype(int nameid) { int type=itemdb_type(nameid); switch (type) { case IT_WEAPON: return 1; case IT_ARMOR: return 2; case IT_AMMO: return 3; default: return 0; } } Save this file. 5- Go to yourserver/db/skill_db.txt and find the following: 477,0,6,4,0,0x1,0,10,1,no,0,0,0,weapon,0, WS_WEAPONREFINE,Upgrade Weapon Then paste below this: 998,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,no,0,0,0,weapon,0, WS_SMITH_ARMOR,Smith Armor Save this file. 6- Go to yourserver/db/produce.txt and find this; //===== Elemental Converters === ItemLV=23 ===== //-- Fire Elemental Converter <-- SA_CREATECON & 1 Blank Scroll, 3 Scorpion Tail 12114,23,1007,1,7433,1,904,3 //-- Water Elemental Converter <-- SA_CREATECON & 1 Blank Scroll, 3 Snail's Shell 12115,23,1007,1,7433,1,946,3 //-- Earth Elemental Converter <-- SA_CREATECON & 1 Blank Scroll, 3 Horn 12116,23,1007,1,7433,1,947,3 //-- Wind Elemental Converter <-- SA_CREATECON & 1 Blank Scroll, 3 Rainbow Shell 12117,23,1007,1,7433,1,1013,3 //============================================== Then paste below this: //---- Armors ----------------------- //-- Tights <-- WS_SMITH_ARMOR & 1 Porcellio card, 3 Scorpion Tail <--- Examples of recipes for armors 2330,3,998,1,4337,1,904,3 //-- Chain Mail <-- WS_SMITH_ARMOR & 1 Porcellio card, 5 Scorpion Tail <--- Example of recipes for armors 2314,3,998,1,4437,1,904,5 //============================================== Save this file and recompile your server, if everything is correct it will not show any error. In produce.txt change the recipes and add as many recipes as you want to your skill. In step 2 you can change the chances of sucess and also if you want to ask for other items besides (Golden Anvil, Emperium Anvil,Oridecon Anvil) . Now that we ended with our server side modifications, we need to modify the Client, so here are the steps to modify the client side. 1- Go to yourdatafolder/lua files/skillid.lua and find this: KN_CHARGEATK = 1001, CR_SHRINK = 1002, AS_SONICACCEL = 1003, Above add this: WS_SMITH_ARMOR = 998, Save your file. 2- Go to yourdatafolder/lua files/skilltreeview.lua and find this: [JOBID.JT_BLACKSMITH_H] = { [21] = SKID.WS_CARTBOOST, [28] = SKID.WS_CARTTERMINATION, [22] = SKID.WS_MELTDOWN, [25] = SKID.WS_OVERTHRUSTMAX, [23] = SKID.WS_WEAPONREFINE }, And replace it with this: [JOBID.JT_BLACKSMITH_H] = { [21] = SKID.WS_CARTBOOST, [28] = SKID.WS_CARTTERMINATION, [22] = SKID.WS_MELTDOWN, [25] = SKID.WS_OVERTHRUSTMAX, [35] = SKID.WS_SMITH_ARMOR, [23] = SKID.WS_WEAPONREFINE }, Save your file. 3- Go to yourdatafolder/lua files/skillinfolist.lua and find: [sKID.WS_WEAPONREFINE] = { "WS_WEAPONREFINE"; SkillName = "Weapon Refine", MaxLv= 10, _NeedSkillList = { { SKID.BS_WEAPONRESEARCH,10 } } }, Paste below this: [sKID.WS_SMITH_ARMOR] = { "WS_SMITH_ARMOR"; SkillName = "Smith Armor", MaxLv = 1, _NeedSkillList = { { SKID.WS_WEAPONREFINE,10 } } }, Save the file. 4- Go to yourdatafolder/lua files/skilldescript.lua and find: [sKID.WS_WEAPONREFINE] = {[/b] [b] "Weapon Refine", "Max Level:^777777 10 ^000000", "Type:^000099 Passive ^000000", "Target:^777777 Self ^000000", "Effect:^777777 Enables you to refine weapons. Unlike Forging, this skill doesn't depend on DEX and LUK, but only on the character's job level.", "At job level 50, you have about the same chances of upgrading as Hollgrehenn.", "At job 70, you have an about 10% better success chance than Hollgrehenn.", "For level 1 Weapons, Phracon is needed.", "For level 2 Weapons, Emveretarcon is needed.", "For level 3/4 Weapons, Oridecon is needed. ^000000", "[LV 1]^777777 Up to +1 ^000000", "[LV 2]^777777 Up to +2 ^000000", "[LV 3]^777777 Up to +3 ^000000", "[LV 4]^777777 Up to +4 ^000000", "[LV 5]^777777 Up to +5 ^000000", "[LV 6]^777777 Up to +6 ^000000", "[LV 7]^777777 Up to +7 ^000000", "[LV 8]^777777 Up to +8 ^000000", "[LV 9]^777777 Up to +9 ^000000", "[LV 10]^777777 Up to +10 ^000000", }, Paste below this: [sKID.WS_SMITH_ARMOR] = {[/b] [b] "Smith Armor", "Max Level:^777777 1 ^000000", "Type:^000099 Passive ^000000", "Catalyst:^777777 Varies ^000000", "Effect:^777777 Allows character to forge Armors using a hammer. Skill Value is (5*SkillLV)%. Anvil, JobLV, DEX and LUK (in this order) further increase this chance. ^000000", "^000000[LV 1]^777777", "Tights", "1 Porcellio Card", "3 Scorpion Tails", "Chain Mail", "1 Porcellio Card", "5 Scorpion Tails", "^6699ffForging formula:", "Base % chance: Skill Value + JobLV * 0.2 + DEX * 0.1 + LUK * 0.1 + 50", "Normal Anvil +0%", "Oridecon Anvil +3%", "Golden Anvil +5%", "Emperium Anvil +10%", "LV 1 Weapon -0%", "LV 2 Weapon -20%", "LV 3 Weapon -30%", "Per Star Crumb -15%", "Elemental Stone -20% ^000000", }, Save the file. 5- Go to yourdatafolder/textures/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/item/ and paste the icon for the skill provided in the following link: http://www.mediafire...om165c1&thumb=4 Test it and it must to work correctly. In order to get the skill Smith Armor it will be necessary to get Weapon Refine level 10. Change your killdescript.lua according to your likings. PS: If you dont know how to compile a server use the Wiki and "learn". PS2: It seems i'm unable to upload files compressed, so i had to upload it to mediafire. Regards, Client Side: http://www.mediafire...iadvqrec1yhgrjy Diff files: Smith_Armor_eAthena-trunk_14993.patch Smith_Armor_RR_Mod_rev_79.patch Smith_Armor_3CeAM-trunk_652.patch
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