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  1. int32 pc_attendance_counter( map_session_data* sd ){ std::shared_ptr<s_attendance_period> period = pc_attendance_period(); // No running attendance period if( period == nullptr ){ return 0; } // Get the counter for the current period int counter = static_cast<int>(pc_readreg2( sd, ATTENDANCE_COUNT_VAR )); + // Check if we have a remaining counter from a previous period + if( counter >= 20 && !pc_attendance_rewarded_today(sd) ){ + pc_setreg2( sd, ATTENDANCE_COUNT_VAR, 0 ); + return 0; + } // Check if we have a remaining counter from a previous period if( counter > 0 && pc_readreg2( sd, ATTENDANCE_DATE_VAR ) < period->start ){ // Reset the counter to zero pc_setreg2( sd, ATTENDANCE_COUNT_VAR, 0 ); return 0; } return 10 * counter + ( ( pc_attendance_rewarded_today(sd) ) ? 1 : 0 ); } I think this is what @Sapito Sucio is trying to tell you to do. Though you have to really understand that attendance forces players to login/attend. On the days you want them active. It would be best if you just use a daily reward script for the purpose of resetting your daily rewards.
  2. I think this is related to PVP maps as I observed.
  3. 1. Create a $variable that uses gettimetick so that the server can fetch the data if the server reboots 2. Use a timer that checks if the $variable gettimetick is already done
  4. Thanks for the answer @Emistry.
  5. Probably my question needs to be rephrased. Lets say that the value of the .RewardList = 3; Is there an existing script_command that will allow me to produce the value '2' as it includes reward 1 and 2. its kind of like getting the array size of the bitmask value. I hope i am asking it right but thanks @Emistry for the reply.
  6. // 1: Reward 1 | 2: Reward 2 | 4: Reward 3 // Sets Basic List of Rewards .RewardList = 1|2|4; In this example, the variable .RewardList = 7; Is there a way to detect how many rewards are there on this variable using bitmask?
  7. Playtester is actually right about it but i think you need to check the git history about the updates for this. Or just download an updated trunk. They have solved this there.
  8. Yes it is possible but really you can change your IP by just restarting your router. better use unique_id instead
  9. you can just do a prontera mapflag nightenabled or use this - script DayNight -1,{ OnClock0600: day; end; OnInit: // setting correct mode upon server start-up if (gettime(DT_HOUR)>=6 && gettime(DT_HOUR)<23) end; OnClock0000: night; end; } + rep if helps
  10. What do you mean it does not work? like it does not show on @rates?
  11. PsyOps

    Screen Flash

    I think it's client and pc compatibility issues. I have not experience this in more updated OS. Currently using the latest client atm.
  12. Yes it is possible but you need to remove then entirely from the client files or just create a custom file to replace them even without removing the default ones.
  13. I think this is a file that is actually in the default RO files. You just need to search for it.
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