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  1. I have created a semi blue print system before. Total agree with it taking a lot of time to create and a lot of time to edit. 100% on this. The blue print system is like a quest shop. Using it will do the trick or just nerf the drops. Either or.
  2. thanks for the reply @JackTheGorrion. I tried just opening it, it does not open. I may need to install more packages from java to make it work.
  3. How do i configure the Custom_Generator.jar? I can't seem to open it. Any advices?
  4. currently trying this, what my problem is that i have tried adding this to resnametable.txt [email protected]#[email protected]# [email protected]#[email protected]# [email protected]#[email protected]# 유저인터페이스\map\[email protected]#유저인터페이스\map\[email protected]# and then for mapcache i ran it with weemapcache but it still does not work. Any ideas where i missed the updates?
  5. will try this thanks @Mael Update: Working thanks!
  6. Thanks @Mael. How would I correct it? I am still learning how to read source codes. Any help would be much appreciated. i am using an old trunk of rathena 972a14e4ed3c2ae15f5acb60652cf0c3db1d0deb
  7. I tried this but i got these errors
  8. this guys is an immortal thanks
  9. Probably there is actually. Just need to refine it really
  10. So it means that if the player is wearing one ring and has the same ring on his inventory, then the script will count it as having two items?
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