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  1. You need to create custom mobs for it, just duplicated it i guess.
  2. Well you can create a box that will call a function that will allow him to choose the items that he wants. You just need to find a box and edit the items as needed. // item_db.txt 35022,Freebie_Headgear_Box,Freebie Costume Headgear Box,18,20,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ callfunc "freecoshg"; },{},{} // script.txt function script freecoshg { setarray .freehg[0],19537,19835,31197,19973,20148; mes "Please select your Freebie Costume Headgear:"; next; select(""+getitemname(.freehg[0])+":"+getitemname(.freehg[1])+":"+getitemname(.freehg[2])+":"+getitemname(.freehg[3])+":"+getitemname(.freehg[4])+""); //*getitem2 <item id>,<amount>,<identify>,<refine>,<attribute>,<card1>,<card2>,<card3>,<card4>{,<account ID>}; getitem2 .freehg[@menu-1],1,1,10,0,0,0,0,0; announce "Congratulations! "+strcharinfo(0)+" has just received the amazing "+getitemname(.freehg[@menu-1])+" from the "+getitemname(35022)+"!",0; end; }
  3. I think you are in the wrong section to ask this. But you need to access your database = phpmyadmin SQL to do this. Find: 1. Character Name and his char_id 2. delete the homunculus on the homunculus database.
  4. You need the tga files of the poem/song that is missing. Check an updated version of kRO to extract the necessary files.
  5. I have created a semi blue print system before. Total agree with it taking a lot of time to create and a lot of time to edit. 100% on this. The blue print system is like a quest shop. Using it will do the trick or just nerf the drops. Either or.
  6. thanks for the reply @JackTheGorrion. I tried just opening it, it does not open. I may need to install more packages from java to make it work.
  7. How do i configure the Custom_Generator.jar? I can't seem to open it. Any advices?
  8. currently trying this, what my problem is that i have tried adding this to resnametable.txt [email protected]#[email protected]# [email protected]#[email protected]# [email protected]#[email protected]# 유저인터페이스\map\[email protected]#유저인터페이스\map\[email protected]# and then for mapcache i ran it with weemapcache but it still does not work. Any ideas where i missed the updates?
  9. will try this thanks @Mael Update: Working thanks!
  10. Thanks @Mael. How would I correct it? I am still learning how to read source codes. Any help would be much appreciated. i am using an old trunk of rathena 972a14e4ed3c2ae15f5acb60652cf0c3db1d0deb
  11. I tried this but i got these errors
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