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  1. Olrox's post in Did custom 3D mob work in RagRE 2016-02-03(pached by NEMO) was marked as the answer   
    The diff only allows you to load stand animation on the model. The custom mob should appear visually and regardless if the diff is present on the client or not.
    if you see a poring as your mob, means the client is not reading the resource. Of course is going to work if you set the mob id of a guardian, as you are using an official ID for that;
    Is worth to mention that I think the option work on that client.
  2. Olrox's post in Map created with Browedit - Client Error was marked as the answer   
    Always when you have map crashes do this: open the map in browedit, go for the clean map function and start all over cleaning each feature one by one (models, textures) 
    Test in game for each clean up you do and you'll find the reason why it crashes. By then, we can give you more options to resolve the error.
    And btw the maps should be always square dimentions if you use the new map function in browedit.
  3. Olrox's post in About the models in Ragnarok was marked as the answer   
    Yes you have a lot of ways to convert them in unity.
    Look at our tools in downloads to convert rsm to any universal 3d format then you can use them in unity.
  4. Olrox's post in A question about the RO models was marked as the answer   
    Better be careful with high poly models. We recommend to split to 2000 faces. You might see some models with more faces work tho, (like that of 9k) sometimes, but most of the times can make your client crash.
    Regarding animation you have 2 options, and I did two videos on my channel, one with RSM ro models (only supported with old clients tho) or as npc GR2 models (supported by all clients) 
  5. Olrox's post in Custom model polygonal! Help! was marked as the answer   
    Okay read, here is your solution: disable shadows in RO models.
    How? well you have to open your RSM file in hex editor and find this string:
    Change that 01 to 00, if you want to disable shadows in only that RO model, or change to 02 to add smooth shadows (very very useful in rounded models)

  6. Olrox's post in model error in game was marked as the answer   
    Hi the error is by overlapping vertex. The surface of your model is not flat, a face or a triangle of the model is overcoming that surface.
    In browedit looks okay because it renders different than in Ragnarok.
    Means you must fix the model in 3d software. Maybe you can upload the model to see if we can help.
    Edit: and by flat I mean, that vertex is not joining the others by the exact x,y,z coordinates to make a flat surface.
  7. Olrox's post in help Map Problem was marked as the answer   
    The error is about how your graphic card renders that model and so others.
    Try maybe to change to a generic video driver render in your computer instead of your card, and try again. (control panel -> uninstall driver -> add legacy hardware -> generic video driver)
    ^ or just update the drivers. this as just a test
  8. Olrox's post in Himinn transparent model at entrace was marked as the answer   
    Name of the model: ¶óÇï\¸ñ°ÉÀ̺¸°üÇÔ02.rsm
    Textures: tru_alpha copy.tga
    Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/52175822/posted/model.rar
  9. Olrox's post in Textures was marked as the answer   
    They would be redimentioned inside browedit, you should always use textures with the same height and width for ground editions.
  10. Olrox's post in Brow Edit - Town Lightning was marked as the answer   
    In browedit:
    Windows --> global lighting, edit Longitude Angle (gives angled shadow to the object), and Latitude Angle (gives light to the object) then adjust for 10 am light up to your desire.
    About shadows on the floor: move the light bulb that you are using as a sun to a position of the map that will give you that angle.
  11. Olrox's post in Models custom without parts was marked as the answer   
    Could be this:
    Another issue is that some clients makes some faces transparent when you have a lot of transparency levels in TGA textures, or, a lot of TGA textures present in the same object.
  12. Olrox's post in Custom Models Textures was marked as the answer   
    Ragnarok client only renders one-side face of each polygon. Which means your object has the faces at the wrong side.
    You must flip them manually. Right click the object, select "convert to editable poly". The bad faces are usually represented as a opaque red color in max:

  13. Olrox's post in BrowEdit - Weird Problem when Opening my Custom Map was marked as the answer   
    /me is lost in all those edits XD how many maps are we talking about? :33
    Regarding your issue on that screenshot, I'm really afraid to ignore what is the cause. It has been very few times I've encountered with issues to load some of my maps like you, but it has been by the GAT file, not by the GND, which to fix it I had only to create a new map with the same name of the original map and just copied the GAT file to the original.
    So on this case you can try the same, but you'll lost all your ground edition... I guess its better than loosing everything like the models too?
  14. Olrox's post in Colormapping in BrowEdit? was marked as the answer   
    In the new browedit 2.0 Borf was going to add new lightmaps tools. Perhaps something like this. But as Keyworld said, atm, there is no tool yet for making awesome lightmaps as Gravity does with oficial maps.
  15. Olrox's post in any one ? was marked as the answer   
    Unless you can develop your own client/graphic engine for it, then you would. Very few people are capable of doing that, and even so, they have stopped/paused their related projects about it.
    If you expect that people will give you an offer for such a huge work, I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but nobody would make that  work for a particular guy.
  16. Olrox's post in Emperium.gr2 was marked as the answer   
    You would need an exporter of granny to max. Which sadly its something I can't give you too much tips about since I have only tried to import external 3d in Granny, not vice versa.
    Although, if you google, there're plenty of exporters of granny to max like this one. However, I've never tried it and I think it doesn't supports animation.
    If you have luck to extract it, then I can give you support to import it in Ragnarok, which is what I can deal with. So basically you have to: take the model+animation+textures, apply the new texture in 3d, and then export a new gr2 file with the right version. As a note, the textures on these models are particulary hardcoded in the file, you don't have too much options besides the one I'm saying, unless someone knows/share a way of how to decompile the texture in that file.
    Edit: I remember now that there is a rsm emperium model inside the RO data. You can easily take it with animation if you follow my tutorials and then export it with a new texture as a new gr2 model.
  17. Olrox's post in Black dots on texture. was marked as the answer   
    Using the global height edit mode and pasting all to a bigger sized map.
    I guess you should keep a backup, and beware that gat can't be copied this way. Also, you should try the smooth lightmaps before, since its more easy to test.
  18. Olrox's post in Port Maya Autodesk to 3DMax (error) was marked as the answer   
    Maya and 3ds Max both are from Autodesk. And you can easily export from Maya to FBX then use your scene in Max.
    FBX supports bones, animation, multi textures in UVs, and plenty of things. 
  19. Olrox's post in [Browedit] Global lighting not working properly was marked as the answer   
    It should be like that everytime as long as that 35% doesn't has any "yellow represented" empty texture present (fill it with black) To solve your issue: if your map is this size: 50x50 or 100x100? copy all of it to the center of a larger map: 200x200 and you will have global shadow all over it.
    The bad thing about is that, sadly, your minimap won't be too accurate.
  20. Olrox's post in Browedit Question: Lights from RO Maps was marked as the answer   
    Sorry but thats something as far as I know its not possible to do yet.
  21. Olrox's post in Please Help Files Name This Effect. was marked as the answer   
    Perhaps you can have some manners before acting that way (in case you named us incompetence; I hope you didnt). You are not paying any of our time to give you support.
    In any case:
    For hiding the files that you should look at:
    effect\ÇÏÀ̵ù.tga effect\white02.bmp effect\alpha_down.tga effect\alpha_center.tga For storm gust:
    effect\ring_blue.tga effect\ice.tga effect\pok1.tga effect\pok3.tga
  22. Olrox's post in How to fix black tiles in custom map? was marked as the answer   
    You have to raise the water level of the map to a range of: -100 or -20 , then use the global height edit and select all the map and raise it up so it can match the level you had before.
    Last, use the object group edit mode, and select all the models and raise them up to fit the new alltitude and finally, resave your map with browedit rev 586.
  23. Olrox's post in Browedit Version 586 was marked as the answer   
    Here you have the browedit 586 --> http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2514-browedit-revision-586-pre-configured/
  24. Olrox's post in 3rd Job Aura was marked as the answer   
    There is a release of some 3rd jobs auras http://rathena.org/board/topic/85070-release-simplified-3rd-job-aura-collection/'>here.
  25. Olrox's post in Arrgh! remove this is a Headache! was marked as the answer   
    1. First download this and patch it on your GRF ---> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/52175822/prontera_revert.rar
    2. You will return to default prontera with it.
    3. Patch your new custom prontera now.
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