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  1. I did not experienced this issue. It surely comes from something else.
  2. Mystic Project is more than 18 years old: Mystic Project 1 - Mystic RO. (2002~2004) Mystic Project 2 - Realm RO. (2004~2006) Mystic Project 3 - Garden Angel RO. (2006~2008) Mystic Project 4 - Derniere Genese RO. (2010~2012) Mystic Project 5 - Divine Ascension RO. (2020~) All projects were based on the concept of customs. We tried our best to be as close as balance and perfection while having features that won't exist anywhere.Our goal is to create an environment that players have never seen before. Something that goes beyond anything you can imagine from Ragnarok Online.This last opus have deployed all we could do and will probably be the last. All features and things that we've created the past 15years are finally coming together and making a beautiful and perfect harmony. Features: - Client 2020, Rate 15x/15x/20x (logarithmic) - adapted renewal contents to pre-re (mobs included) - specializations (kugan) - World Boss - World Events - WoE Domination - Midgard North - Lv99~102 - Reborn System - Mastery System - Party Skills (flyff-like) - Advanced Casino - Daily Quests - New Qpet system - New Mount System (with skills) - Summoner modified - Gems System - Activities (mining, cooking, fishing, ...) - custom high-level dungeons - Smart instances, - automatic npcs scenes,.... - Weapon Lv 5 Links: - Discord: https://discord.gg/kX64AUz5 - Wiki: http://mysticprojectro.com/wiki/ - Website: http://mysticprojectro.com/
  3. Hi Everyone ! The new version is finally here. As always, I'll be glad to assist you through discord if needed. (Grenat#5220) I have applied the patch with the latest rathena and it works perfectly. It also works with previous version. I have added the latest active skills to the BG guild skill tree, you can remove them easily if you don't want them, I can help you with that. For those who had missing files or things weren't working well, I recommend you to reinstall the whole thing with the latest version. If you have any suggestions/questions, please let me know. What's New in Version 1.0.3? Released Just now 1.0.3 Updates: - Guild invite fix - Work on emblem (still disappearing upon attack/on self though) - Add extra guild skills (emergency move, chargeshout flag/beating) - Guild skills works on all guild members - Guild skills appear in guild skill tree (atl + g) - Leadership goes to next member if leader leaves - Players actually leave the fake guild/clan (needs to disconnect/reconnect if player has no guild)
  4. Hi ! Sorry about that. in clif.c: if(sd->status.guild_id && !battle_config.bg_eAmod_mode && !sd->bg_id && !map_getmapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_BATTLEGROUND)) guild_send_memberinfoshort(sd,1); Replace by: if(sd->status.guild_id && !(battle_config.bg_eAmod_mode && sd->bg_id && map_getmapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_BATTLEGROUND))) guild_send_memberinfoshort(sd,1);
  5. If you've removed prt_in.bmp from your grf, that can happen. I don't know which version you are using, is that the only error ? If it's from clif_msg, check the name of the variable used void clif_msg(struct map_session_data* sd, unsigned short id) It has to match. I won't recommend to increase MAX_EVENTQUEUE. This is an issue when multiple scripts attached to the same person are trying to be read. Contact me on, I can help you with that. My bad, this is the first time I read about a guild invite issue. I've tested it and that's right, there is an issue with the guild invite. To fix it, find in clif.c: if(sd->status.guild_id && !battle_config.bg_eAmod_mode && !sd->bg_id && !map_getmapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_BATTLEGROUND)) guild_send_memberinfoshort(sd,1); Replace by: if(sd->status.guild_id && !(battle_config.bg_eAmod_mode && sd->bg_id && map_getmapflag(sd->bl.m, MF_BATTLEGROUND))) guild_send_memberinfoshort(sd,1); My apologies regarding the delay of the update. I haven't checked it yet since we are working on our server. We just opened the beta version, still in progress.
  6. This means there is a conflict regarding the sprites of the custom mobs. Make sure you've added the data from mob_avail into import-tmpl/mob_avail. (And remove # from #Body:).
  7. If you use the latest rAthena, the battleground code has changed recently so you may find other issues, please wait until I update my code. Item_delay.txt doesn't exist anymore in the latest rathena, you only need what's in item_db.yml Which rAthena version are you using ? Did you install it manually ? Thanks, I've added the function for the next update. t_tick is in i64, where's that ? Right now, fake guild remains only for those who don't have a guild, unless they disconnect/reconnect. The color is given back at the end of the BG, however there may be one that doesn't do it, which BG was it ? Which BG does the duplicate application thing ? That means your character is still attached to a BG. mob_db.yml
  8. Replace clif_sendfakenpc( sd, fk->bl.id ); By Then: clif.h: clif.c:
  9. You should download the latest version. The previous version had some missing files, that could cause the crash on the map you talking about. There are no NPCs starting the BGs anymore, this is the new queue BG system directly from the player's menu. Depending on the BG, there are different minimum player requirement. You can configurate it in db/battleground.yml. Minimum player 1 means you need at least 1 person in each team to start the BG. Try to do a double screen.
  10. They are there, make sure you install everything correctly.
  11. Why don't you use OnNPCKillEvent ? There is no umob_baseexp possible because of the complexion of the exp gained. However, you have a few options: 1. Use OnNPCKillEvent -> you can manage the time (fastest player arrived), you can give bonus xp if mvp for the whole party through script. 2. Spawn a mvp with an event script that launch when died, add a timer with the spawn, then you can find a formula to give % xp based on the current amount of xp the mvp give. If you want to give the bonus to the whole party make sure to use addrid, then check if they are on the same map as the person who killed the mvp. 3. Create a umob_baseexp that will set a percentage value, then you can add this percentage to the code that gives mob xp when died. (simple coding)
  12. Thanks for the guide Does anyone has issues connecting rathena online ? Meaning with an IP, not local, and having people connecting to your server ? I am able to connect local, there are no mistakes on the map server, but it is impossible to connect with my IP. However, it works with 2018 rathena and I had people connected ! What Am I missing ?
  13. They are all duplicated except bomberman and poring ball. You need to add them (and your resnametable with duplicated maps) in your repertory prior recompiling the map cache Updated file - v1.0.1: - added some missing data files. (alpha map texture and models)- add caps for Poring Ball (distance and speed max)- Fix palette feature (now works with custom pal values) - No more warnings with the last rAthena version. 1.0.2 Updates: - Capture the Flag respawn blue team fixed (diff) - Actually leaving the clan/guild when leaving a BG (it was only a few BG doing that) - being kicked out/@leavebg remove necessary items, put normal size back (for bomberman) - bomberman/poring ball data missing files fixed - Clan emblem red/blue team - Add Read Me.txt
  14. @JinYuichi Which rAthena version are you using ? It works on the latest version. Ideally, it is better to add it manually with caution, it's a good lesson to learn as well. Thanks to let me know about the maps, I forgot to mention in the installation process that you need to recompile your map_cache with the new maps already installed in the directory/grf the server reads to compile it.
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