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  1. A server before did. They managed to install on both.
  2. He's probably running Aegis if its true? But the last time I checked and afaik DarkRO has the largest pop back then. Bandwidth consumption is low indeed and it is possible to have a server with 30,000 concurrent connection. Only thing you need to do is edit Linux headers to allow more than 1024 connection otherwise it wont happen. On a side note: There is a server last 2012 with more than 24k players. It's a Thai server running in Eathena.
  3. again, if the order is intangible, you can't win unless its a chargeback.
  4. file a dispute if its not a personal payment. Never engage in personal payments via paypal unless you're not buying anything.
  5. Easiest way to fix those limitations is to call their limitations department.
  6. It is because you purchased a webhost without owning a domain. I have clearly told you that and you're expecting us to give you the domain name for free.
  7. Hi, a client requested for a patcher skin, here it goes. (Logo by s1 Lykos) Please rate. (1-10) Comments pls.
  8. http://gyazo.com/f2107939307d35abb28ca02b0ed4cfd8 tried it on the full data.grf 50minutes XD
  9. it means you have to flush your sql database. Login on the server where your game server and sql is loaded and type this. mysqladmin -u root -p flush-hosts
  10. trinity


    What type of webhost are you looking for? For RO? For forums? Blogging site? heavy Php script sites?
  11. I have hosting so what contribution should I make?
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