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  1. @Gigo The presence of a supported "dinput.dll" in the game folder.
  2. @apuadofrancisco Try to add it too: offset 206550 change E8 to C0
  3. @apuadofrancisco You need to apply it by using any hex editor after patching EXE by NEMO. offset 21DD42 change 93 to FF
  4. @Yuna You need to apply it after patching EXE by NEMO. offset 143733 change 68 B0 00 00 00 to E9 EB 03 00 00 offset 143779 change 6D to 15 offset 143827 change 74 to 1C offset 1438BC change 68 9A 00 00 00 to 6A 42 90 90 90 offset 143975 change 14 50 68 9A 00 00 00 to 2A 50 6A 42 90 90 90 offset 143B23 change CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC to 68 B0 00 00 00 83 C7 16 E9 08 FC FF FF
  5. Hello! I am on vacation until 18 November. 😉

  6. As I understand he wants to get bypass of Gepard Shield. I don't sell it.
  7. @Ahoy If you will not be able to solve the problem, you should upload your EXE and post a link.
  8. Hello! You have already asked about "Body Relocation + Spider Web" and got the solution: But it is without checking the status of "Ankle Snare". The final solution: Open ../src/map/skill.cpp and in the function skill_castend_pos2 after: case MO_BODYRELOCATION: if (unit_movepos(src, x, y, 2, 1)) { add: if(sc && (sc->data[SC_SPIDERWEB] || sc->data[SC_ANKLE])) break;
  9. High Priest doesn't have it by default for "Kyrie Eleison". Server without my modification in "clif_skill_nodamage": Server with my modification in "clif_skill_nodamage": So, my modification doesn't change anything on High Priest.
  10. I added it to the "../src/map/clif.cpp" function "clif_skill_nodamage": if (skill_id == PR_KYRIE) { clif_specialeffect(dst, 112, AREA); return fail; } The result: On the screen of another character, the situation is the same. So, what is wrong?
  11. At first, you should show me your modification. I can say nothing about modification which I don't see.
  12. Open ../src/map/clif.cpp and in the function clif_skill_nodamage after: nullpo_ret(dst); add: if (skill_id == PR_MAGNIFICAT) { clif_specialeffect(dst, EF_MAGNIFICAT, AREA); return fail; }
  13. @Verno I added "dinput.dll" to the import table of EXE. "dinput.dll" isn't modified.
  14. I patched your EXE. Use these files. It works for me.!wM0gTAja!4EgppGPYSVEErOMyu1TLx-xMJnt2jdno4EjpV81Jn_0