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  1. It contains script commands too.
  2. Functor

    Message Box

    "../data/msgstringtable.txt", line 1227
  3. It looks like the game client tries to send the packet with login data to char server. I think that you use wrong port in "clientinfo.xml"/"sclientinfo.xml".
  4. How should I help you, if you ignore my request of files? ------ You can try to add this line to "../conf/subnet_athena.conf" LAN_IP - it is IP of the host with emulator which you use in "../data/clientinfo.xml" or "../data/sclientinfo.xml" ------ Or you can rediff EXE with patch "Enable Proxy Support" by using the latest NEMO patcher.
  5. Hello! You should inform EXE version, list of applied patches and show screenshot of the problem.
  6. Hello! You should upload these files and post the link: Server-side: "../conf/login_athena.conf" "../conf/char_athena.conf" "../conf/map_athena.conf" "../conf/subnet_athena.conf" Client-side: "../data/clientinfo.xml" or "../data/sclientinfo.xml" P.S. Don't forget to remove passwords in configs.
  7. @iAmGnome You forgot about the important additional step. If you want to hide the IP of main VPS - you need to prevent sending real IP in network packets from login and char servers. Because if you will just apply the patch of EXE - game client will not use these IPs from network packets. But players will be able to find real IP by using any network sniffer. Open "../conf/subnet_athena.conf" and change: subnet: to: subnet:
  8. No. Check the update files which are missing in your emulator before the update and apply it.
  9. You can upgrade the database by using SQL files from "../sql-files/upgrades" folder.
  11. Do you use "CDClient.dll" from NEMO? If not - try to replace it. Send me your patched EXE.
  12. Are you sure that "/q2" isn't activated?
  13. It isn't possible. Try again. The second patch is for "/w" command.