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  1. You should download NEMO's fork by @4144 and apply patch ChangeNewCharNameHeight to your EXE.
  2. You have to use TABs instead of spaces.
  4. Hi functor, could you please Send me information about your Gepard System Service? Thanks !! And Values of Addon Block Macro.


    My Skipe: [email protected]

  5. @rans Try to open your "data.grf" with GRF Editor and press "Ctrl+Alt+S". It helped me with opening new GRF in "GRF Tool".
  6. You should upload your emulator's folder with removed passwords in configs and post a link here. EXE files of emulator has to be in archive too(login-server.exe, char-server.exe, map-server.exe).
  7. Possible reasons of "CHARACTER_INFO size error": - you use outdated rAthena which doesn't work with 2018-06-20eRagexeRE - you haven't set correct PACKETVER or done it with mistakes - you haven't recompiled rAthena - you haven't restarted server after recompilation
  8. Hello,


    When you will release the Gepard Website? thanks. so we can order instantly and setup . 😄 

  9. Hi. Messaged you on Skype. I would like to avail a Gepard Shield 3.0

  10. Do you have this fix?
  11. Because he does it by using third-party software. But it isn't dupe. He pays Zeny for items. Fix blocks exploit.
  12. It is attempt to use exploit, but you have applied fix. So, you can ignore it.
  13. Hello Functor, I sent you a message on Skype, as soon as I can, please answer me !
  14. Good day, I would like to inquire about your gepard shield. It seems that you cannot receive message anymore, please sent me one so we can talk. Thank you!