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  1. @romanticnerd Hello! You should inform the person who sold the license.
  2. @mcNyj You should try applying the patch "Enable Proxy Support" to EXE by using NEMO patcher. https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/-/archive/master/Nemo-master.zip
  3. https://rathena.org/board/topic/117636-client-deletion-details/
  4. You need to apply "Cancel to Login Window" patch by using NEMO patcher. https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/-/archive/master/Nemo-master.zip After applying the patch, the "X button" will bring you back to the login screen. But If you need to have "Cancel" button instead of "X button" - you need to use older EXE version.
  5. Functor


    Also, you can add patch "Enable Proxy Support" to EXE. In this case, EXE will ignore IPs from network packets for char & map servers. If it will not help, your friends should download "connect_log .mix" and copy it to the game folder. It will create "connect_log.txt". https://mega.nz/#!lI90TTxI!6l2xp20o9gdDrpsKBohMaR46PZqMtHosYSWLlK5kO88
  6. https://mega.nz/#!9V0QQbIQ!BNPWmnivUzAJnpMr4Yxuj3_cfBElRMmpaXESn1nI_LI
  7. Why haven't you done it yet? I said nothing about changing "langtype". I added loading of "dinput.dll" to unpatched "2020-04-01bRagexe". But you have problems with patching it. So, the best decision was sending your working and patched EXE as I already asked you in this first my message. But you still ignore it.
  8. 1. I asked you to send me your working EXE. But you decided to send me a link for downloading EXE without patches. I knew this link even without your message. 2. When you receive error - you need to show it.
  9. I forgot to post the link in the previous message. https://mega.nz/#!YBkSFRgD!GNWnyHg576Yh3hjKYxR0q_63HnTHMhAGjJj87M40j4A
  10. Use these files. You need to patch EXE by using NEMO. https://mega.nz/#!YBkSFRgD!GNWnyHg576Yh3hjKYxR0q_63HnTHMhAGjJj87M40j4A
  11. You should upload your EXE file and post the link here.
  12. You need to download "CDClient.dll" and replace it in game folder. https://mega.nz/#!UNsWEbCD!B-gRkkAbBRzt8_uf2ifnQkkKE4f0YS5tJ9tXqLmGQAI
  13. The client-side isn't related to it. Server-side decides to show equip of another player or not. But in any case, "2015-11-04aRagexe" has a bug that is related to the "item link" feature. The most popular EXE version for now is "2018-06-21aRagexeRE". Maybe other forum members can say more about it.
  14. @JackTheGorrion You need to update Java. It is from your video:
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