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  1. Hello! Send me your Skype login in PM. I will add you.
  2. Anybody who wants to steal protected resources has "cps.dll". It is a public file.
  3. I almost don't use Discord. You should register Skype account and send me login in PM.
  4. Hello! You should send me a message on Skype. I will help you to add code for creating an additional log.
  5. @Xenin Hello! Check PM.
  6. Hello! It is possible that module against macro(Gepard Shield) prevents it.
  7. It is a bit strange to collect vending info by using a bot. Gladius is right. It is better to find an alternative way. Gepard Shield doesn't have a function that allows using the unprotected game client/bot. He couldn't contact me, because the PM inbox was full. I don't support Gepard Shield on the forum's PM and don't check it every day. All my customers use Skype account for it. Customers receive replies every day. If you have some problems with contacting me on Skype, you can send me a PM on the forum. I already removed some PMs.
  8. @romanticnerd Hello! You should inform the person who sold the license.
  9. @mcNyj You should try applying the patch "Enable Proxy Support" to EXE by using NEMO patcher. https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/-/archive/master/Nemo-master.zip
  10. https://rathena.org/board/topic/117636-client-deletion-details/
  11. You need to apply "Cancel to Login Window" patch by using NEMO patcher. https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/-/archive/master/Nemo-master.zip After applying the patch, the "X button" will bring you back to the login screen. But If you need to have "Cancel" button instead of "X button" - you need to use older EXE version.
  12. Functor


    Also, you can add patch "Enable Proxy Support" to EXE. In this case, EXE will ignore IPs from network packets for char & map servers. If it will not help, your friends should download "connect_log .mix" and copy it to the game folder. It will create "connect_log.txt". https://mega.nz/#!lI90TTxI!6l2xp20o9gdDrpsKBohMaR46PZqMtHosYSWLlK5kO88
  13. https://mega.nz/#!9V0QQbIQ!BNPWmnivUzAJnpMr4Yxuj3_cfBElRMmpaXESn1nI_LI
  14. Why haven't you done it yet? I said nothing about changing "langtype". I added loading of "dinput.dll" to unpatched "2020-04-01bRagexe". But you have problems with patching it. So, the best decision was sending your working and patched EXE as I already asked you in this first my message. But you still ignore it.
  15. 1. I asked you to send me your working EXE. But you decided to send me a link for downloading EXE without patches. I knew this link even without your message. 2. When you receive error - you need to show it.
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