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  1. hello  functor ~

    I'm a Korean. I want to enjoy the Brazilian server, but the RO window closes in a few seconds.



    I will upload a picture. Please let me know how to solve it.
  2. Sent you a PM regarding Gepard.


    Thanks, Guilherme.

  3. Hi! I'm inquiring for you gepard protection. Please check pm. Thank you!

  4. Goodmorning.
    I'm looking for more information about the Gepard protection to my RO project.


    1. Functor


      Hello! Check PM.

  5. Functor

    Client Deletion Details

    I prepared NEMO's patch "ChangeDisplayCharDelDelay" and @4144 added it to the fork: Compatible EXE versions:
  6. @ExcelGaming @lordjedi3 You have to execute SQL query from "../sql-files/upgrades/upgrade_20181224.sql"
  7. hello are u available today so i can rent a gepard?

    1. Functor
    2. alph4


      hello please see my pm again 

  8. Gostaria de usar Gepard Shields no meu servidor, aguardo reposta!


    1. Functor


      Hello! Check PM.

  9. if (sd != NULL) { //Increases move speed according to agility if (sd->status.agi > 100) { speed -= 10; } else { speed -= (sd->status.agi / 10); } //Increases move speed according to base level if (sd->status.base_level > 100) { speed -= 10; } else { speed -= (sd->status.base_level / 10); } }
  10. I'm pretty sure that the problem is in your modifications of "src".
  11. Functor

    Whats the most stable 2016 - 2017 client ?

    The most popular EXE 2016-2017 is 2017-06-14bRagexeRE.
  12. Functor

    Client Deletion Details

    By using debugger. This info will not be useful for you. Because different EXE versions need unique replacement. Maybe I will create the patch of NEMO for it. But not anytime soon. I have a lot of work.
  13. Functor

    Client Deletion Details

    @hendra814 I applied fix manually. I said about NEMO just because I uploaded EXE without applied patches.
  14. Functor

    Client Deletion Details

    @maken06 I fixed "2018-06-21aRagexeRE". You have to patch it by using NEMO.!Zcdk2C4L!z9SkS36VGhJWAaxD9cRf1sVhgC9I6gMm0k6Cld-lYOQ "char_del_delay" has to be 86400 or less. @Chaos92 Send me your EXE.
  15. Functor

    Client Deletion Details

    @Chaos92 or @maken06 You should upload your "msgstringtable.txt" and post a link.