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  1. Nobody can help you with it, because you don't give exact info about your modifications. You can remove all your mods. If everything will be OK - install it one by one and check.
  3. @Jacktuloco Open "dinput.ini" and change from: to:
  4. Example - #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { char buffer_1[32]; char buffer_2[32]; unsigned int len_1 = 0; unsigned int len_2 = 0; memset(buffer_1, '\0', sizeof(buffer_1)); memset(buffer_2, '\0', sizeof(buffer_2)); int result_1 = sscanf("hello_1", "%31c%n", buffer_1, &len_1); int result_2 = sscanf("hello_2", "%31s%n", buffer_2, &len_2); printf("%s - %u - result %d\n", buffer_1, len_1, result_1); printf("%s - %u - result %d\n", buffer_2, len_2, result_2); return 0; } The result: As you can see if "sscanf" fails - it returns "-1". So, it is important to check the result. If I find something - I will let you know.
  5. It is the result of your masking of the problem. I mean: P.S. Try to change from "%31c%n" to "%31s%n" + add validation the result of the execution "sscanf" function and value of "len" variable. Keep in mind that execution of a "%n" directive does not increment the assignment count returned at the completion of execution of the sscanf function.
  6. @Rytech If you will not solve it in 2 days - you should create archive with: upload to the file hosting and post link here. I will try to find time to check it.
  7. @Rytech int i,j,p,len; This line reserves memory on the stack for the variables. But it doesn't initialize them. So, they contain values after the execution of previous functions("garbage data"). There is a possibility that function "sscanf" will not assign the value to the variable "len", but you use it without any validation. Different compilers generate different machine code. In this case, "len" variable can contain different values. For example, when we compile server by using VS2008 - the uninitialized "len" variable is equal "2" and it doesn't cause a crash. But when we use VS2015 - the uninitialized "len" variable is equal "100500" and it causes a crash. You should press the button "Run it (F8)" to execute code: Clang (len == 0) VC++ (len == random value) As you can see, code is the same - the results are different for different compilers. It isn't a problem of compilator. It is the problem of the code.
  8. Maybe the server is started from the user which doesn't have the rights to write to the folder "log". You should check it.
  9. How about: It is client side validation.
  10. Put "granny2.dll" and EXE from the game folder in archive, upload to the file hosting and post the link.
  11. It isn't the reason of the crash. This happened during the attempt of memory allocation for effect's object. Maybe the reason of the crash is the lack of free RAM memory.
  12. - remove "granny2.dll" from "..\Windows\System32" folder - download the compatible version of "granny2.dll" and copy to the game folder!4E8mhSjD!IN754qNXTihq9pMbKQlzN3AFo8aQT0d7qviZbkQEF9M
  13. You need to select patch "Use Ragnarok Icon" for changing icon of EXE.
  14. @Ejamestereo - select EXE by using the first button "Browse" and press "Yes" - press "Load client" - press "Select recommended". Some patches will show error message. Ignore it. - press "Apply selected" The new patched EXE will appear near the original one.