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  1. I need somebody good in client side. I need to update my exe to 2013-08-07aRagexe.exe and I cannot seem to make it run even on latest KRO. No window opens when I run. Maybe I am missing something. I need support because my Dev is not around. It can be a paid service. Please hit me a PM here so we can talk. Thank you.
  2. Awesome dev. Always gets the job done. ( just as long as you find him )
  3. Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this but I cannot seem to find the Job Services category anymore. I am in need of a FLUX SITE developer. I need my voting feature fixed. Kindly pm me or reply here. Thank you.
  4. Offshore meaning? Away from USA? Next problem with this is the price (with anti-ddos). Everybody knows that USA has the best datacenters with cheapest anti-ddos protections.
  5. Are we sure about this? Why just Facebook pages? And not the hosters? I for one got my account/website kicked out by the webhoster because of this copyright infringement complaint by Electronics Extreme. Kayo ba hindi?
  6. Alam ng lahat ang muling pagbabalik ni pRO (Philippine Ragnarok Online) under the Electronics Extreme management. Madami ako nababalitaan na nagpapasara daw sila ng mga private servers na may pinoy players. Nauuna ang mga malalaki ang population. May mga nabalitaan ako na napasara ang kanilang Facebook at websites dahil sa complaint ng "copyright infringement". Maybe next ay mismong hosters na ng mga private servers huwag naman sana. Ano po ang nababalitaan nyo tunkol dito? May mga kilala po ba kayong mga napasara na? Ano po ang laban natin sa ganitong threat sa ating mga minamahal na servers? May alam po ba kayong way to survive this problem? Pag usapan natin guys.
  7. Does anybody know where I can have someone make me a custom pvp map. Member K e o g h made me a custom map before but he currently inactive. I can pay for service if needed. Thank you.
  8. Dude I need you please pm me here. I want to request a custom map for pvp events. Thank you.

  9. I sent a message to your Skype.

  10. I think we already have the Old Glastheim instance script from rathena but it does not give out temporal boots. Oh this is nice. Is this based from official quest? Anybody has the client side add-ons for the item IDs 2499 and 22000 to 22011? Textures and .txt add ons? Yes i think so... //= 1.4 Update to its official text. [exneval] //= Support merchant, enchant, socket features. If you need the sprite and textures just update your kRO and about the infos just download it from Here. It seems this script does not give out the Temporal Boots (#2499) itself. Is there a quest script that gives out the actual temporal boots? Follow up pls. It seems this script does not give out the Temporal Boots (#2499) itself. Is there a quest script that gives out the actual temporal boots?
  11. Where can I get the NPC/Quest for the Temporal Boots guys? Thank you.
  12. Source code edit to also read import/mobskilldb.
  13. So ill just use this? No more renaming for kagerou oboro?
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