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    The topic has been removed because of rAthena staff double standards and hypocrisy things. (rA staff blame me that I made a money on this topic while it's not and never was) All that I did for the last 2.5 years with around ~1k answers from my side is help for free for newbies here, but to rA staff, my topic is a pain in the ass. Sorry guys, but the topic can't be maintained on such a community anymore because of its admins. Bye
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    Hello everyone. norm here. Today I want to present you my project “Paint it black”, a client mod pack. Offical Discord: https://discord.gg/r3rvGXR Thanks for reaching the Donation Goal The donation goal was released insanely fast. Wasn’t expecting that Huge thanks to: @Hurtsky @Everade @CyberDevil @Mael @anacondaq @Skyzone As promised all the donated money went to rAthena. Thanks for the support (coffee donation): @pajodex (if you donated but cant find your name on the list please drop me a PM.) A special thanks to @Daifuku for sponsoring this awesome logo. Make sure to check out her service if you need great graphics. Download Current release of Paint it Black can be found here: https://github.com/Normynator/PaintItBlack/releases Dropin replacement for Cheat Defender (by NEMO project): CDClient.dll (SHA-1: 32158C097CD656FF62BB094CF9F4F2BF1A6B1CAD) Installation guide Available mods Timestamp Description: Shows timestamps in the chat window. Usage: /timestamp Default: On Ping Description: Shows average ping to server. Usage: /ping Default: Off FPS Description: Shows fps count. Usage: /fps Default: Off VSync disabled Dscription: Disables vsync for the client. This removes the 60 FPS cap. Usage: /vsync Default: On Custom Logo Description: You can display your own logo next to the Paint it Black logo. Usage: Your logo’s max width should not exceed 304 pixels. It has to be placed in your ragnarok folder with the name logo and has to be of type "bmp". Feel free to suggest new features. Supported client dates 20180620e 20180621a (suggested by @Mael) 20150513 (for @Stolao <3) 20180621aRE The clientdates requested on the donation goal post will be added soon. I try to add more client dates as said in the donation goal post. Feel free to suggest client dates here. If your client date was already suggested vote it up (so I can see which client dates are needed most). Vote list Changelog Bugreports If you spot a bug please report it here or on github via issue. Gepard compatibility This mod pack is not compatible with Gepard. And it also won’t be compatible in the future. You can get different client modifications for Gepard from Functor. Please do not request compatibility. Thanks to: SHR (https://github.com/sekishi1259/SimpleROHook) rEx (https://github.com/curio-r/rextensions) Greetings, norm
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    Need the latest kRO Install folder for your private server? Look no further! ----> Download <---- Latest: 2018-08-13 Installation: Official kRO Updated: 25/02/2019 Download Link: http://bit.ly/latestkro Package contains RSU RO Patcher Lite for kRO and kRO RE by [Ai4rei] This package is maintained by [Akkarin] This ZIP archive is 3.14GB in size and includes all BGMs plus the latest RSU ([2018-10-23] Release Simply download, extract, play! A fan of this topic? Hit the rep button
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    Discord Rich Presence Hello rA, today I'm here to show you a client-plugin for RO that I made recently. This plugin is Discord-RPC or better known as Discord Rich Presence. What is Discord Rich Presence? "Rich Presence allows you to leverage the totally overhauled "Now Playing" section in a Discord user's profile to help people play your game together. Rich game data—including duration, score, current boss or map, and so much more—lives inside Discord." Source: Discord Documentation So, basically, this plugin allows players to display basic information about their game in Discord, some examples: Main Menu In-game information The plugin is very configurable and It's possible show even your Guild Name. Currently this plugin only works in 2018-06-20 RagExe. Hope you liked this showcase. Regards~
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    Welcome .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. mystvil Please rate it if the map is good enough
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    Hello, I'll use this post to show you some of my projects and modifications. The name of my server is called RO: Zero, but it started before gravity announced theirs, so I chose to keep the name. LOGIN SCREEN https://vimeo.com/287302640 https://vimeo.com/300142810 https://vimeo.com/274177970 https://vimeo.com/310257994 SCRIPT & SOURCE Bet System https://vimeo.com/297864967 Pick Item with Mouse Click https://vimeo.com/288068416 Hack'n Slash Attack System https://vimeo.com/285431474 SkillShot System https://vimeo.com/269528679 Header Hud Char Info https://vimeo.com/268928510 System Conversor Skill Target to Place https://vimeo.com/307620277 LEAGUE OF LEGENDS INSPIRED SKILLS Ivern https://vimeo.com/270423927 https://vimeo.com/270211429 Kalista https://vimeo.com/270518714 Ash https://vimeo.com/270728857 Orianna https://vimeo.com/270911850 Xayah https://vimeo.com/271172345 Katarina https://vimeo.com/269402201 Client Edit New Hud Interface (Old) NEW INTERFACE FROM TOS (WITH NPC DIALOG) https://streamable.com/ebec1 New Game Filter https://vimeo.com/303199417 Item Summon Screen https://vimeo.com/300142810 Rain https://vimeo.com/298893681 Campfire Button Shortcut https://vimeo.com/298498848 Discord Integration WALK WITH WASD https://streamable.com/c4u7u ________________________________________ A lot of other things I haven't record, but I will try to keep this updated soon.
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    Whatup rA. Here's something I've been working intermittently for the past few weeks, it's a massive overhaul of a town map I originally made back in 2012 (Please do not bump that thread back to the front page) that I was fairly proud of, but looks sorta old and outdated now. This is probably the most custom model and texture work I've ever done on a map so far, but while a lot of those assets were made brand new for this map, there's also a lot of custom stuff I've re-used from stuff I worked on in 2019. Ever since I figured out how to retexture things (and it took years, because believe it or not, I'm kind of dumb), I've kinda gone crazy and done a lot of it. Just counting new assets I made specifically for this map, there's 48 new models and 80 new textures. With that said, this map isn't just a revamp of the old one with slightly nicer models and textures. The town is much bigger and more modern. I always wanted it to be that way, but I couldn't really accomplish that with the assets available in 2012, and even if I did have those assets, I probably wasn't skilled enough back then to make them look good. I think the town's lost a little bit of its 'country' feel, and some landmarks have been changed- Most notably, the old graveyard with stone caskets in the northwest end is now a little marketplace with docks, and a few manor-style homes have been replaced with colorful apartment buildings and warehouses, but real world cities grow and change a lot over time, so I'm OK with this. I don't have any interior maps finished yet, and the original Aquitaine had quite a few fields and extra quest-related maps in the surrounding forests and marshlands, so I'll have to update those too, eventually. I'm not 100% satisfied with this map either, and cut a few corners just so I wouldn't be working on it for the next month: I'd like to eventually retexture Malaya's car models into something that looks more realistic and less like a theme park ride, and I'd like to try making some better, more modern looking boats, too. I also got lazy with the marquee sign for the cinema and didn't add any movie titles or show times. I'll probably change that in the future. First screenshot is the old map, everything else is the new one.
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    1. Episode 17.1 "Illusion" "Terra Gloria" is returned to the Rune Midgarts Kingdom. The adventurers will have a new adventure with Secret Wing. New story line, new dungeons, new monsters and new equipment are waiting for you all! Secret Wing with their rebellions are ready for the new battle! New monsters are waiting for the adventurers. New equipment from new episode. 2. Third classes second costumes Finally. The second costumes for third classes are updated. Players can change their costume via "Costume change ticket" in Stylist Shop. "Costume change ticket" can be obtained from achievement when you reach level 170 with third class character. Second costume is available in Stylist Shop! "Costume change ticket" It's reward from reaching level 170 All third classes second costumes appearance  3. Expanding third class base level and job level. Unfortunately. Awakening system has been halted. Dev team decide to just expand third class base level to 185 and job level to 65 instead. So. There is no talent point system anymore. Dev team will develop these systems somehow in the future. BTW in this anniversary Dev team decide to just expand third class base level to 185 and job level to 65 and expand maximum level of some skills too. Dev team will adjust experience table from level 100 to 175 so third classes will gain exp more faster than before (this includes job exp table too). New aura of level 185 and job level has been increased to 65 4. Skill adjustment due to level expansion. The following skills will be adjusted by increasing their max level and improving some of their effects. 4.1 Rune Knight 4.1.1 Enchant Blade - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Changes SP consumption per level. 4.1.2 Sonic Wave - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Improves damage formula. - Improve accuracy check depends on skills level. - Changes SP consumption per level. 4.2 Royal Guard 4.2.1 Shield Press - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Removes Stun status inflicting. - Improves damage formula. - Splits damage display to 5 hit. 4.2.2 Genesis Ray - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Changes damage type from holy (physical + magical) damage to holy magical damage. - Reduces skill cooldown and delay. - Changes SP consumption per level. - Removes requirement of Banding party members and also removes increased damage from Banding party members too. 4.3 Mechanic 4.3.1 Power Swing - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - From level 6. Skill delay has been reduced by half. 4.3.2 Arm Cannon - Increases max level from 3 to 5. - Increases area of effect depends on skill level.  4.4 Genetic 4.4.1 Cart Tornado - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Removes knockback effect. - Skill cooldown is fixed to 2 seconds. - Skill delay is increased by 1 second. - Improves damage formula. - Splits damage display to 3 hit. 4.4.2 Spore Explosion - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Increases nearby target damage from 75% to 100%. - Explosion delay is fixed to 2 seconds. - Improves damage formula. 4.5 Guillotine Cross 4.5.1 Weapon Blocking - When blocking is success. Gains "Counter state" for 10 seconds. 4.5.2 Counter Slash - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Changes skill condition to can be used while "Counter state" is active, not when Weapon Blocking is success. - Improves damage formula. - From level 6. Increases area of effect to 5x5. 4.6 Shadow Chaser 4.6.1 Fatal Menace - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Removes teleport effect. - When uses skill while dagger is equipped. Damage will be doubled. - From level 7. Increases Hit rate. 4.6.2 Feint Bomb - Increases max level from 3 to 10. - Increases travel distance depends on skill level. 4.7 Warlock 4.7.1 Freezing Spell - Increases max level from 5 to 10. 4.7.2 Tetra Vortex - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - From level 6. The skill also deal damage to nearby enemies too. - Since it will be multiple target from level 6. Damage formula from level 6 will be changed. 4.8 Sorcerer 4.8.1 Spell Fist - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Duration depends on skill level. - Increases attack count to 3 times of skill level. 4.8.2 Varetyr Spear - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Changes damage type from wind (physical + magical) damage to wind magical damage. - Increases SP consumption. - Increases area of effect. - Splits damage display to 3 hit. 4.9 Archbishop 4.9.1 Judex - Increases max level from 5 to 10. 4.9.2 Renovatio - Increases max level from 1 to 4. - Increases HP recovery amount depends on skill level. - Duration depends on skill level. 4.10 Sura 4.10.1 Fallen Empire - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Reduces SP consumption. - From level 6. Reduces Spirit Sphere consumption from 2 to 1. - Improves damage formula. 4.10.2 knuckle Arrow - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - From level 6. Removes Spirit Sphere consumption. 4.11 Ranger 4.11.1 Aimed Bolt - Increases fixed casting time to 1 second. Reduces variable casting time by half. - Added 1 second cooldown. - Lower damage formula. - Number of attack won't depend on the immobilize status of target. - Fixes SP consumption to 40 for all skill level. 4.11.2 Trap Research - Increases max level from 5 to 10. 4.12 Wanderer & Minstrel 4.12.1 Metallic Sound - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Damage will be doubled. - Removes SP reduction effect. 4.12.2 Severe Rainstorm - Can be used while Whip or Musical Instrument is equipped. - When using skill while Whip or Musical Instrument is equipped. Damage formula will higher than using bow. Source: http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=3890090&curpage=1 Part 2 1. New Hair Style "Silent Breeze" and "Humming Voice" for male. "Zeno Slasher" and "Wild Storm" for female. 2. Enhance MVP boss and enhance compensation Some MVP bosses will receive only 10% of damage taken. They'll have distinct display as green aura. MVP boss who has a green aura can receive all damage only 10%!> 10% of total damage received The MVP rewards will be improved. "Mysterious Combination Bundle" will be given. Mysterious Combination Bundle will give you random combination scroll of equipment or shadow equipment when open it. Combination scroll will be used to craft powerful item. Mysterious Combination Bundle and "Cursed Knight's Shield combination scroll". In recipe. The first ingredient has been censored. The second ingredient is Gelunium 30 ea. MVP bosses also drop "Gelunium" and "Shadowdecon" which are used as ingredient in combination scrolls. Shadowdecon and Gelunium 3. Jumping Event Player will receive free level 99 third class character for participation the event and receive new equipment. "Temporal Transcendent" equipment. "Temporal Transcendent" shadow equipment. Source: http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=2&amp;seq=3891525&amp;curpage=1
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    Hello rAthena Community I'm Earnestinence, and i'll be guiding you to setup rAthena and run Ragnarok Programs you need to install before we start Downloads: Github : https://desktop.github.com/ MySQL (When installing: make sure to check 'Use Legacy Authentication Method; Retain MySQL 5.x compatibility' ) : http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ MySQL Workbench : http://www.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/ Note: remember the username and password you set when installing ! Latest Clean kRO Full Client : by: @Akkarin Microsoft Visual Studio ( MVS ) : https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/ Visual Studio is a code editor supporting and C andC++ compiler. more info Click here by @Aleos Notepad ++ : https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/ Note: Notepad++ source code editor and Notepad replacement ( or just use notepad ) 2015-11-04a unpacked client: https://mega.nz/#!w84jRRjZ!iWjU1Qfsez_3nbTtqQuFWHsbda2IglPi7TBnzZWmJtI by: @Napster rAthena support all the clients listed in the packet files : read more Required Files: After you download and install GitHub download these files using GitHub File > Clone Repository rAthena ( server ) : https://github.com/rathena/rathena.git English Translated System & Data Folders RE/PRE: by @zackdreaver For Renewal: https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE For Pre-Renewal : https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishPRE NEMO Client Patcher : https://github.com/MStr3am/NEMO.git For more info see this topic by @NeoMind Client Setup : http://nn.ai4rei.net/dev/opensetup/ Client setup for Ragnarok Online by @Ai4rei ========================================== Setting up rAthena Server-Side: See video time-line: 00:02 Step 1: Download/Clone rAthena Source Open GitHub. Click Clone repository. Click URL tap. Copy and paste this URL: https://github.com/rathena/rathena.git Choose the downloading path. Click Clone and wait for it do finish downloading. Step 2: Configuring rAthena See video time-line: 00:35 open rathena/conf/import/char_conf.txt Add these lines : userid: username passwd: password login_ip: char_ip: [Optional] To change server name add this line : server_name: YourDesiredServerName Note: If you want to change anything in char_athena.conf, use the import-tmpl directory to avoid future issues when updating. ( just add the respective value you want ). rathena/conf/import/map_conf.txt Add these lines: userid: username passwd: password char_ip: map_ip: Note: If you want to change anything in map_athena.conf, use the import-tmpl directory to avoid future issues when updating. ( just add the respective value you want ). rathena/conf/import/inter_conf.txt Add these lines login_server_db: rathena ipban_db_db: rathena char_server_db: rathena map_server_db: rathena log_db_db: rathena_logs Note: If you want to change anything in map_athena.conf, use the import-tmpl directory to avoid future issues when updating. ( just add the respective value you want ). Note: I use rathena as my main database which contain all main tables (like: chars, login, guilds, etc... ). However, I like to separate my logs to rAthena_logs . Step 3: Compiling rAthena See video time-line: 02:16 Locate rathena/rAthena.sln Locate and right click rAthena.sln open with > Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 ( or 2013 / 2015 ) Wait for the MVS to load the project, when it's ready select Solution 'rAthena' (8 projects) and then right click and Click 'Clean Solution' First when clean finish successfully click on 'build Solution' Wait for it to finish, make sure the log below finish successfully Step 4: Setting SQL Database ( make sure MySQL installed and running ) See video time-line: 03:13 open MySQL Workbench log in : Using the username 'root 'and the password you set when you first install MySQL ( If you don't remember the password, you can reconfigure MySQL using MySQL installer ) once you logged in create new user account and grant Administrator Privileges: - See video time-line: 04:17 In The Left Side click on Users and Privileges At The Bottom click on Add account Set Login Name : ragnarok Set Password : ragnarok Set Confirm Password : ragnarok At The Top Menu Click Administrative Roles: and then check DBA Click Apply logout by clicking on X at the top of the current tap and then login using the new user account ragnarok with password ragnarok See video time-line: 05:00 Creating databases/schema : See video time-line: 05:26 Click on create new database/schema Set the Name: rathena ( this will be our main database/schema ) Set Charset: utf8 ( Now this's is important you need to check this ) Click apply, apply and then finish Now Click on create new database/schema Set the Name: rathena_logs ( this will be our logs database/schema ) Set Charset: utf8 ( Now this's is important you need to check this ) Click apply, apply and then finish import rathena SQL files to rathena & rathena_logs databases: See video time-line: 06:16 Double click on rathena database/schema we've just created Click on locate rathena folder and go to rathena/sql-files and click on main.sql Click on the light icon * wait for the tablet to be executed * Double click on rathena_logs database/schema we've just created Click on locate rathena folder and go to rathena/sql-files and click on logs.sql Click on the light icon * wait for the tablet to be executed * change the username and password of the server: See video time-line: 07:03 Now next/around rathena database right click on a blank area and click refresh all ( in order to view the tables we've just created or just relog ) Click on rathena database/schema > tables > locate login table.. now click on tables and locate login table then right click and click on select Rows - Limit 1000 Double click on s1 and change it to username then hit enter ( we put the userid: username in rathena/conf/import-tmpl/char_conf.txt and map_conf.txt make sure you use the same one you put in these files ) Double click on p1 and change it to password then hit enter ( we put the passwd: password in rathena/conf/import-tmpl/char_conf.txt and map_conf.txt make sure you use the same one you put in these files ) Click apply, apply and then finish Step 5 ( running the server ) Running rAthena server See video time-line: 07:35 locate rathena folder rathena/ click on runserver ( less than 8 mins without any errors ) ================================================== Client Side Running & patch ragnarok online client open Official kRO Client/ Updating kRO Files: Locate and run rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe and wait for it to finish and then rsu-kro-renewal-lite.exe and wait for it to finish updating .. Adding translated system/data files Locate ROenglishRE or ROenglishPRE and copy Data & System folders , GuildTip & Tipoftheday and paste these files into the official kro client folder ( Replace the files when asked ) Setting up clientinfo.xml : locate official kRO client folder open folder data/ and edit file clientinfo.xml change the version to 55 <version>55</version> (This might not be needed anymore.) set the langtype to 1 < To be able to write in English. ( refer to this page to find your preferred language beside English: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Clientinfo.xml ). set admin sprite for any account you want, just put the account id <aid> <admin>2000000</admin> </aid> Copy and paste the setup file into the the official kRO client folder Patching the Client 2015-11-04 load the client and select recommended and click enter for data.ini and then CHANGE/EDIT system/iteminfo.lub to system/iteminfo.lua and check read data folder first, ignore missing palettes, ignore resource errors and then customize the client as you want Here's my additional patches: >>> Custom Window Title ( name you server ) Disable Swear Filter Disconnect to Login Window Enable Title Bar Menu Read Data Folder First Show Cancel To Service Select Ignore Missing Palette Error Ignore Resource Errors Use Ragnarok Icon ( ragnarok icon for the client ) <<< copy the new 2015-11-04aRagexe_patched and paste it your official kRO client folder now the client is ready, just run the game using 2015-11-04aRagexe_patched and Enjoy to create a male account just type ex: admin_f for female - admin_m for male and don't forget to set the account group id 99 to get full GM permissions Issue #1: Closed connection from ''. Solve: go to your rathena/src/custom/defines_pre.hpp and open it with notepad++ ( or any notepad ) add this line #define PACKETVER 20151104 ======================================================== As of 28-7-2018: the topic is fully updated and support MySQL 8.x ======================================================== For further questions or concerns regarding the tutorial, Do NOT hesitate to contact me in this topic, or discord: Earnestinence#5337, which is the best way to reach me. - Earnestinence
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    Hi ... I've finished a series of maps recently, inspired by a horror story theme. The main map is a modern city, freely inspired by Raccon City (RE) with classic places such as the famous Mansion of RE1 and also the raccon city police station. A map made for RO, but the idea was to remove all the medieval elements, to maintain a modern aesthetic, to approach our present world. The second map is MANSION (freely inspired) This map has 4 floors (two extremely large 2 floors (150x150), 1 small floor and basement. The maps are well detailed and with the possibility to compose a series of quest's and events. There are many possibilities. It can be used as an instance, as main city, map for events (such as zombie invazion, undead, savior, vips events, hunter), quests, etc. just be creative. Tell me your opinion, maybe you can help me improve. Thank you. ps: The police department is not ready yet.***** (Some images to better illustrate) THE CITY Now some images of the Mansion with 4 floors I like it when the maps are well filled, with no empty spaces, and with many details, something that suggests that there is life there, with dirt and trash on the floor, etc ... 01F and 02F 03F and basement
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    Probably my most ambitious and personal project. I often met on my way interesting places in the world of RO, to which it was impossible to get. Then I began to find such places with the help of the BrowEdit program and make them available for visiting. As the project expanded, I decided to allow shooting and use skills from the hills on the maps, where this feature was disabled, add plants and trees, create comfortable climbs and so on. I suggest you watch a promo video that clearly explains my idea. .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. At the moment, almost ready the locations of the Schwartzwald and Arunafeltz for the release, there is a reserve for many other locations. Since the appearance of the video, there have been some changes, so the final result may be different. Below I attach screenshots from BrowEdit "before" and "after" and gif files with changes of territories on the finished mini-maps. Some screenshots of my work: From the important places are opened: the airport in Veins, the left exit from Einbroch, the northern Einbroch railway station on Ein_Field04, the industrial zone on Ein_Field02, the border post between Ein_Field04 and Ein_Field05, the fortress on the map of Yuno_Field12, the alternative entrance to the tower of Thanatos on Hu_Field01, the arch with a fountain on Ein_Fild09, the bridge in Lhz_Field02, the road from Ra_Fild06 to Ein_Field03 and more. Mini-maps changes (if any map is missing, it means everything is fine with it): .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. P>S> Since the map of Ein_Field05 won in the nomination of the most extended territory - a small comic video showing progress in its honor: .•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•.•°'°•. CODE: Warps lines below: //===== eAthena Script ======================================= //= New Warps for AMP //===== By: ================================================== //= w0wZukuBg //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= eAthena SVN //===== Description: ========================================= //= New Warps for AMP //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= The NPC's were born. [w0wZukuBg] //============================================================ //======================================================= // ein_fild //======================================================= ein_fild02,134,123,0 warp newein01 1,1,ein_fild02,118,134 ein_fild02,121,131,0 warp newein02 1,1,ein_fild02,137,123 ein_fild02,223,137,0 warp newein03 1,1,ein_fild02,223,148 ein_fild02,223,145,0 warp newein04 1,1,ein_fild02,220,137 ein_fild02,186,226,0 warp newein05 1,1,ein_fild02,204,224 ein_fild02,201,224,0 warp newein06 1,1,ein_fild02,183,229 ein_fild04,385,181,0 warp newein07 1,1,ein_fild05,36,185 ein_fild05,33,185,0 warp newein08 1,1,ein_fild04,382,181 ein_fild05,35,167,0 warp newein09 1,1,ein_fild04,382,181 ein_fild05,120,292,0 warp newein10 1,1,ein_fild05,120,300 ein_fild05,120,297,0 warp newein11 1,1,ein_fild05,120,289 ein_fild06,231,81,0 warp newein12 1,1,ein_fild06,231,67 ein_fild06,231,70,0 warp newein13 1,1,ein_fild06,231,84 ein_fild03,245,55,0 script Lift-E02 139,2,2,{ OnTouch: mes "Lift up?"; next; if(select("Yes","Stay")==1) warp "ein_fild03",201,41; close; } ein_fild03,204,43,0 script Lift-E01 139,2,2,{ OnTouch: mes "Lift down?"; next; if(select("Yes","Stay")==1) warp "ein_fild03",248,53; close; } //======================================================= // ra_fild //======================================================= ra_fild09,362,76,0 warp newra01 1,1,lhz_fild01,15,79 lhz_fild01,12,79,0 warp newra02 1,1,ra_fild09,359,76 //======================================================= // ra_fild -> ein_fild //======================================================= ein_fild03,19,181,0 warp newraein01 1,1,ra_fild06,374,223; ra_fild06,377,223,0 warp newraein02 1,1,ein_fild03,22,181; //======================================================= // hu_fild //======================================================= hu_fild02,378,244,0 warp newhu01 1,1,hu_fild03,22,253 hu_fild03,19,253,0 warp newhu02 1,1,hu_fild02,375,244 hu_fild02,378,194,0 warp newhu03 1,1,hu_fild03,22,205 hu_fild03,19,205,0 warp newhu04 1,1,hu_fild02,375,194 hu_fild02,375,303,0 warp newhu05 1,1,hu_fild03,22,308 hu_fild03,19,308,0 warp newhu06 1,1,hu_fild02,372,303 hu_fild02,378,125,0 warp newhu07 1,1,hu_fild03,22,129 hu_fild03,19,129,0 warp newhu08 1,1,hu_fild02,375,125 //======================================================= // ve_fild //======================================================= ve_fild03,327,294,0 warp newve01 1,1,ve_fild04,34,322 ve_fild04,31,322,0 warp newve02 1,1,ve_fild03,324,294 ve_fild03,316,251,0 warp newve03 1,1,ve_fild04,42,295 ve_fild04,39,295,0 warp newve04 1,1,ve_fild03,312,251 //======================================================= // einbroch //======================================================= einbech,50,223,0 warp neweinb01 1,1,einbech,50,230 einbech,50,227,0 warp neweinb02 1,1,einbech,50,220 einbech,37,223,0 warp neweinb03 1,1,einbech,37,230 einbech,37,227,0 warp neweinb04 1,1,einbech,37,220 //======================================================= // veins //======================================================= veins,296,335,0 warp newve05 1,1,veins,290,342 veins,293,342,0 warp newve06 1,1,veins,275,352 veins,278,352,0 warp newve07 1,1,veins,296,332 //======================================================= // lighthalzen //======================================================= lighthalzen,241,163,0 warp newlhzs01 1,1,lighthalzen,265,163 lighthalzen,262,163,0 warp newlhzs02 1,1,lighthalzen,238,163 lighthalzen,282,327,0 warp newlhzs03 1,1,lhz_fild01,278,19 lhz_fild01,278,16,0 warp newlhzs04 1,1,lighthalzen,282,324 //======================================================= // juperos_ //======================================================= juperos_01,96,220,0 warp newjup01 1,1,juperos_01,152,183 juperos_01,149,185,0 warp newjup01-1 1,1,juperos_01,93,217 //======================================================= // jawaii //======================================================= jawaii,138,182,4 script Stairs#ja1 111,{ mes "[Stairs]"; mes "Want to go up or go down?"; next; switch(select("Up","Down")) { case 1: warp "jawaii",136,183; close; case 2: warp "jawaii",140,180; close; } close; }
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    Good Morning Another Prontera Edition that was requested some time ago. I thought it was good to show up. Software used: zbrush (for sculpting the organic tree), Photoshop (textures) and browedit (legacy). The map is simple but, sometimes "less is more"
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    I have so many people asking how in my Discord PMs, so I'm writing this so I could copy-paste the link... This will be a step-by-step guide. But please use the Forum's search bar or Google search in case you are not familiar with some terms or programs. Client Part [2015-10-01aRagexeRE to 2017-06-14aRagexeRE] 1. There's a patch in NEMO that can disable Summoner, use it. Client Part [2017-06-21RagexeRE or later] 1. Use GRF Editor to open your GRF, search for ExternalSettings. One or more files will appear. If nothing shows up, grab one from data.grf. 2. If your use a Sakray(RagexeRE) client, click externalsettings_XX_sak.lub. Otherwise click externalsettings_XX.lub. XX will be the shorthand of the country name which is associated to your langtype. After that, click the Save As button to save the decompiled Lua file. 3. Open the file with any text editor that does not have Notepad in its name. 4. You'll see a lot of things you can customize. Let's ignore those. Find the line with this code MakeableRace = { Doram = true } 5. What's next? Let's change the value to false. 6. Save the file and put the edited Lua file back into your GRF. Make sure the file extension is lub not lua. 7. Now we're done with the client editing. Let's also configure the server just in case a smartass use WPE or edit the Lua file back. Server Part 1. Open conf/char_athena.conf in your server files. 2. Find this part // Restrict certain class from being created. (Only functional on 20151001aRagexe or later) // 0: No character creation is allowed // 1: Only novice is allowed to be created (pre-renewal default) // 2: Only summoner is allowed to be created // 3: Both novice and summoner can be created (renewal default) // Uncomment to customize the restriction //allowed_job_flag: 3 3. Uncomment the last line. (Yes, remove the slashes) 4. Change the value to 1. 5. Save the file. We're done now. 6. Oh, and don't forget to restart your server if it was running. PS. Don't PM me to get support, those PMs will be ignored.
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    Hi everyone; hope you enjoy your weekend This is a map I did as an improved version of the original Auch Map by the 2012 ...! The map was originally inspired on a city of this game I loved and close to Ragnarok Online. The city was improved a lot by remaking all the models and making more accurate textures. Like always the idea was to make it have the barroque style feeling of the original. This map contains a main town and a set of fields+dungeons. Hope you like it Auch City - Main Town This is a map I showed on social media for a while, yet not in the forum. I´ve been told I should be more active as I was on the forum and I think I have too It has been 5+ years when I made this map; I´m very glad there has been some improvement over the years The nostalgia is reallll!
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    View File Stormbreaker Introduction Stormbreaker is a large modification system which adds a collection of new features, bonuses and script commands to your own rAthena server. This package is designed to augment your server with new features which can breathe new life into your gameplay, and comes with a getting started guide, a Git patch file, and some optional client resources. Stormbreaker is developed against the latest version of rAthena, and will be continually updated to the latest on a weekly basis. (Videos will be coming soon highlighting each feature.) Features This package includes the following: New item bonuses (83) New script commands (10) New GM commands (9) Item Bazaar Shop system Item Durability system Item Craft system Item Enchantment system Item Passive Script system Item Passive Status system More features are actively being developed and will be released in the near future. Item Bonuses All item bonuses are the same as those found on the Bonus Expansion Pack thread. If you're looking to acquire this package solely for the item bonuses, please be advised that these will be released soon for free on that thread. Stormbreaker will be updated with newer item bonuses as more are recommended. Script Commands Item Bazaar Shop The bazaar shop system functions similar to that featured in Final Fantasy XII. As a player accumulates and sells items to shops, you can configure items which become available for purchase at specialist bazaar shops by the sale of certain combinations of items. These can be items which become permanently unlocked, can be unlocked multiple times, or those which can only be purchased the once and can never be unlocked again. This feature provides a great way to reward players for farming and killing monsters, and unlocks great potential for introducing unique items and equipment available only after acquiring and selling combinations of materials. Item Durability The item durability system works much like the Witcher 3 durability for equipment. All equipment has a durability score (a percentage) which determines how much more stress it can take before breaking. As players engage in battle, their equipment will slowly degrade (completely configurable), which can lead to weakened bonuses, weakened ATK and DEF modifiers, and chances of breaking. All equipment can be repaired through special NPCs (using new script commands described above) and can also receive protection with the Chemical Protect skills (configurable.) Item durability can be configured to decrease on a fixed percentage per attack (a denomination as low as 0.0001%) or based on the amount of damage dealt/received. Note: For the item durability percentage to be visible as in the screenshot, this requires client version 2015-02-25aRagexeRE or later. Item Craft The item craft system uses the new refine user interface with a completely custom crafting database. Players can drag a source material and catalyst material into the refine window to be given the opportunity to craft something new. This feature isn't restricted to just equipment, but any other sort of item too! Your players could be upgrading their basic Red Potions to Orange Potions using Jellopies or Grapes, or could be upgrading their Knife[3] to a Knife[4] by combining it with a special material. The crafting database allows for a lot of flexibility, including key features like equipment being able to retain their refine level, cards, random options, and even item durability! Note: For the new refine interface and the crafting system, this requires client version 2016-10-12aRagexeRE or later. Item Enchantment The enchantment system similarly uses the new refine user interface to provide a beautiful and unique point for being able to upgrade equipment with random options! The custom enchantment database lets you build your own system for allowing players to add unique or powerful random options to their equipment, restricted at a per-item level. Every item supports up to a maximum of 4 different enchantment types, and can be configured with custom chance rates and costs, which can further be configured depending on the current number of enchantments already on the equipment! New server configurations let you control how many enchantments can be added to each type of equipment to add finer control. With this system, players could enchant their boring Knife with ATK + 10% by using some rare or valuable material. Note: For the new refine interface and the enchanting system, this requires client version 2016-10-12aRagexeRE or later. Item Passive Script The passive script system is designed to augment and empower the already powerful item database. The bespoke item passive script file lets you add new "equipment" scripts which are active while an item is stored in the players inventory! A player holding a rare coin in their miscellaneous item tab might find themselves with a constantly active HP + 5%, or perhaps they have acquired a sword which provides a permanent HIT - 30 while the item is held by the player. The system could also be used to reward players with EXP or Zeny increasing items. This system works with any existing or new items, and just needs a line adding to the file! Item Passive Status The passive status system works similar to the passive script system, except that the player receives a permanent (cannot be dispelled nor removed by death, nor cured from healing items) status effect while an item is held in their inventory. You could grant players a permanent Increase Agility effect while holding a magic feather, or perhaps afflict them with Poison while they carry some cursed tome. The passive status system is designed to improve on existing mechanics where equipments can provide permanent bonuses, with special flags indicating whether equipment provides the status only when equipped or when in the inventory. Support I intend to provide continual support with Stormbreaker by keeping the files up-to-date, on a weekly basis, with the latest hash of rAthena. Each week I will upload a new version of the Stormbreaker archive, along with any new augmentations (such as item bonuses, script commands) and bug fixes. If you encounter problems when running or using the new Stormbreaker features, please feel free to contact me directly on here, to my email address [email protected], or on our Discord server, and I will respond as soon as I am able (usually on the day, otherwise within 1-2 days.) For support on applying the Stormbreaker project to an older version of rAthena, again please contact me directly on here or on the Discord server. Click here to join the Discord server. Copyright Stormbreaker © Chris Copeland 2019. All rights reserved. By purchasing this package you agree that you will not share or redistribute any and all files included in the package without the express written consent of myself (Epoque, Chris Copeland), and that you will not upload this package onto any secure or unsecure file sharing websites. Submitter Epoque Submitted 03/18/2019 Category Source Modifications Video Content Author Chris Copeland
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    What do you think? Please rate it Preview Skin + PSD + RSS + Server Status Skin coded GUIDE RSSFEED Webfiles\status\inc\rssConfig.php 'news' => 'http://g1.globo.com/dynamo/carros/rss2.xml', 'event' => 'http://g1.globo.com/dynamo/ciencia-e-saude/rss2.xml', 'update' => 'http://g1.globo.com/dynamo/concursos-e-emprego/rss2.xml', STATUS SERVER Webfiles\status\status.php $status = new ServerStatus( "LOCALHOST", "LOCALHOST", "USERNAME", "PASSWORD", "DATABASE" ); Do not remove the credits, thank you. Please do not sell this product. Design Elfin
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    Hello folks Still around making graphics. No much time to make a fancy presentation ... you know me; I know you so ... Here is a Prontera renewal map. Whats new? well I did it in 3 days. Right only 3 days. With a method that combines a bit of coding, a scup of 3D... hexing and a pinch of photography (psst I work as photographer IRL ) ... so I can melt all of that and make themed prontera maps very fast. Very fast. I tried my luck updating the very old valentines prontera with a renewal look. Some melted cocoa, bars of chocolate on floor, powdered chocolate on roofs and topping... Who can't love topping? The screenshots below. Happy Valentines; love you all
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    Hello, I'm Haziel. I've been a graphic artist for over 15 years. I've made commissions for several Ragnarök Servers and also, worked on the production of some Indie Games either as Concept or Pixel Artist. Spriter is my main role on game development but I'm also able to perform as Designer, Mapper and Programmer, drop me a PM if you're interested in any of those services. For the previews below, keep in mind: Headgears, Garments, Equipment, Weapon/Shield and Monsters. Headgears Divine Headgear Set A Gem Themed Headgear Set carrying the theme of mystical stones, targeted for each of the main class branches. Dragon Headgear Set In a similar fashion of the previous one, having one main headgear targeted to fit certain classes. Equipment Divergent Set The Divergent Set concept is based on evolution. After meeting some requirements, the player would be able to evolve the basic Divergent Equipment (grey-ish blue), to one of 8 different forms: Demon (Purple), Dragon (Green), Fox (Orange), Ox (Black), Phoenix (Red), Shark (Skyline Blue), Tiger (Yellow) and Wolf (White). Each one with its own properties. The Helmet has it's own appearances while the other equipment will have it's colour changed. Arcane Set The Arcane Set was meant to be a magical bundle of equipment with four options of headgears for combining, it also has a Weapon compatible with Wizards, Sages and their evolutions. Sacred Set Initially, the Sacred Shield was requested, then, a Swordsman Equipment set, I mixed both things and expanded it to an 8-piece Equipment Set. Plate themed, this one is intended for Knights, Crusaders and their respective evolutions, but can be used by any Class. The Shield is currently only available for Crusaders and evolutions but can be adapted for any Class, although a specific Diff from NEMO is required to implement it. An alternative Cursed theme is also available. Elemental Auras Four Aura-like headgears and four monsters/pets to go along the theme. Anime/Show/Game Themed Gears Anime/Game Themed Gears Miscellaneous Gears made based on some Anime/Game characters and/or artefacts. Above, Megaman X and Zero Helmets from Megaman X franchise, Dying Will from Katekyo Hitman Reborn anime, Kaneki Mask from Tokyo Ghoul anime. Sword Art Online 2 Headgears/Garments and 3 Weapons based on the Manga/Anime Sword Art Online. Elucidator and Dark Repulser both are available for Knights and Evolutions, Kirito Weapons for Assassins and Evolutions. Event Gears Valentine's Day Halloween Halloween Package includes 5 Headgears with matching Garments and also the Wicked Set, composed of 2 Headgears and a Garment. Auras 32bit Headgear Auras All of them available in 12 colours. Monsters Defence Turrets Those are monsters meant to be summoned and attack anything that goes near. Originally intended to be WoE-related. Untear, Unseal, Unnes & Undine My take on the concept of evolutive Pets, can also be used as monsters. Miscellaneous Monsters Situational mobs to be used in Custom Maps/Quests. Trickster Collection My own take on Trickster Online conversions. Christmas Boss: Evil Santa Meant for Christmas Events, this boss has some weirdly strong Reindeers as minions! Sword Art Online Collection Overlord Collection RE: Zero Collection Bosses Big Bosses Really Big Bosses VIP Badges Those were intended to be exclusive to certain VIP levels, there are alternate versions for PVP purposes. Logo Headgears I also offer the service of recreating a server's Logo in a promotional Headgear. Headgear Edits Examples of minor works I usually receive requests for, that may be, from little corrections or addition of details to recolours and mixing of headgears. Above, a symbolic gift to Nova and his request about a Sunglass equipped on the lower slot. Garments/Robes Garments are visual items Gravity made on Jan/05 of 2011, but even Gravity itself didn't make much of them. They're equipped on Cape or Costume Cape slot and must be made Class by Class to fit perfectly on each movement. Different from Headgears, they are layered correctly behind the character and does not stay floating around it as some custom content out there. Official examples of it are the Archangel Wings and the Adventurer's Backpack. Wing-Themed Collection My current Wing collection consists of several themes divided on Insect, Feathered, Leather and Other categories. Suitable for all classes. Miscellaneous Garment Collection Another set of Custom Garments, but with another kind of thematic, instead of the usual wings. Miscellaneous Equipment Sets These have no visual appearance, are only intended as common gear. Freebies Headgears Garments Monsters Freebies Click on the preview image to be redirected to download thread! Freebies will be posted weekly! Rules 1. DO NOT steal my work, it takes hours, days, sometimes weeks to be made, don't claim it yours. 2. DO NOT redistribute, mirror or redistribute my work. 3. DO NOT edit my work without my permission, It includes recolours. 4. DO NOT remove my signature included among my files, be respectful. 5. DO use my works as Donation Rewards, be kind and just ask me first. Additional Information • I'm a Freelancer and my work is for sale, contact me by PM, Facebook, Discord, E-Mail ([email protected]) or Skype (hyering) if you're interested. • I'll not edit or modify other Artists' work without their permission, be sure to have it before asking. • I do take references on Sprites from TalesWeaver, Trickster and other sources, but I'll not redistribute raw materials or teach how to get it. • Feel free to contact me speaking English or Spanish. I can also understand Portuguese at a certain level. • I'm not a master or a know-it-all, I'll share my knowledge when I feel appropriate to do so.
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    Marketplace link: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=secretdataz.athena-language-support This extension provides rAthena-flavored Athena language syntax highlighting and code snippets and automatically highlights files with .rascript extension. The following is the non-exhaustive list of code snippets provided by Athena Language Support. * `defnpc`, `defnpcfloat`, `defwarp`, and `defshop` (In-game objects definition) * `deffunction` (Function definition) * `On:` event handler snippet * `for`, `while`, `do` flow control snippet report issues: https://github.com/secretdataz/athena-language-support/issues show me I suck at making extensions: https://github.com/secretdataz/athena-language-support/pulls Special thanks to @JoWei for the base extension for Atom.
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    Hello! So far I mainly worked with flux websites but non-responsive. Today I worked on a website that is responsive and uses bootstrap. Still in progress and I did not add anything fancy to it other than time and player count Will be updating this topic as I get closer to integrating flux properly. I will maybe release this website for free when I'm done.
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    December Digest 2018 The following digest covers the month of December 2018. Staff Changes: None Development Highlights: CORE: Fixed possible string out of bounds in configurations (9dbd3cb) Corrected White Imprison and reflected damage (40a4edc4) Corrected vector issue (2f5e1203) Fixed Renewal bBaseAtk readparam returning wrong value (32c68c73) Fixed clearing of sp_vanish_race (4cff45b8) Fixed missing login date for guild members (18f9574a) Fixed Skill Damage Database parsing (2d4a5949) Fixed pre-renewal atk (e8a7daec) Fixed homunculus auto feed for broken luas (9183a54a) Fixed SU_GROOMING while being frozen (7fa903ce) Fixed CN Meteor and Lunatic Carrot Beat damage (faee0cde) Fixed zero termination for bg messages (742232d5) Corrected some Summoner skills (570c07d5) Removed deprecated SI constants from src (e3dd6238) Fixed wrong replacements of CD_CURRENT_ECONOMY (732059ac) Unified infinite tick usage (016d15b7) Corrected AutospellOnSkill (75aef6a5) Fixed autobonus removal (fb81e2d7) Switched supported client to Ragexe (ec3b7077) Fixed unknown map in character select (1c987de7) Added support for viewpointvalue command (49444912) Corrected some statuses and Mado Gear interaction (0d816975) Added support for 64bit ticks (01f61cfa, 46138645) Added a missing check to TK_HIGHJUMP (63bfd611) Fixed reloadmobdb status calculation (8e58f2ce) Initial Release of Equipment Switch (818ff109, f5f377a7) DATABASE: Updated Lasagna Boss spawn (9f24814a) Changed equippable jobs for some items in pre-re/item_db.txt (93cf1881) Changed Thanatos gears to Thanos in item_db.txt (f5b546d6) Corrected job mask of some items (818f35ab) SCRIPT: Ghost Palace instance NPC name fixes (b87a1758) Fixed Taekwon Jobchanger Location (200b55e0) OTHERS: Fixed a documentation typo for bDropAddClass (9f880768) Disabled iterator sanity checks on VS (7c271d7e) Added epoll support on linux (eb2e40c3) List of Contributors: @4144, @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @Atemo, @AzarthMZintos, @Balferian, @Encon21, @Everade, @exneval, @Haikenz, @laziem, @Lemongrass3310, @MathReaper, @mrjnumber1, @nubspixel, @Playtester, @RadianFord, @reunite-ro, @Rolfxx, @secretdataz, @teededung, @Tokeiburu, @vstumpf, @whupdo, @yoonjunho72, @zackdreaver January Digest 2019 The following digest covers the month of January 2019 Staff Changes: None Development Highlights: CORE: Fixed Full Blast delay on attack and using items (4ec0c010) Corrected item bonus FixedCastRate (59593652) Fixed Reflect Damage not reflecting damage (7282dd87) Adjusted reload item database (444d7394) Refactored achievement conditions (4706115d) Fixed points command using negative numbers (6c1d1a84) Fixed a few more leftovers from 64bit tick (a5fc39e0) Corrected skills that give bonuses while sitting (b1865b31) Fixed CDP not failing when haven't met the requirements (a9f868f8) Corrected a few potential crash points (6c864927) Fixed a crash from MVP Ladder Warper (db3267a8) Updated Quagmire status removal list (626c2b7f) Disconnect player on map-server switch failure (19eef173c) Corrected status attack's element (298cfefd2) DATABASE: Corrected Honor Token weight (246dd2aa) Corrected Faceworm Larva Card bonus (1d0a2238) Corrected Cat Ear Beret bonus (6c6baff1) Fixed Costume Pocketwatch Hair Ornament location (394b16b8) Corrected Palace Guard Cap bonus (24c121b7) Added missing Costume Flying Galapago (f49c68f7) Fixed duration for items 12274 and 12275 (39906dac2) Corrected Shadow Staff script error (8839fe95) Corrected Owl Viscount Silk Hat script error (ec305337) Fixed pre-re Barricade HP value (d5ca1c73) Corrected Card/Enchant Combos (6bea2da3) Item db update (9cd9cab2) Update re/item_trade.txt based on itemmoveinfov5 (54b2cf32) Corrected Sarah's Battle Robe bonus (9d272f8f) Corrected Sling Item bonuses (fe12d6f0) SCRIPT: Added Clothing Effect Removal Service (8ed8fd1a) Change Magic Gear Master NPC name to Mado Gear Armourer for Renter Merchants (02c69f64) Added new Rebellion Shops (f3bb7e4b) Fixed wrong exp values on 13.1 and 13.2 quests and other minor fixes (c96671fc) Removed noicewall mapflag from several instance maps (79dffbd7) Updated OnTouch Royal messenger NPC (53498865) Updated NPC locations according client's navi file (b1b9720f) Fixed variable typo in agit_main_se.txt (43b3bc08) Fixed Hunting Missions (ad960e47) OTHERS: Allow increasing connection limit on linux (8ae788b6) Add missing unit type documentation (de70e498) Added MS support for the function macro (e415e642) Changed skip into error (de8c707f) List of Contributors: @aleos89, @Angelic234, @Atemo, @attackjom, @Badarosk0, @Balferian, @bgamez23, @BrOgBr, @cydh, @Daegaladh, @danielbernard, @darhylism, @Everade, @Indigo000, @Kezzo, @laziem, @Lemongrass3110, @LunarSHINING, @mrjnumber1, @Normynator, @nubspixel, @RadianFord, @rAthenaCN, @sigtus, @teededung, @Tokeiburu, @zackdreaver
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    Bonjour! I finished another map of the Gaia Series, totally customized, and with that touch of fantasy. The Enchanted Village! The idea of this map is to be the main city of the Gaia project, an idealized instance created by TioAkima, where there will be PVP, dungeons, fiefdoms, items, NPCs, Mobs, VIP Room, etc ... All this theme. (Below are some prints and video of the Map) One more touch of fantasy of TioAkima ... VIDEO SHOWING THE MAP MORE DETAIL LOOK THE MOVIE! Leets'rooock For those who have not seen yet, the PVP with the same theme, Look the video! LOOK THE MOVIE! GO! Leets'plaaaaaaaay guys This is GAIA PVP End! Thanks
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    Some things I have been working on~ I'll be adding more and more the next couple days/weeks!
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    March Digest 2019 The following digest covers the month of March 2019. Staff Changes: @crazyarashi and @Normynator are now a Developers. Development Highlights: CORE: Updated the YAML parsing method (78eed022) Fixed possible null pointer dereference in Taekwon Mission skill logic (f5e8af0d) Fixed an issue with AG_BATTLE and AG_TAMING (54ac2ae1) Fixed LGTM formatting alert (bf27041e) Fixed flag's overwritten for bonus3 bSubEle and bonus3 bAddEle (bce4e0b6) Corrected unit calculation with setunitdata (9500c06d) Added pcblock and checkpcblock script commands (3e0d3d2f, e4b41ef7) Add some missing Warning (ed37a533) Implementing atcommand_disable_npc config (c2abd6d1) Capped rate value for status_get_sc_def (15969139) setpcblock script command (7dde174c) DATABASE: Enabled a few achievement targets (56349cb5) Fixed renewal item database bugs (2f6a2c02) Fix item and NPC names (658d4207, 658d4207) Fixed missing item script of Castle_Treasure_Box (bc99c24a) Splitted guild_skill_tree.txt into re and pre-re (cbe0d6b2) Corrected Summoner's base ASPD (d1b35db7) Update Geffen Magic Tournament Quest DB & Clean up (42810ad4) Corrected Vellum and Vanish item bonuses (ed83999d) Corrected Rebellion cast times (972a14e4) Implemented Magma Eruption Dot Damage (9f4a569e) Updated item script of Test_Reagent (0cfc3216) Initial implementation of pet evolution system + Pet DB conversion to yaml (ac558d7c) Added some missing monsters' drops of monsters around rockridge (b245e0f6) Fixed vanish bonuses (eb88f0ce) SCRIPT: Updated tr0n's Quest Board (ed0e068c) Corrected several npc name in quests_ein.txt (e74e1e11) Corrected KVM Logistic Officer item ID (cc11869a) Update guides_comodo.txt (264932c3) Adding NPC Lighthalzen (1bbde624) Fixed wrong NPC coordinate (f0f94f0c) Fix wrong next function call (b1e1dbfb) eden_iro.txt update (339e6c67) NPC coordinate changes (a334b026) OTHERS: Added the skeleton for the yaml converter (c2899d75) Added missing gitignores for csv2yaml (a4bbb932) Add SnakeDrak as author (46d04269) Fixed csv2yaml for guild skill tree (232b3885) Clean-up doc script commands (7cc8c964) List of Contributors: @aleos, @Atemo, @Balferian, @BrOgBr, @CairoLee, @cydh, @Daegaladh, @exneval, @Indigo000, @JohnnyPlayy, @keitenai, @Lemongrass3110, @Litro, @sader1992, @secretdataz, @SeravySensei, @Sigtus, @Siriousb, @SnakeDrak, @teededung, @trickyloki3, @zackdreaver April Digest 2019 The following digest covers the month of April 2019 Staff Changes: None Development Highlights: CORE: Corrected block_action behaviour (66b82732) Adjusted OnTouch overlap behavior (c977558c) Updated Firewall cast check (7c313a77) Fixed Defending Aura (a8185e62) Added caps to item bonus rates (a0bcb92b) Corrected guild level increases (c7722624) Added several warning messages (9aa5f7d8) Adjusted pet walk speed (06020502) Cleaned up countitem-type script commands (f047a6a5) Corrected a compile error (3057af75) Corrected countitem_sub return value (8975682f) Fixed AG_BATTLE and AG_TAMING achievements (8df036c4) Reduced MAX_MAP_SERVERS and MAX_SERVERS size (7e7a2831) Ensure the mysql server host support full length domain (94324bc2) Corrected script command logmes (c264d3e9) Cleaned up instance script commands (21a5854c) Corrected Enchant Arms status icon (ce1508a0) Corrected checks for weapon attack calculation (d05c6035) Corrected Cross Slash (53cedb72) unitwarp npc (3d8c20f6) DATABASE: Fixed pre-renewal pet fullness values (1504507e) Corrected Sword Stick equip requirements (b6e383b8) Added Hanbok Bag item script (4a6a545a) Added an item group for Token of Siegfried (53f50131) Renewal hateffect update (79ba5aa9) Fixed a SQL item database error (884043b7) SCRIPT: Little update in aldebaran.txt (85802872) Added setpcblock to some official scripts (e172c436) Corrected Gunslinger shops (7c0d9bf3) Implemented (the old) Nightmarish Jitterbug instance (04c6303e) Fixed Aigu's cutin (4d05e09e) Updating official Kafra information from Rock Ridge (a3bd4c39) Fix loop issue on Ice Cream Maker NPC (67e1583f) OTHERS: Fixed the upgrade script for pet evolution (ee2f4950) List of Contributors: @aleos89, @Akkarinage, @Atemo, @attackjom, @cahya1992, @CairoLee, @daisyanne1380, @datleeroy, @ElinhoPP. @JohnnyPlayy, @kisuka, @Lemongrass3110, @Litro, @mazvi, @mrjnumber1, @Normynator, @RagnarokNova, @Rayvis, @sader1992, @teededung, @TokeiBuru, @userid0, @vykimo, @yashimwong Show your support to rAthena by submitting your Issue or Pull Requests!
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    The forums have been sucessfully upgraded to the newly available IPS 4.4 branch. There are an awful lot of changes, which can been seen below. IPS Community Suite 4.4.0 Released 02/25/2019 Key Changes Major New Features / Enhancements Post Before Registering Animated GIFs AdminCP Notification Center New Email Features: Email Statistics Email Advertisements Unfollow Without Logging In SEO Improvements: Improved pagination with page number now in path (rather than query string) and unique page titles for paginated pages. Improved use of canonical tags. Improved handling of empty containers and profiles to reduce soft 404s. Improved JSON-LD markup, adding @id tags and fixing URLs for comments. Removed page output hidden by JavaScript. Performance Improvements: Added Lazy Loading for images, which will speed up page rendering. Added HTTP/2 support with prefetch/preload. Added support for Brotli compression. Improved default profile photos to use inline SVGs rather than generated images, which will speed up page rendering. Improved browser caching of pages served by the guest page cache, which will reduce the number of requests reaching the server. Improved handing of session data for guests to reduce database reads for guests. Optimized images to reduce file size for faster page rendering. Other minor performance improvements to reduce database queries and fix unnecessary code execution. Commerce Store Filters allow customers to filter products by price, review, stock, or custom admin-defined filters. Core Added setting to display user group formatting in more areas (see 6 New Micro Features). Added less intrusive browser notification prompt in Notifications menu (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability to show sidebar blocks to only certain types of devices (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability for club owners to reorder the navigation tabs (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability for announcements to be linked to an URL or be a title only (see 6 New Micro Features), improved consistency in how announcements are shown in different areas. Improved UI for entering time intervals in AdminCP settings (see 6 New Micro Features). Added a new Icons & Logos section in the AdminCP which allows providing logos for use when sharing links from the community, adding the community as a home screen app on a mobile device (along with additional settings for a PWA manifest to control certain aspects the community’s behaviour when used in this way), and in Safari’s favourites menus and pinned tabs on macOS. Added a new UI for attachments, showing a box with some information about the file, rather than a plain line (see Turbo charging loading speeds). Commerce Braintree Gateway including support for PayPal (with recurring payments), Venmo, and cards. Deprecates some PayPal features. Added ability to target bulk mails to members who have spent certain amounts. Added sidebar widgets for best sellers, latest products, product reviews and a featured product. New Server Requirements: PHP 7.1.0 or higher required (7.3.x now supported). MySQL 5.5.3 or higher requires (5.6.2 recommended). Removed Features Removed EmojiOne-style emojis due to licensing issues. Removed Gravatar support due to privacy concerns and performance issues. Removed password hashes when downloading a member list from the AdminCP. This is for security, to reduce the ease of obtaining sensitive data if the AdminCP is ever compromised. Removed the name of the content (e.g. topic) from the “Next Unread” link which could consume significant server resources on large communities. Release Patches We sometimes release patches for issues that come up frequently between full releases. If you are experiencing any of the issues below on this version you can download and apply the patches using the instructions provided. Fixes several issues. Minor Changes Security We continuously audit the product for potential security issues. While none of these security changes are significant we are committed to making improvements wherever potential issues are found. We’d like to thank everyone who responsibly reported issues to us for this release. Added a setting to prevent Invision Community being used in an iframe to prevent clickjacking. Improved entropy of CSRF keys. Improved SSRF protection. Fixed potential leaking of sensitive keys via HTTP referrers. Fixed an issue where the redirect script could be tricked into outputting HTML from an unverified source. Fixed several minor XSS vulnerabilities. Fixed some missing CSRF checks. Fixed users being able to change the social account used for promoting. Fixed club owners being able to manipulate the meta tags for a page which could force users to be redirected to another website when visiting certain club areas. Fixed non-sensitive information on pending transactions made by guests in Commerce potentially viewable by other guests. Fixed users being able to post remote images when disallowed from doing so. Core - UI Added “Create” menu on mobile. Fixed ordering of custom emoji categories. Fixed the “pulse” animation when reacting to content not being correctly centered. Fixed the “popular” indicator overlapping reactions on mobile devices. Fixed clicking on the label for a field not causing focus to jump the field it is for in several locations. Fixed select boxes always dropping down, extending past the bottom of the screen in some situations (they will now drop “up” if near the bottom of the screen). Fixed node (e.g. forums, products, etc.) selection fields consuming significant server resources on communities which have lots of them by limiting the number that is shown when the select box is initially opened to 100. Fixed “stack” form fields (fields where multiple values can be entered) not showing the “Add another” Button" once an item was removed from the stack after the max elements were reached. Fixed “stack” form fields (fields where multiple values can be entered) not saving the correct values if one item is deleted and then another one added. Fixed carousels not being scrollable on very small devices (e.g. iPhone SE). Fixed carousels not behaving correctly with right-to-left languages. Fixed more than one sort options sometimes showing as selected in some content lists. Fixed styling of bullet points in some lists when using Microsoft Edge. Fixed various W3C validation errors (including removing CSS rules with vendor prefixes which are no longer needed in most browsers). Removed total reputation count in “mini” reputation view (used by Gallery comments and status updates), which isn’t necessary as each reaction type shows its own total. Core - Posting / Editor / Embeds Added tag suggestions from previously used tags as you type. Fixed @mentions not working in some circumstances. Fixed results lists showing in wrong place in some autocomplete fields. Fixed Flickr embeds. Fixed embeds for extremely long content causing crashes on mobile devices. Fixed pasting certain URLs into the editor escaping characters. Fixed certain content being pasted into an editor only actually pasting a single URL from the pasted content. Fixed UI when editing highlighted posts. Fixed a user not being able to post a review if they had previously posted a review which had been deleted. Fixed author of content that is set to be published in the future not being able to view and edit it if they do not usually have permission to view future items. Fixed content that is set to be published in the future being able to be commented or reviewed. Fixed sTex/LaTeX editor code syntax highlighting. Fixed an issue where previewing content with attachments may cause the content to be listed multiple times on the “My Attachments” page. Fixed double-clicking on an image to adjust its size could fail when multiple WYSIWYG editors are on the page. Upgraded CKEditor to 4.11.2. Core - Clubs Added option when splitting topics/other content to have the newly created topic/etc be in a club. Fixed paid clubs being able to be created without having a valid price. Fixed the number of members shown for a club not always being accurate. Fixed layout of the club member list when there is no sidebar (now shows 24 per page which divides evenly between the number shown per row both with and without the sidebar). Fixed club leaders not being able to crop the club icon. Fixed members being able to vote on polls in open clubs even if they aren’t members of the club. Fixed an issue where editing a club on PHP 7.2. Fixed HTML open-graph tags not being set in clubs. Core - Search & Activity Streams Added support for showing images from pages records and poll votes in the activity stream. Improved performance if using MySQL. Improved Elasticsearch integration: Added support for wildcard searches. Added support for custom analyzers. Improved performance for certain Elasticsearch queries. Removed the ability to filter by number of views when searching using Elasticsearch, which had significant performance issues.- Fixed deleted comments showing in activity streams. Fixed error in streams with certain content combinations. Fixed quick search dropdown being dismissed when selecting an option inside it. Fixed browser’s autocomplete box overlapping the quick search dropdown. Fixed behaviour of back button after visiting an unread item in a stream. Fixed search form not being reset when using the browser’s back button. Fixed new products icon floating over the title in streams. Fixed searching by “Select box” profile fields with multiple options. Fixed date filters being lost when changing the sort order in search. Fixed changing the date filters not working correctly if the search was originally initiated by the advanced search form. Fixed date filters showing the dates in the wrong timezone. Fixed “search by terms or tags” and “search by terms and tags” not showing on the search form initially. Fixed content not being highlighted correctly in search results. Fixed issues searches when using “&”, “_” or “%” in the search term. Core - Profiles & User Settings Added ability for users to re-crop their profile photos. Added custom field formatting options for profiles. Added ability for users to delete multiple attachments at a time from the “My Attachments” page. Added AdminCP settings for showing signatures to guests and mobile users. Added ability to disable profile photo imports from URL. Added ability to use $member variable (to access details about the member) in custom profile field formatting templates (“Custom topic formatting” and “Custom profile formatting”). Fixed duplicate entries in the “Reputation” section of member profiles. Fixed an issue where “Complete Your Profile” steps may not be dismissed properly and could re-appear later. Fixed links to ignored users and editing profiles showing even when these features were disabled. Fixed users being able to import profile photos from linked social network accounts even if they don’t have permission to use a profile photo. Fixed a generic error when attempting to import a profile photo from an invalid domain. Core - Notifications Added a new user notification to be notified when their content is embedded in other content. Added ability for administrators to set the default value for several notification settings: “Show popup window when members receive a new personal message?”, “Only send one email notification for followed content per member visit?”, and “Play a sound when notifications are received?” Added a small message when editing notification settings to clarify that changing the default method for following content will not affect content you are already following. Fixed notifications triggered by guests not showing an author name. Fixed notifications for users logged in anonymously. Fixed links to some notifications pages/settings using an old format which caused an unnecessary redirect to the correct URL. Core - Messenger Added ability for moderators to delete messenger conversations. Fixed pagination of messenger search results. Core - Leaderboard Fixed some items missing from the Leaderboard’s “Popular items” list. Fixed Leaderboard positions potentially switching if the positions are tied. Fixed AdminCP leaderboard settings form not showing/hiding fields correctly when turned on/off. Fixed “Top Members” page in the Leaderboard consuming significant server resources on large communities. Core - Members & Accounts Fixed the formatting setting not showing the color box when editing a group in the AdminCP. Fixed errors showing twice on registration form if it was submitted with errors. Fixed potential errors merging some member accounts. Fixed an issue which may allow users to bypass validation if they are held for admin approval by Spam Defense. Fixed login handlers sometimes not syncing email addresses or display names. Fixed login handlers syncing profile data even when disabled. Fixed “Complete Your Profile” not sending the user back to the same page they were previously viewing. Fixed some filters in member list downloads not working correctly. Fixed certain non-latin characters in member list downloads. Core - Status Updates Fixed attachments failing to save when editing a status update. Fixed attachments on status updates not being removed when a member is deleted. Fixed status updates and status update edits still showing as autosaved content after submission. Fixed number of replies to status updates sometimes showing incorrectly. Core - Moderation Added a link to the IP address tools for moderators who can see IP addresses in the online users list. Improved UI of the message which tells a user if their post will need to be approved by a moderator, and added the message in some areas it was missing from. Improved UX for flagging members as spammers: flagging a member as spammer from the AdminCP is now done without reloading the page, hiding/deleting content will be processed faster and notifications will not be sent in the meantime, and flagging a member as a spammer from the front-end will redirect back to the page previously being viewed. Fixed an issue where if a moderator deletes content, and then restores it, it is still permanently deleted after the time period it would have been as if it had not been restored. Fixed word filters not holding content for approval in all areas. Fixed automatic moderation rules needing more reports than set. Fixed automatic moderation not counting reports on status updates. Fixed an issue where banning a member and removing their profile photo would leave a broken image in their profile. Fixed deleting reviews or comments sometimes showing two confirmation dialogs. Fixed content items that require a comment not rendering correctly in the report center. Fixed potential error merging content when both items have reviews. Fixed moderators being able to merge content they cannot view if the URL is known. Fixed bad description on the merge form (said “a topic” rather than “the topic”). Fixed a recommend comment still showing in the content it previously belonged to if it is split into new content. Fixed some inconsistencies in behaviour when hiding/unhiding content which itself has hidden comments/reviews inside. Core - Sidebar Added a sidebar widget to show users with the most contributions. Fixed minimum comments/reviews filters in sidebar blocks. Fixed announcements being shown at the bottom of the on some pages, rather than at the top. Fixed the status update widget caching not taking into consideration if that member has status updates enabled, which may cause a text field when the current member has status updates disabled and vice-versa. Fixes missing margin between two blocks if there is a block between them which is hidden because it has no content. Fixed styling inconsistencies when editing some sidebar blocks versus when they are actually displayed. Fixed the recently browsing widget erroneously showing a guest when using Redis sessions. Fixed error rebuilding content (after changing certain settings) of some sidebar blocks. Core - Social / Sharing Added support for cover photos when promoting to social media. Fixed uploading a new promotional image when editing internally promoted content. Fixed unsorted of time options when scheduling social promotions. Fixed AdminCP > System > Social Media Promotion > Permissions not showing all groups in the list of groups with promote permissions. Fixed an issue where it was not always possible to remove existing Facebook social promotion settings. Removed StumbleUpon share service which no longer exists. Core - Files & Uploads Added ability for administrators to choose to move files when changing between file storage configurations. Improved error messages if an error occurs when uploading a file. Fixed uploading not possible in some areas on iPads. Fixed not being able to submit a form if the user tried to submit it while a file upload was in progress. Fixed an issue where an attachments may stop working while files are in the process of being moved after changing file storage configuration settings. Fixed not being able to delete file storage configurations in the AdminCP. Fixed sorting not being retained when deleting multiple attachments from the Files section of the AdminCP. Fixed deleting an attachment not deleting the file from disk. Core - Emails Fixed bulk mail replacement tags. Fixed HTML entities appearing in plaintext email content. Fixed reverting email templates disappearing (until a page refresh) as if they have been deleted. Fixed a broken language string in Sendgrid settings. Core - AdminCP Member Profile Added “Go to Public Profile” button. Fixed an error when viewing the profile if the member had scheduled content for future publishing. Fixed the profile consuming significant server resources on large communities by changing the content statistics section to count all content, regardless of whether containers (i.e. forums), increment the user’s post count. Fixed content statistics not displaying correctly for some locales. Fixed accounts which are linked to Twitter not showing the correct Twitter username. Fixed a broken link to the notifications page. Core - AdminCP Charts & Statistics Fixed charts consuming significant server resources on large communities by applying a default date range of the last 6 months. Fixed an error viewing the AdminCP keywords usage chart if the same keyword had been set more than once. Fixed errors in AdminCP statistics pages if there is no data. Fixed weekly charts showing the last week of the year twice when the year rolls over. Core - Advanced Settings Added new setting option to only serve non-https images from local server. Added basic Redis usage information to the support area of the AdminCP for self-hosted communities. Fixed some inconsistencies when running tasks using cron. Core - Misc Added administrator log entries for various actions which were not logging. Improved site mark as read process to avoid an unnecessary redirect. Fixed privacy policy not being accessible to banned members. Fixed searching of administrator/moderator logs with non-latin characters. Fixed moderator log showing an unparsed language string for some automatic moderation actions. Fixed error if a background task is working on something (such as sending notifications for a topic) which is deleted while the task is still running. Fixed error reporting when setting up Google Maps API. Fixed some background task not not showing their progress accurately on the AdminCP dashboard. Fixed guests not being able to hide announcements. Fixed potential error in calculating width and height of animated gifs when using ImageMagick. Fixed potential error generating the sitemap if orphaned content exists. Fixed the number of reviews on items not being recounted correctly (when upgrading from certain versions or after converting) if the item has reviews but no comments. Fixed some browsers not correctly caching remote images served by the local server. Fixed the code editor on the External Database login handler configuration screen not loading correctly. Fixed AdminCP Dashboard not loading when lots of background tasks are running by adding a limit of 100 to the number shown. Fixed “Configure Services” button in Community Enhancements truncating unnecessarily. Fixed reputation data for comments or reviews not being deleted from the database when the item they belong to is deleted. Fixed files not being removed from server when uninstalling an application. Upgraded JShrink to 1.3.1 (for PHP 7.3 compatibility). Forums Added setting to RSS feed imports to auto-follow the author to created topics. Improved the UI of the “Poll” sidebar block, fixed the “View topic” link disappearing after viewing results, and fixed an error if the topic the poll belongs to is deleted. Changed behaviour of rating questions and answers that a user has already rated - now clicking the same arrow will undo the original rating, and clicking the other will change the rating to that one (previously clicking the same arrow did nothing and clicking the other undid the original rating). Fixed topics still being shown in search results to users who can longer see them if the per-forum setting to only show topics to the person who created them is turned on for an existing forum. Fixed guests not being able to change the selected forums when using fluid view. Fixed fluid view showing the wrong forums checked. Fixed error viewing the topic preview hovercard if the topic has been moved or merged. Fixed breadcrumb navigation in forums/topics in clubs if there is only one forum outside of clubs. Fixed some inconsistencies with automatic locking and unlocking of topics. Fixed question and answer ratings not being merged properly when topics were merged. Fixed error when approving very old topics. Fixed topics not being accessible if a category with a “minimum posts to view” setting set is changed into a forum without removing the value from that setting. Fixed topics from clubs not being included in the sitemap. Fixed marking a topic as read consuming significant server resources on large communities. Commerce - Store Improved store display by hiding empty product categories. Changed the links to buy/redeem gift cards to be in the menu. Fixed possible error when searching products. Fixed products incorrectly showing as being in stock if they use different stock levels based on custom fields and all variations are out of stock. Fixed the “Continue Shopping” dialog showing multiple times when adding several products from the category list view. Fixed copying a product not copying all settings. Fixed broken UI when hovering over a product image in the store on communities which use a right-to-left language. Fixed product embed images not matching the styling of other embeds. Fixed an issue where copying a product could fail. Fixed meta description on product pages. Commerce - Checkout Added AJAX validation to email field when checking out as a guest. Added ability to disable a payment method by setting the countries it is available to to no value. Fixed partial gift card codes being accepted. Fixed grouped products showing incorrect renewal amount on the checkout form when ordering multiple quantities. Fixed the prompt to log in not being shown for guests checking out. Fixed purchase not being processed properly with third party payment gateways if Commerce app is only accessible to certain groups. Commerce - Payment Gateways Fixed possible error when saving a credit card using Stripe if customer already has a card on file. Fixed error when a guest pays using a Stripe method which requires redirect (3Secure, Bancontact, etc.) Commerce - Subscriptions Added ability to apply subscription package changes to existing purchases. Changed Subscriptions to require renewal terms. Fixed disabled Subscription Packages still being purchasable and viewable in the sidebar block. Fixed duplicate entries in the AdminCP subscriber list if a member has inactive subscriptions. Commerce - Client Area Added custom product fields to printed invoices. Fixed broken UI when viewing payment details on a $0 invoice. Fixed invoice status badges not being colored appropriately on the front end when using languages other than English. Commerce - General Payments / Invoices Added an option to filter invoices by payment status in the AdminCP Improved notification emails for upcoming purchase renewals and transaction refunds to include more information. Improved display of customer purchases in admin control panel by separating active/expired purchases. Fixed missing tax on purchase reactivation. Fixed duplicate items sometimes being added when generating an invoice in the AdminCP. Fixed a possible error when marking an invoice as paid if awarding commission to other users (for example, from Downloads purchases or referrals) in some circumstances. Fixed potential errors adjusting Account Credit settings in the AdminCP. Fixed button to mark an invoice paid showing to admins on invoices created by guests even before the guest has filled in any account details (which show an error if clicked). Fixed editing a coupon form showing the start / end dates in the wrong timezone. Commerce - Customer Management Fixed a potential error in the AdminCP member profile if a purchase has been deleted. Fixed an error in the Referrals tab of the customer page in the AdminCP. Fixed an error occurred when cloning customer fields. Fixed wrong AdminCP restrictions being checked for viewing customer statistics. Commerce - Support Added option for retaining the default reply wrapper when using a stock action as a staff member replying to a support request. Added ability to filter support requests older or newer than a specific date in AdminCP. Fixed incoming emails being routed incorrectly if the same sender had recently sent an email to a different department. Fixed incoming plaintext emails sometimes being parsed blank. Fixed the feature which holds a staff member’s reply if the customer replies while the staff member is writing their reply, which wasn’t working if the staff member submits their reply by replying to the email notification. Fixed trying to require an associated subscription in support department settings not working. Fixed handling of custom support request fields for pay-per-incident support requests. Fixed long ticket names breaking UI in ticket history sidebar. Fixed uninstalling Commerce not disable the task to check for incoming POP3 emails. Fixed missing language string on the stock action form. Fixed wrong language string being used in the description for the default reply content setting. Removed IP Addresses used for Support Requests from the ModCP. Commerce - Misc Fixed license key API handling of invisible characters. Pages Changed the severity level of the error when somebody without proper permissions tries to load the sidebar manager from 3 to 2. Fixed pages that have been renamed not redirecting to the new URL. Fixed databases showing in the “Create” menu to users without permission. Fixed records in databases with “wiki-style” editing enabled not actually being able to be edited by all users. Fixed an issue where the form may not be displayed when trying to move a database record. Fixed missing language string in the dialog that shows when choosing “Custom” from the “Sort by” menu when viewing database records. Fixed the wrong template being used for reviews. Fixed the currently chosen database being disabled on the database select menu when editing a page in WYSIWYG mode. Fixed searching for database categories in the AdminCP showing categories from all databases. Fixed missing canonical tags. Gallery Added a group setting to control whether users can download the original image or not, and whether it should be watermarked or not. Added the image to certain notification emails (new content, user mentioned, etc.). Added a setting to control whether showing a map defaults to on or off for images with GPS coordinates embedded. Added certain indicators (such as image pending approval) to the images shown on the Gallery index. Added “Lens Model” in EXIF data if present. Changed albums displayed on user profiles to sort by latest update (newest to oldest). Fixed an error when adding Gallery images with tags. Fixed an error if a guest tries to follow an image during the upload process. Fixed behaviour of the browser’s back button after viewing images in a lightbox and closing the lightbox. Fixed navigation between images not working correctly in the lightbox in some circumstances. Fixed images being marked as read before they have been seen when in the Lightbox. Fixed gallery albums and the uploaded images being shown separately in activity streams and on the “Overview” page in a club. Fixed deleting a club not deleting the albums inside it. Fixed members being able to move images into a category that normally cannot receive direct image submissions during the process of deleting an album. Fixed users being able to submit directly to a category if it requires albums to be used but the user does not have permission to create albums. Fixed a section for the category description showing even if the category has no description. Fixed image uploading on Internet Explorer 11. Fixed images not being accessible if the album is moved while they are being uploaded. Fixed “ModifyDate” EXIF tag being displayed as “Date Taken”. Fixed the wrong “last modified” date being used for albums in the sitemap. Fixed the files on disk being moved when rebuilding image thumbnails (it was placing all of the newly created images in the current monthly folder, rather than in the original folder). Removed ability to upload images in album descriptions, as this presented a source of confusion for some users. Downloads Added ability to show custom fields in a new tab, below the description, or in the sidebar. Fixed “Buy” button still showing on paid files which have had purchases disabled. Fixed an issue where files could get incorrectly removed when changing a version number, or updating screenshots. Fixed the average review rating counting reviews that are not visible. Fixed support topics not being created after enabling the setting and editing a file. Fixed screenshots with parenthesis in the filename not being shown while uploading a new file version. Fixed a template error on certain PHP versions during submission if importing screenshots from a URL is enabled. Fixed the tooltip shown when hovering over the number of purchases for a file (when Commerce integration is enabled) showing “downloads” rather than “purchases”. Blog Fixed clicking on a reaction for a blog entry sometimes opening an image lightbox. Fixed long blog names breaking UI. Fixed multiple icons (e.g. “pinned”, “hidden”, etc.) showing over multiple lines rather than next to the title when viewing a blog entry. Fixed cover photos not expanding if clicking on the same line as the title. Calendar Fixed dates and times showing in the wrong timezone in cached areas/pages. Fixed time summary formatting for some locales when creating events. Fixed error on activity streams if the event associated with an RSVP has been deleted. Fixed potential error when deleting iCalendar import feeds. Fixed cover photos not expanding if clicking on the same line as the title. REST & OAuth New Endpoints: Core: Added support for managing clubs. Core: Added support for managing user warnings and fetching warn reasons. Forums: Added support for creating and updating polls in topics and blog entries. Calendar: Added support for managing Calendar venues. Calendar: Added support for filtering Calendar events by date range Calendar: Added support for sorting events by event start or end date. Added a parameter when deleting a node via the REST API to determine what to do with child nodes (previously that would just become orphaned). Changed OAuth Server behaviour to reject authorization or token requests for users who are banned or suspended. Fixed OAuth refresh tokens being lost if an access token request omits it. Fixed some endpoints not being available to requests authenticated with an OAuth access token granted by Client Credentials. Fixed requests that attempt to unhide content items that are already visible not updating other details. Fixed deleting reviews on Pages records using the REST API. Fixed display names which have a “” in them being returned as null. Fixed the documentation for the Commerce purchases endpoint missing a possible exception which can be thrown. Installer / Upgrader Improved performance of UTF-8 converter in some instances when upgrading from 3.x. Changed the default MySQL collation to UTF8MB4 for new installations. Changed the upgrade message about hiding the AdminCP link when upgrading from older versions to recommend using two factor authentication instead of providing instructions about how to re-enable it. Fixed potential errors or inconsistencies after applying a patch if using disk caching for templates. Fixed an error when trying to upgrade if templates or CSS files exist in the database without an associated theme. Fixed bad conversion of Sparkpost settings when upgrading from 4.3.x. Fixed bad conversion of refund data in Commerce when upgrading from certain versions. Fixed an error when rebuilding legacy content (after a 3.x upgrade) when using PHP 7.2. Fixed an error in the messenger after upgrading from certain versions. Fixed soft-deleted content from older versions not being upgraded correctly. Fixed members potentially have an incorrect validating status after upgrading from 3.x. Fixed Gallery albums losing their sort orders may after upgrading from certain versions. Fixed UTF-8 Converter (part of upgrading from 3.x) potentially losing connection while compiling table information. Removed ability to access the AdminCP while an upgrade is in process to improve stability. Converters Improved conversion user experience and simplified approach to running a conversion. Improved redirects for vBulletin 3/4 including attachments.php and printthread.php. Improved performance of certain background tasks launched following a conversion. Improved BBCode conversion when converting from MyBB. Improved converting member titles from vBulletin. Improved support for converting posts with links from vBulletin 5. Improved Invision Community redirects to support multiple merged communities, now uses /ic-merge-{core_app_id}/*. Improved support for [img:alignment] bbcode when converting from UBB.Threads. Fixed an issue where incomplete accounts could be created during a conversion. Fixed an issue where images uploaded to vBulletin5 “photo” posts do not convert. Fixed an issue where legacy XenForo versions may not be detected correctly in some edge cases. Fixed an issue where certain usernames may not convert properly from vBulletin, MyBB and XenForo. Fixed an issue where converted MyBB posts with inline attachments may display the wrong attachment. Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances Gallery albums/images may be converted to a category that was removed. Fixed an issue where private messages may not be converted from vB3/4 in certain circumstances. Fixed an issue where vBulletin archive links may not be redirected. Fixed an issue where hidden posts from vBulletin (3.x/4.x) may not convert correctly. Fixed an issue where topic reply counts were not converted. Fixed an issue where vBulletin Blog Attachments may not convert correctly from vBulletin 3.x. Fixed an issue where member history group information may not display correctly after conversion. Was it necessary to paste the whole thing? Well... why not. Please let us know if you come across something not working correctly after the upgrade by posting about the issue, along with as much detail as possible, followed by images/screenshots, into the Forum Issues area.
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    Postei aqui por que não achei uma área correta. Olá galera, como todos sabem eu nunca me aventurei nessa área de programação, porém por uma demanda da empresa eu tive que fazer um painel simples em VBA, o que acabou fazendo eu me interessar por programação, comecei a estudar HTML5, PHP, CSS, e JAVASCRIPT, com isso decidi começar o projeto de desenvolver um painel de ragnarok para que eu possa práticas, em baixo vai estar todas as funcionalidades do painel. OBS: O painel ainda está em desenvolvimento. [ PF PAINEL] Linguagens: - HTML5 - PHP - JAVASCRIPT - CSS Funcionalidades: - Registrar Conta OK - Visualizar Conta OK - Visualizar Personagens OK - Resetar Posição de Personagens OK - Resetar Estilo de Personagens OK - Logs da Conta OK - Alterar Email Em Desenvolvimento - Alterar Senha Em Desenvolvimento - Rankings de Zeny Em Desenvolvimento - Rankings de Eventos Em Desenvolvimento - Rankings da Campal Em Desenvolvimento - Ranking do PVP Em Desenvolvimento - Ranking de Tempo Online Em Desenvolvimento - Ranking de MVP's Em Desenvolvimento Estou vendo o que fazer quando finalizar, talvez eu disponibilize para a comunidade, lembrando que ainda sou novo nessa área e o painel foi feito com o intuito de aprendizado, então caso tenha erros por favor pode avisar, caso tenham sugestões do que pode ser adicionado podem avisar também, qualquer crítica e sugestão é bem vinda. OBS: O design do painel eu não desenvolvi do 0, peguei um painel flat responsivo e fui modificando. Segue abaixo algumas imagens do painel:
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    What if you removed Doram race from your server and client... ...but it just left a ugly space on the char creation window? Well here comes the solution. I simply edited the file and made use of the space. You can edit it individually. A .psd file is included for Photoshop/GIMP edits. (Instruction is also included) Download here ~ Requirements:
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    [ Arlandria Mini ] (Satellite town) Here is the second Arlandria town I made. It's like Izlude for Prontera. I created only a winter edition for this one. Check it and leave comment ! Normal Winter
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    August Digest 2018 The following digest covers the month of August 2018. Staff Changes: None Development Highlights: CORE: Cleaned up map storage type (48ae1a1e) Cleaned up header guard names (2ab29807) Updated Acid Terror damage modifier for renewal (c731465a) Official Spiritual Sphere Absorption behavior (9ca000a4a) Corrected SECURE_NPCTIMEOUT behavior (4befcf74) Fixed string case in inarray command script (9cba66c2) Implemented suggestion `checkwall` script command (3d8104d7) Fixed a possible mapserver crash (ae89b3a7, ae7cb65a) Added new quest info icons (f42696bf) Fixed Insignia MATK (ef2bf5b0) Corrected a compilation error (77301602) Fixed Global instance timer issue (d8bcc912) Implemented suggestion of `killedgid` (c856b07c) Cleaned up map data checks (bde33e76) Corrected a map server notification (e469f5fb, 5581da4b) Corrected Blast Mine and Claymore Trap behavior (0f7f6639) Corrected some map property issues (da83e617) Corrected server info display (3569789a) Implemented suggestion `identifyall` script command (fd4f7ccd) Updated Arch Bishop skills from kRO maintenance (d699defa) DATABASE: Fixed some items and combos (f69d5d39) Added IG_PRIVATE_AIRSHIP (83c8183a) Added new item scripts from kRO 2017.05.10 update (2e133ed0) Added card in monster's card slot for monster in Sarah and Fenrir instance (68d53c19) Implemented new items from Illusion of Moon Light kRO 2016.12.27 (95b81cf5e) Implemented new items from Illusion of Vampire kRO 2017.01.25 (0a8b17a1) Implemented new items from Illusion of Frozen kRO 2017.02.21 (91f2b7cc) Implemented new items from Illusion of Abyss kRO 2017.04.18 (9c27a5cd) Implemented new items from Illusion of Teddy Bear kRO 2018.03.09 (24f6c5e9) Implemented new items from Illusion of Luanda kRO 2018.04.18 (9c0010f3) Implemented cards from Dreamy Shadow Instance and Royal Members Cards (87338504) Corrected item ID on Illusion Hunter Bow + Hunting Arrow combo (440b243a) Implemented cards from ep 17.1 kRO 2018.08.13 (555e0c69) SCRIPT: Fixed Wolfchev Lab prerequisite (5f5df82d) Fixed wrong npc name for emotion in Malangdo (68fccf44) Fixed no such NPC 'Sweet Married Couple#dew2' (7593ae52) Corrected npc's name (fce5919b) Update Renewal and Pre-renewal Morocc NPCs (91667a9a) Added Lutie Kafra in renewal (0d4b3517) Updated accessory enchants of ep16 according to kRO 2015.02.25 (8e51117a) OTHERS: Updated mapcache tool (a5af358b) Corrected SQL upgrade format (b05ca3bc, 24de06c7) Statistics: Excluding merges, 11 authors have pushed 70 commits to master and 80 commits to all branches. On master, 167 files have changed and there have been 2,199 additions and 1,281 deletions. 51 Active Pull Requests 60 Active Issues 42 Merged Pull Requests 9 Proposed Pull Requests 52 Closed Issues 8 New Issues List of Contributors: @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @anacondaqq, @Atemo, @AzarthMZintos, @Balferian, @BrOgBr, @cydh, @ecdarreola, @elfring, @flamefury, @gustavobrigo, @Haikenz, @hendra814, @laziem, @lelouch22, @Lemongrass3110, @mazvi, @mrjnumber1, @redlightliu, @Rytech2, @sader1992, @secretdataz, @SnotraRM, @syracuase, @teededung, @Tokeiburu, @uddevil, @xTakami, @yoonjunho72, @zackdreaver, @zakudam Show your support to rAthena by submitting your Issue or Pull Requests!
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    View File Extended Vending 2.0 Extended Vending 2.0 Made in Git Hash: '042b88623bf549b88ba619991aaa186d45f7f998' Description Yet another version of Extended Vending, this one works in actual rA c++. It has a few fixes, including vending tax only working with Zeny as currency. What is new? I tried to improve this amazing mod adding a new feature: Vending Report (Mailbox). Basically... whenever you buy items to a vendor, he receive a report that who bough,what items, how many and total profit of them. You can disable this feature through conf/feature, or If you want to disable it for a specific player you must set the permanent variable called NOVREPORT (by a NPC/Bindatcmd/Idk) For < 2015-05-13 Clients Since old mailbox has 300 characters less than RoDex, I decided to take off items name and amount. So only will send 'who bought' and 'total profit'. Feel free to Donate If you want to support me. Submitter Easycore Submitted 07/10/2018 Category Source Modifications Video Content Author Lilith, Easycore  
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    To generate <ITEML> string by using itemlink. <ITEML> is string that auto-parsed by client that support item link feature, when user SHIFT+Click the item or equipment. Script to test: itemlink.txt and thanks for the tester(s) Full source
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    This seems to be a more appropriate place so continuing here from @autopilot is a server side AI implementation that can control player characters. The primary goal is to replace human players for any reason : perhaps you installed a server on your own computer and have no other players, or your server has too low population or a critical class for the party isn't available. Either way, this allows you to add characters to your party without having a human player available. Note that this isn't a bot : it might get stuck in a corner if left alone with no human to lead the party. Also note this is server side : you have to be the server owner and capable of modifying your source to add it. Obviously an AI isn't a human player, which means better reaction time, and no "I have to go 5 minutes afk sorry" during boss fights but at the price of not being able to judge more advanced situations correctly. Overall I'd say the AI will play better than a typical player but will fail at anything more complex than "use this skill when <condition>". All the current progress is available here : https://github.com/SeravySensei/rathena/commits/Autopilot To install, make a branch for the feature in your local repository, pull from the linked branch, then use or merge it as you prefer. I strongly recommend reading through the comments in the code : every skill has hardcoded AI and there are a few cases where my server uses nonstandard parameters for skills. These are mentioned in the comments, usually explaining how it is different from normal and what's recommended to change in the code if you are using default skills. Finally, enable all the added commands in your groups.conf file. Currently implemented : All 1st classes, 2nd/rebirth classes except those listed below. Regular Homunculus. Archbishop. Awaiting implementation : -Adjusting AI to the kro 1st/2nd/rebirth skill rebalance as necessary - this is on hold until that feature actually is merged to rathena. -Homunculus S -3rd jobs -Hunter/Sniper -Rogue/Stalker -Summoner How to use : @autopilot Tank enables tanking mode, the AI will try to engage enemies in melee and use melee skills. @autopilot Skill enables the AI to use ranged attacks or ranged skills, in general this is the DPS mode @autopilot Support restricts the AI to using support skills only. @autopilothom with same parameters : same modes for the Homunculus. There are a few other commands for enabling "extras" such as telling the AI to use a song or dance or other special skill or use sp potions. You should see them in the atcommands file(s). It's old but here is a recording that shows the AI in action :
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    Hello there, Some of you might know this already and maybe have read the original guide for it. But for those who doesn't know it yet, see below. Note: I’m sharing the steps on how to do it using CentOS7 for the proxy server/VM while the main server/VM will be anything you like as long as rAthena supports it. Before everything else, I would like you to know that this guide will only work on CentOS7 and this doesn’t guarantee that it will provide low latency to your players since its main function is to HIDE the IP of your MAIN VPS to avoid being bombarded with unwanted traffic. In the event, you received lots of traffic on your proxy, you can just reject it on your main VPS via firewall rules/iptables. Requirements Spare VPS to configure the proxy Patch your client using updated "Enable Proxy Support" patch provided by 4144's NEMO & Functor DO NOT patch "Skip Service Select" since you need it to choose from the multiple connections. Add multiple connection on your clientinfo.xml/sclientinfo.xml Configure subnet_athena.conf to prevent sending real IP in network packets from login and char servers. (Functor) (Optional) Enable "Cancel to Select Service" Patch VPS Configuration (IMPORTANT) Note: Again, make sure that your VPS is using CentOS7 since this was tested under the said OS and working 100% Follow the commands provided below. /* Port Forwarding CentOS 7 FirewallD */ // ======================================================================== // Please read the comments per line it is self-explanatory. // Important Parameters: // INSERT_ZONE = output of the get default zone // INSERT_IP = is the public IP of your main VPS or server // If you like the guide give it a thumbs up! // ======================================================================== // This command is to get the default zone being used by your VM. firewall-cmd --get-default-zone // This command is to check all rules applied to your VM by the current active zone. firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --list-all // Enabling Masquerade Status (IP Forwarding). // This is the important configuration else below won't work firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --add-masquerade --permanent // IP/Traffic forwarding // Make sure you have configured masquerade firewall-cmd --zone="INSERT_ZONE" --add-forward-port=port=6900:proto=tcp:toport=6900:toaddr=INSERT_IP --permanent firewall-cmd --zone="INSERT_ZONE" --add-forward-port=port=6121:proto=tcp:toport=6121:toaddr=INSERT_IP --permanent firewall-cmd --zone="INSERT_ZONE" --add-forward-port=port=5121:proto=tcp:toport=5121:toaddr=INSERT_IP --permanent // Add rules for ro-ports (assuming that you didn't change the port) firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --add-port=6900/tcp --permanent firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --add-port=6121/tcp --permanent firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --add-port=5121/tcp --permanent // Reload rules to take effect firewall-cmd --reload clientinfo.xml/sclientinfo.xml Configuration (IMPORTANT) The example below shows how to configure multiple connections/tunnel to your VPS. (P.S. I'm not quite sure how many connection is the limit that can be defined on the xml) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?> <clientinfo> <desc>Ragnarok Online Client Information</desc> <servicetype>america</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <display>^FF0000[ SE Asia ]^000000 - Connection Tunnel</display> <balloon>This server is dedicated to SEA Region to possibly reduce latency.</balloon> <address>INSERT_IP_HERE</address> <port>6900</port> <version>46</version> <langtype>1</langtype> <registrationweb>https://rathena.org/board</registrationweb> <loading> <image>loading00.jpg</image> <image>loading01.jpg</image> </loading> <yellow> <admin>2000000</admin> </yellow> </connection> <connection> <display>^FF0000[ US Central ]^000000 - Connection Tunnel</display> <balloon>This server is dedicated to US Central Region to possibly reduce latency.</balloon> <address>INSERT_IP_HERE</address> <port>6900</port> <version>46</version> <langtype>1</langtype> <registrationweb>https://rathena.org/board</registrationweb> <loading> <image>loading00.jpg</image> <image>loading01.jpg</image> </loading> <yellow> <admin>2000000</admin> </yellow> </connection> <connection> <display>^FF0000[ US West ]^000000 - Connection Tunnel</display> <balloon>This server is dedicated to US West Region to possibly reduce latency.</balloon> <address>INSERT_IP_HERE</address> <port>6900</port> <version>46</version> <langtype>1</langtype> <registrationweb>https://rathena.org/board</registrationweb> <loading> <image>loading00.jpg</image> <image>loading01.jpg</image> </loading> <yellow> <admin>2000000</admin> </yellow> </connection> </clientinfo> subnet_athena.conf (IMPORTANT) Change the default value (shown below) subnet: TO subnet: As per Functor, "If you will just apply the patch of EXE - game client will not use these IPs from network packets. But players will be able to find real IP by using any network sniffer.". That's it. If you have question, drop by a comment. ROK On! Original Links: Ragnarok Proxy Setup (Hide your VPS IP) Other: rAthena via GCP (In a nutshell)
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    A whole map dedicated to traders to sell/buy. You can either choose to put NPCs for players to buy all kinds of stuff or let players set up their shops in their own tents. It also includes a little beach island with deckchairs, some shadey/hidden areas that can lead to indoors (for illegal shops? xD) and also walking access on some ships and boats.
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    Hii! Some time ago I finally finished the second version that I had promised of this map in the section of Projects and Concepts in Progress: This is also my second map ever finished x3 The first version was made in September of 2018, but one of these is a slightly revisited version of that older one, and the second one has certain parts of the public area changed :3 Note: I'm using some of the screenies from that post to avoid uploading unnecessarily, since the map looks the same essentially ☆★☆Previews☆★☆ Path to the Gods ver. This is the first version with some fixes. This area looks more "simple" than the second one, as the idea is that this place is "sacred", unlike the second one. Path to Glory ver. This is the second version. This is more like a true colosseum, with banners and even an ornated place from where the royalty or rulers can oversee the battle below. - The areas for the public are walkable, in case someone wants to add NPCs as spectators or wants to use those areas otherwise. - The fighting areas of both versions are almost exactly the same except for one tiny detail, but the difference is mostly aesthetic. - Oh and I really enjoyed working on this map! I took so long to showcase it because I was working on other maps, projects and irl, and I wanted it to be perfect, and because I had said that it was going to have these two versions. - There will definitely be a third version of this map that will vary much, much more from these two (and it will definitely not take one year to appear x.x). I hope you like it!
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    View File Third Job Costumes & New Classes: Corrected Third Job Costumes + New Classes The Correction With the advent of jRO releasing new Job Costumes, and also, the new classes from the Taekwon branch, many of server owners want to replace the vanilla sprites or even, implement the bodystyle system. But, there's a catch! Originally jRO, and now, even kRO spriters, have made it completely off of the default pattern of palette. In a classic example, you can notice the pattern of the RO palettes. What matters is the position of the colours, as an example, for all jobs, the white-ish tones will be always on the same row, so we can use it to create custom palettes. See how it works: But jRO didn't follow the classic pattern, making it incompatible with custom palettes (@Kamishi ones included). So, I edited frame by frame of each job sprite, of each gender, mounted or not, correcting them, converting them in a way so many of the previously created palettes will work. This package includes: Alternate Outfits: Alternate Royal Guard M/F + Gryffon Battlemount + Lion Mount Alternate Ranger M/F + Warg Battlemount + Ostrich Mount Alternate Minstrel/Wanderer + Ostrich Mount Alternate ArchBishop M/F + Alpaca Mount Alternate Warlock M/F + Fox Mount Alternate Mechanic M/F + Savage Mount Alternate Genetic M/F + Savage Mount Alternate Guillotine Cross M/F + Hyena Mount Alternate Shadow Chaser M/F + Hyena Mount Alternate Sorcerer M/F + Fox Mount Alternate Sura M/F + Alpaca Mount Alternate Rune Knight M/F + Dragon Battlemount + Lion Mount New Classes Star Emperor M/F + Wolf Mount Soul Reaper M/F + Wolf Mount As requested by @Emistry, I also added an extra, making it more compatible to default palettes: Kagerou/Oboro + Frog Mount Following the another @Emistry's request, all files are now already on GRFs. The previous version had no Cashmount palette included, this one fixes the issue. Only the already released costumes are supported at this moment. The Rune Knight seems to be the last of them, it's over a year from the first release! As a final part of the package, I'm including Classic Palettes for all Alternate Costumes. Enjoy the final product! Submitter Haziel Submitted 02/24/2016 Category Job Sprites Content Author Gravity Corp  
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    Good Day Rathena people! Here is a guild hall from ROM! the textures are original from ROM Textures. Enjoy~
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    View File Town of Beginnings from SwordArtOnline Town of Beginnings from SAOI'm releasing this map that I made a while ago for a SAO-RAG project that has been put on hold, and i felt like it's too good of a map to put it on a shelf ;]Hope you guys enjoy the release. ;] Some files inside include the color changes on some texture files, so keep that in mind, and delete them if you want. Submitter rapalooza Submitted 04/16/2019 Category Maps & 3D Resources Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbs68FJr2I4 Content Author raPalooza  
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    roCORD for rAthena Hey everyone, I am currently working on a Discord bot which allows interaction between a Discord server and an in game channel. Support for Version 1 is now dropped! Version 2 can be found under this link -> https://github.com/Normynator/roCORD/tree/development Documentation about installation and configuration can be found here -> https://github.com/Normynator/roCORD/tree/development/docs More updates on Version 2 will follow.
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    View File High Definition Damage Font Hi all, This is a basic damage font alternative which can be used to bring a little more high definition resolution to Ragnarok! I made this purely because I was tired of staring at the hideously stretched and over-pixelated damage numbers while I was doing some testing. Feel free to give it a try! There is a slightly wider spacing between digits that I wasn't able to close off because the client must determine spacing/positionings between, but if you want to reduce some of the spacing I have provided another .act file suffixed "_larger" which reduces the spacing but makes the damage text a bit larger. Thanks Submitter Epoque Submitted 03/31/2019 Category Sprites & Palettes Video Content Author Chris Copeland  
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    Hello! I just wanted to share with you a Kafra set I did for a Spanish RO server. What do you think about them? I used the same template presentation they use for the original ones and also respected the colors (or so I think) I really would like to read what is your opinion, Thanks!!
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    Bonus Expansion Pack Introduction As some of you may know, a long time ago I made a patch for eAthena which included an expanded collection of bonus script commands which could be used on items. I'm guessing this was somewhere in the region of 10 years ago now, so I think it's probably fitting that a newer version be developed. So, development hasn't started yet as I need to dig up the old list and identify which ones haven't already been implemented/which ones can actually be implemented against the new code base. Requests This topic will serve as the base for any and all requests. The purpose of this project is to develop new bonus script commands, or augment existing ones by adding more specific or extra versions. I'm open to the community for any suggestions and requests for the bonuses which will be introduced. Please don't request things like new at-commands or new script commands as I'd like to keep this project specific to bonuses, however I might end up developing some script commands if I find that they're necessary to accomplish a bonus. Pending Implemented Usage The development will take place on a fork of rAthena under a separate branch. Once the initial version is complete I will generate a patch file which can be applied against the master branch of an rAthena repository. Please be advised that I won't be providing support for previous revisions (for example, if you're running a version of rAthena which was available 4 months prior to my patch.) My intention is to keep the forked branch up-to-date with periodic merges of the master branch, and produce new patch files whenever this takes place (and keep historical patches) Thanks
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    Hello Everyone So as of late I am playing Pokemon game on discord and there is this sub game where the bot will spawn pokemon image on the channel and the user on channel only need to guess what is the name of the pokemon, it work to substitute Poke-Ball system and I think this system not far of from disguise so I am thinking to create this one just for the fun, the code is simple and crude so here if any of you interested to make it more robust please do get the needed file here: https://github.com/Litro/disguise-discord to run it you need to fill the value required in config.json file "token" : "" "apikey" : "", "WhiteList": [""], token: you can read the guide how to obtain discord bot token from here apikey: you need to request an API key. Please register an account in divine-pride.net forum and request a key in your profile page. WhiteList: is user id of staff that can use the command to start or stop disguise event. you can read it here for how to obtain it.
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    let the EQI_SHADOW_WEAPON slot can equip any special weapon you want and cover the your EQI_HAND_R weapon view ID. Its showcase only.
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    October Digest 2018 The following digest covers the month of October 2018. Staff Changes: None Development Highlights: CORE: Fixed ers_destroy called too early in do_final_instance (0f8ce367) Fixed IM_NONE idle timer issue (7d8530e3) Fixed instance map issue (e66dc4f6) Added script command getunits (10e7035b) Initial release of the guild storage log (55acdb986) Changed the default packetver to 20180620 (8e7b9a57) Cleanup skill_damage mapflag for skill (d8e760fa) Fixed free purchase from cashshop NPC exploit (180938d9) Corrected equipment stripping success rates (04f127fd) Fixed potential map server crash in clif_parse_Mail_setattach (21407227) Added skill_duration mapflag (84b4f098) Updated Gunslinger/Rebellion Bullet behavior (87032fc9) Fixed Water Evasion and Freezing Spear combo (af205a88) Removed code duplication for Guild Skills (98ba5490) DATABASE: Corrected Solid Lunatic spawn amount at prt_fild08 (daebd300) Updated item_buyingstore table (474cb7d9) Corrected Repair and Shape Shift requirements (77ace906) Corrected a SQL issue (5c031c73) Added cards from ep14.3 (kRO 2018.09.21) (a31b34ba) Renewal Monster updates (fe197bfa1, 5322c563, bcd419db) Added items from kRO 20181002 (4c25aadf) Added items from kRO 20160504 (5c891c53) Corrected Airship_Boots item script (8cecb040) Added missing mode for Nightmare Biolab monsters (a4fa8054) Corrected an Imperial Set Combo (fece0abe) Updated amount of items given from certain scroll boxes (b1200aa1) Corrected some item combo bonus (edfaa546) SCRIPT: Initial release of Rock Ridge script (01a70999, 441e8f96) Corrected some issues with Malaya Quests (2e9319af) Updated Malangdo enchant weapon script (e2763068) Initial implementation of Nightmare Biolab (33dcadda) Updated NPCs in moro_vol map (0b18fe4b) Initial release of Devil Tower memorial (58c520eb, efbb9fed) Fixed some conditions in LV4 weapon quest (7066cac9) OTHERS: Corrected Guild Storage Log SQL file (8a504c69, 3b7fbb0d) Miscellaneous documentation update (5e7cb8a8) Adding LGTM to CI tools (c0793a80) Statistics: Excluding merges, 10 authors have pushed 71 commits to master and 120 commits to all branches. On master, 117 files have changed and there have been 22,609 additions and 5,417 deletions. 59 Active Pull Requests 63 Active Issues 39 Merged Pull Requests 20 Proposed Pull Requests 32 Closed Issues 31 New Issues List of Contributors: @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @anacondaqq, @Atemo, @attackjom, @AzarthMZintos, @Balferian, @cydh, @Everade, @exneval, @Indigo000, @JohnnyPlayy, @keitenai, @lelouch22, @Lemongrass3110, @mazvi, @officialwedevgames, @OptimusM, @Questune09, @sader1992, @secretdataz, @slyx88, @teededung, @vykimo, @zackdreaver Show your support to rAthena by submitting your Issue or Pull Requests!
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    by short description There are 3 different generations of laboratory monsters: 1. Egnigem, Wickebine, Laurell, Errende, Josephina, Kavach, Armeyer 2. Seyren, Eremes, Kathryne, Margaretha, Cecil, Howard 3. Randel, Gertie, Celia, Chen, Trentini, Alphoccio, Flamel I collect them, correct mistakes, add every possible class to each monster, recolor them in 3 official color sets and improve their aura. As a basis, I took the logic of the first implemented sprites at lhz_dun01-03 If you compare the following kRO sprites with corrections in the changelog you will notice that the logic has ceased to be respected and the sprites do not even have sounds! [DONE] 1st classes, 2nd classes, advanced classes, 3rd classes, 3rd japan edition classes, king of the alley, the last one, custom extended classes, summoner The total number of sprites in the pack: ~150 classes (including different types of weapons) x 3 color sets x 2 different auras = ~900 sprites changelog: (!) Below are the non-clean gifs recorded using GifCam.exe over the Act Editor (!) So these can brake or accelerate and do not serve as an accurate image. These gifs are added just for reference For clarity, the background of the laboratory is taken, and the sprites are shown in transparent blue 969F9EE7 and with improved aura Seyren Windsor Eremes Guile Kathryne Keyron Margaretha Sorin Cecil Damon Howard Alt-Eisen Randel Lawrence Gertie Wie Celia Alde Chen Lio Trentini Ilaria Alphoccio Basil Flamel Emure Egnigem Chenia Wickebine Tres Laurell Weinder Errende Ebecee Josephina Kavach Icarus Armeyer Dinze The Last One & King of the Alley Cheril Belle (Custom) Weikath Valtz (Custom) Keytar Oracle (Custom) Rachel Wirth (Custom) Mary Liz Felany (Custom)
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    Hola a todos!, despues de un tiempo he decidido hacer una montura para GM ya que son los unicos que no he visto que tengan uno. Obiamente es personalizado, espero que les guste!. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ English Hello everyone, after a while I decided to make a mount for GM because they are the only ones I have not seen that have one. Obviously it is personalized, I hope you like it!. Personalmente no me comvencio del todo la montura de la GM femenina, ya que su postura no coincide perfectamente con los perfiles, es decir la manera o la pose en la que esta sentada... me gustaria modificarle o crear otro cuerpo con una pose distinta pero no tengo mucho talento en el pixel art, si alguien desea ayudarme bienvenido sea! Tambien quisiera modificarle el radio o el tamaño de la sombra de bajo de sus monturas para que se vean acorde a la dimension de la misma, pero nose donde es que se configura, alguna sugerencia? Tengo otros detalles y proyectos en mente tambien que me gustaria hacer y compartir, pero necesito una mano jeje. Saludos! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English Personally I do not fully commend the female GM's mount, since her posture does not perfectly match the profiles, that is, the way or the pose she is sitting in ... I would like to modify her or create another body with a different pose but I do not have much talent in pixel art, if someone wants to help me, be welcome! I would also like to modify the radius or size of the bass shadow of their frames so that they look according to the size of the frame, but I do not know where it is configured, any suggestions? I have other details and projects in mind too that I would like to do and share, but I need a hand hehe. Regards!
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    My custom Launcher created 100% by me Login Launcher + Update + Account Manager + Vote 4 Points + Donate No need to go to the server site What do you think? Suggestions? OLD
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    September Digest 2018 The following digest covers the month of September 2018. Staff Changes: None Development Highlights: CORE: Cleaned up map property functions (048de6c9) Updated mob_drop parsing (386ee355) Follow up to atcommand identifyall (d7d012c5) Resolved Dynamic Mobs issue (618fc37e) Implemented official ammo equip behavior (d3d8f3c5) Corrected some weapon bonuses (d17ddf41) Corrected a check for skill usage restrictions (e6e0511c) Updated documentation typo error (3cd77173) Cleaned up Banding behavior (0d773983) EDP renewal change (a12f1ce0) Cleaned up equipment stripping skills (f0dfdf92) Corrected Critical bonuses (147e8da2) Corrected Union of the Sun Moon and Stars HP cost (8fc79033) Corrected Taekwon Mission mob generator (7040057a) Updated Item Sell checks (3e1105b0) DATABASE: Updated default items's items script of attendance.yml (82171c58) Corrected Kimi Possession combo set (71b8cbe1) Implemented items from ep16_2 (kRO 2016.03.09 and 2017.06.21) (32b19904) Updated map_msg_por.conf (c4cb25b6) Updates inf3 in skill_db (b614092b) SCRIPT: Adjusted playtime check in Eden Quest script (ee6009ff) Clean-up HTF instance and fixed a quest warning (9780b461) Fixed some error and warning in the NPC sample folder (ca83d352) Autopot script improvement (b7ba7fe5) Changed "Royal Errand Boy" to "Royal Messenger" in quests_16_1.txt (f16fc6c5) OTHERS: Minor correction in documentation (7d546d37) Corrected some GCC 7.1+ compile warnings (926e37cb) Statistics: Excluding merges, 9 authors have pushed 27 commits to master and 53 commits to all branches. On master, 47 files have changed and there have been 1,416 additions and 672 deletions. 28 Active Pull Requests 49 Active Issues 19 Merged Pull Requests 9 Proposed Pull Requests 26 Closed Issues 23 New Issues List of Contributors: @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @Atemo, @AzarthMZintos, @benching, @cydh, @Everade, @exneval, @JMahiro, @keitenai, @kukuasir, @laziem, @Lemongrass3110, @Litro, @mrjnumber1, @RadianFord, @sader1992, @secretdataz, @teededung, @Tokeiburu, @zackdreaver Show your support to rAthena by submitting your Issue or Pull Requests!
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