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  1. Creo que lo mejor sería configurar el servidor como Pre-RE e ir importando el contenido renewal que gustas. El mayor problema será del lado del cliente. Tienes que decidir qué cliente escogerás. Creo que el último recomendado para pre-re es el 2018-06-21 si no mal recuerdo. Solo que obviamente ese cliente no cuenta con las funciones que sí tienen los clientes más nuevos. Si te vas por un cliente superior a la fecha del cliente recomendado arriba, tendrás que aplicar un PR que permite restaurar la animación de varias skills, pues estas fueron removidas después del 2018-06-21. Entre otras cositas que tendrás que adaptar. Es mucho trabajo, pero sí creo que es la mejor opción.
  2. Not impossible, but yeah, you're gonna have a bad time getting the right files for that really old client
  3. Are you using my Client? If you do, then you might want to remove the shared palette patch activated in WARP
  4. After encountering issues with the current data.grf, I decided to start from scratch and overhaul the entire process. The result? A significantly reduced file size for the data.grf Previously, the data.grf weighed in at around 2.45GB, but now it’s down to just 2.15GB. In addition to the file size reduction, I’ve added 275~ mini maps to maps that were lacking them. The entire folder, including BGM, now stands at 2.96GB. What was done to the poor data.grf? Besides cleaning up unused sprites from npc and mob folders, now I converted all .BMP files to be 8bit, this doesn't affect quality on a game like RO, instead, it actually makes it easier for the client to handle those assets. .JPG and .PNG were treated as well but with some differences. Feel free to report any issue here
  5. I remember reading once that, every custom skill is treated as an offensive skill
  6. Try checking here Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine
  7. Because of how Gitlab and Git-LFS works, I can only update the `data.grf` once. For subsequent updates, it’s more efficient to delete the entire repository and re-upload the folder. If I don’t follow this process, any modification to data.grf, even as small as 2 bytes, would result in an upload of nearly 12GB I'm currently uploading it
  8. Those files are for weapons, and they should be on your data.grf. That's an extremely old file, if you dont have them, you may want to redownload your data.grf weapon.grf
  9. Oh snap, I forgot this thread xD I did my testing and tried some stuff, but you can't really get those numbers more together as you downsize them. I tried with extremely low size numbers and still, a padding is added between the numbers, also, using low size numbers make it look so blurry and awful xD
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