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  1. Hello, for client 2013 and above it should be in iteminfo.lua or any iteminfo files name that your client diffed located in System folder.
  2. Have u tried remove your mapflag restricted in your script ? its already added in restricted.txt right ?
  3. rathena are now using yml for itemdb
  4. theres a lot to guess. Maybe your client files issues, or map issues, or job sprite issues, etc.
  5. for GM Sprite, its client side, not server side. Server side = GM commands, configuration, etc.
  6. I dont know if this one is correct but you can try download and try.
  7. Maybe that account ID are exist in sclientinfo.xml or clientinfo.xml Make sure only GM account that you want to have GM Sprite are there and delete all unrelated accounts id there.
  8. Are you sure you're using latest rathena ? Because if im not mistaken I saw the update for the bonus before after that PR.
  9. Im just curious. Jailed, do you mean you want them to be unjailed later on (with their item also) ? Or else just ban them ? Try to suggest in rAthena github : https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues
  10. if u mean the slot in client, its from iteminfo.lua. Make sure you're client reading the correct files. If the names of iteminfo is iteminfo.lua, then edit iteminfo.lua. if iteminfo_EN.lua, then iteminfo_EN.lua. I dont know which files your client are reading so depends on your setup when your hex/patch your client.
  11. use commands in that item script for example @job, @jlvl and @blvl.
  12. created accounts should be in 'login' table. TBH I dont think your issue because of your current database are not updated. But if you're asking on how, you can use the folder sql-files/upgrades/ and run the SQL query needed. If you want to update your rathena folder, you can use git pull origin master if you're using github before and fix all conflicts file (if any). backup rathena folder and database just incase, before git pull.
  13. Hello, I think you failed if you're using 4144 nemo patcher for this client 20151104. Disable game guard will be unsuccessful. If thats your case, Try to use old Nemo https://github.com/Neo-Mind/NEMO
  14. why novice suit ? which one ? U might get error too if you're using equipments/weapons that didnt exist in job sprites. For example, equipping balmung at acolyte, or bow at priest, etc.
  15. https://mega.nz/file/FZ5mmJ5R#am0_pD6dxtWBeibBhv0ugVzT4DpgmUNr49gOYjq4cys
  16. ive told that above, Change SpiritSphereCost: 1 to 5 if you want the skill to cost 5 spirit sphere.
  17. Renewal ? in pre-renewal , yes it cost 5 for level 5 but in renewal it cost 1. if you want to change it to 5 : db/re/skill_db.yml - Id: 267 Name: MO_FINGEROFFENSIVE Description: Throw Spirit Sphere MaxLevel: 5 Type: Weapon TargetType: Attack Flags: TargetTrap: true Range: 9 Hit: Multi_Hit HitCount: - Level: 1 Count: 1 - Level: 2 Count: 2 - Level: 3 Count: 3 - Level: 4 Count: 4 - Level: 5 Count: 5 Element: Weapon CopyFlags: Skill: Plagiarism: true Reproduce: true CastTime: 500 AfterCastActDelay: 500 AfterCastWalkDelay: - Level: 2 Time: 200 - Level: 3 Time: 400 - Level: 4 Time: 600 - Level: 5 Time: 800 FixedCastTime: 500 Requires: SpCost: - Level: 1 Amount: 12 - Level: 2 Amount: 16 - Level: 3 Amount: 20 - Level: 4 Amount: 24 - Level: 5 Amount: 28 SpiritSphereCost: 1 Change SpiritSphereCost: 1 to 5
  18. You can set your php timezone in php.ini file in your web hosting. date.timezone = "Asia/Singapore" If VPS, you can try follow this : https://hostingmalaya.com/cara-menukar-timezone-vps-atau-server-linux.
  19. .conf ? do you mean .yml ? or are you asking about another emulator ?
  20. check your IP in sclientinfo.xml. Make sure your server can be accessed with/without using gepard (to make sure all diffed/patch are correct).
  21. Make sure you already recompiled/rebuild your src after changing anything in src folder.
  22. iteminfo.lua. check that file. your custom item are not inside that file. Thats why it shown unknown item.
  23. try @item that unknown item, is it exist and have description in your server then ? Most probably iteminfo are not added.
  24. Secret already archived the repo. You can use this PR : https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/5731
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