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  1. This is the description of the someone of that kind of items: Tempest Shadow combination method is explained in this Combination Scroll. You can get 1 Tempest Shadow item by combining it with Materials. ________________________ [Required materials] 50x Knot Letter 30x Shadowdecon ________________________ [Obtainable items] Tempest Shadow Shoes, Tempest Shadow Shield, Magic Executioner Holy Water Shadow Armor, Magic Corrupted Exorcist Shadow Armor, Magic Vibration Dragon Killer Shadow Armor, Magic Scissor Hunting Shadow Armor, Magic Fishing Insect Net Shadow Armor, Tempest Shadow Earring, Tempest Shadow Pendant, Magic Executioner Shadow Weapon, Magic Exorcist Shadow Weapon, Magic Hunting Shadow Weapon, Magic Insect Shadow Weapon, Magic Fishing Shadow Weapon, Magic Dragon Killer Shadow Weapon, Magic Angelus Shadow Weapon, Magic Formless Shadow Weapon, Magic Holy Water Shadow Weapon, Magic Plant Shadow Weapon This mean if i get all materials and i click on the scroll, can i obtain one of that items, thats the question.. How i can get one random item of one crafting recipe? i know the formula to get 1 unique item, but get one of many items? Please help me.. :C
  2. Hi brothers! My dream is one script to kill monsters by waves of them, after kill all waves of monsters one random boss appear, the name of this idea is CHALLENGE MODE, the problem is i dont know much of script and im looking for some hero to create this idea, i can pay money if is necesary, This is the script structure. Sorry for my bad english :C
  3. HOLY SHIT, THANKYOU BROTHER your script just excelent, your are Santa Claus¿? Wowww
  4. Hello dear brothers, i need a big help!! I can pay money i dont have problem, i need one script to craft items like TREE OF SAVIOR. For example i got one ITEM SCROLL (recipe) and i got all Materials required to craft that item i just wanna click on ITEM RECIPE and TRANSFORM THAT RECIPE on the crafted item. I put one image to explain the system.
  5. Hellow my dear brothers i need help, i got a problem, Sera Homunculus crash server (restart) wen the player active SUMMON LEGION SKILL, what i need do, to prevent more future crashing problems i block the Summon Legion Skill, can someone help me¿?
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