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  1. also you can just redirect to the npc instead of using a duplicate for example: prontera,263,209,6 duplicate(Deathmatch PvP Warper) DM PvP Warper#prt02 823 to prontera,263,209,6 script DM PvP Warper#prt02 823,{ doevent("Deathmatch PvP Warper:OnTalk"); } and add OnTalk: at the start of the original npc
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  2. Hello everyone, I recently made a post about "New RO" in this same category, and a lot of people gave me nice feedbacks, so today I bring something that I was already thinking about doing for the community, but I wasn't in the mood, I want to thank my friends and developers @Pixel and @craftro without them none of this would be possible. About the project: ROW is an executable visual editor, you put your "YouRagnarok_patched.exe" and it will give you the options (just like WARP or NEMO) but this is for custom things So you need to have an exe already built, otherwise you won't be able to enter the game It is currently in the ALPHA BETA version, so you will only be able to access 1 function, which is to change the color of the monsters' hp bar. To use it is very simple, you select your exe, choose the look you want and generate the exe. Note: If you have gepard, it will probably not allow any changes, so test with gepard disabled. The site is not responsive yet, this is just a test model, and if you find any bugs let me know, it is to work on any version of the exe (2010~2022) (Except for Ragnarok Zero new UI) Link: https://hexed-regexe.herokuapp.com/mobs Link discord project https://discord.gg/MxTB7WJVy5
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  3. setarray [email protected]_Name$[0], "gld_dun01", "gld_dun02", "gld_dun03"; switch (select("Create Instance", "Enter Instance", "Exit")) { case 1: set @menu_slt, select("Guild Dungeon 1","Guild Dungeon 2","Guild Dungeon 3"); switch(@menu_slt) { case 1: <create instance for gld01> break; case 2: <create instance for gld02> break; case 3: <create instance for gld03> break; } //NOW AFTER THE PLAYER CREATES INSTANCE THE NPC WILL THEN CLOSE DIALOGUE AND THE PLAYER WILL BE UNATTACHED TO NPC. //THE PROBLEM IS HERE IN CASE 2. MY QUESTION IS.... HOW WILL NPC REGNIZE YOUR CURRENT INSTANCE??? case 2: if([email protected]_slt){ mes "instance not created..."; close; } instance_enter([email protected]_Name$[(@menu_slt-1)]); break; } end; this might solve your problem, but you need to check if the instance was created before teleporting. I did a generic check
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  4. Version 2.0.0


    Description : The NPC are capable to search for MVP in the whole server or specific maps. Back in eAthena, there exists a script command (forgotten the name, perhaps a mobcount(...) with parameter changed) which allow us to check for specific monster id exists in the map or not, but it was removed. Then we could use mobcount(...) script command to get similar results, but we need to manually append an NPC event to each monster. Now, we could also do the same by using getunits(...) / getmapunits(...) script commands. Of course there are pro and cons for each version, I'll just leave it to you to decide for yourself whether to use it or not. The origin of script came from @Brian Preview : Settings : // Enable player to warp to MVP? // 0 = disabled // 1 = enabled // 2 = enabled + SC_BOSSMAPINFO .warp_to_mvp = 2; Enable this setting if you wish to allow NPC to warp into the monster map. // enable this setting to fully utilize the NPC script. (use at your own risk) // read more info at /conf/battle/monster.conf setbattleflag("dynamic_mobs", 0); By default, the dynamic_mobs configuration are set to yes. This help you save some server resources if the maps aren't access by any players recently by saving the monster data into the cache. The downside of using dynamic_mobs, monsters are cached, NPC can't search for the monster data if they are cached. FYI, monsters that spawned by NPC scripts aren't cached. // list of MVP map. setarray .map$, // enable this if you want it search whole server. (unable to use warp to mvp option) // "all", Enable this if you wish to enable to NPC to search the whole server, incase you missed what other maps have MVP (including showing mvp from restricted areas, like Guild Dungeon) FYI, searching the whole server would take a longer time, use at your own risk. Notes : The NPC are capable to search any MVP monsters in the map, including monster summoned by Bloody Branch, or Class Change Skill (from Sage's Abracadabra), as long as the monster have MVP EXP. Why do we need this if we already have Convex Mirror Item? I am sure everyone has used Convex Mirror before, but there are few reason that its frustrating to use it: Each convex mirror only can search current map of player. Convex mirror are wasted if the map doesn't have any MVP or killed. Convex mirror can't search for monster that summoned by NPC script. This NPC could serve as compensation for player, imagine the use case where you spend a Convex Mirror to know which MVPs are still alive instead of letting it go wasted knowing that the MVP in current map is dead or not found.
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