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  1. any error/warning in the console ?
  2. try this 62068,Sporing,SPoring,1,0,,0,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ progressbar "0x00FF00",1; if(mobcount(strcharinfo(3),"Summon_NPC::OnSummon")) { killmonster strcharinfo(3),"Summon_NPC::OnSummon"; } else { summon "Slave Poring",26127,100*60000,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon"; } },{},{} - script Summon_NPC -1,{ OnInit: set .Map$,"prt_fild01"; setmapflag .Map$,mf_loadevent; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if(strcharinfo(3) == .Map$ && mobcount( .Map$,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon") == 1 ){ killmonster.Map$,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon"; } end; OnSummon: end; }
  3. you can't turn everything to the grf except the data folder the system folder or the lua files like iteminfo etc wont work with that , as the exe read them first before the grf ofc if your question only about the data folder , it's better to not leave any file inside the data folder and straight up ignoring the data folder so no edit will be done to the game files without editing the grf and with hard coding the grf names and removing the data.ini /encrypt your grf it's slightly better security for your client files. a security for your client files to not be easy to edit by everyone but there still some technicians to edit them anyway , but not everyone would thing about it if you want more security than you would need something like Gepard
  4. with the script i posted above it's impossible to fail with all the 250 you will get some and loss some make sure you are using the new script , maybe you didn't save the script or didn't reload the script
  5. the script work for me , you should be more specific
  6. the chance logic was incorrect btw if(rand(1,5) == 3) // this mean the chance is 1/5 if(rand(1,5) <= 3) // this mean the chance is 3/5 leave the mac quantity 250 or add sleep in the loop if you know what i mean prontera,164,171,4 script Potion Brewer 893,{ mes "[Potion Brewer Alisa]"; mes "Hello, "+strcharinfo(0)+"!"; mes "How may I help you?"; next; switch (select("Brew Grenade:Brew Acid:")) { case 1: input [email protected]; if([email protected] > 250){ mes "the max quantity you can do at once is 250"; end; } clear; if (countitem(713) < [email protected] || countitem(970) < [email protected] || countitem(1059) < [email protected] ) { mes "You're lacking of requirements."; close; } for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<[email protected];[email protected]++){ if(rand(1,5) <= 3) { [email protected]++; } } delitem 713,[email protected]; delitem 970,[email protected]; delitem 1059,[email protected]; getitem 7135,[email protected]; end; } end; }
  7. setarray [email protected]$[0],"Kill Mantis","Kill Bees","Kill Soils","Kill Porings"; [email protected]$ = "NULL"; while(countinarray([email protected]$[0], [email protected]$) != 2) [email protected]$[rand(getarraysize([email protected]$))] = [email protected]$; switch(select(replacestr(implode([email protected]$, ":"), [email protected]$, ""))) { case 1: mes("mantis"); close; case 2: mes("bees"); close; case 3: mes("soils"); close; case 4: mes("porings."); close; }
  8. you can already do that with grf editor
  9. sader1992

    Need a Help

    unlike your post title/body all the tutorials i know in rAthena is very informative here is our most used tutorial if you want more "informativity" i suggest you start to use the search feature
  10. when you @summon = no event label = mobcount command with a label wont work you should make sure that the monster have a label for the script to work
  11. oh sorry , i miss-read the topic i see there is a messing Bracket in the script , also there is no need to check for the charid as it's not 0 for sure, but you better check for the map name (before the monster count) also are you sure about the event name ? so in your script case the npc name is "Summon" and the event is "Onprt_fild01" == Summon::Onprt_fild01 - script Sample -1,{ OnInit: set .Map$,"prt_fild01"; setmapflag .Map$,mf_loadevent; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if(strcharinfo(3) == .Map$ && mobcount( .Map$,"Summon::On"+strcharinfo(3)) == 1 ){ killmonster.Map$,"Summon::On"+strcharinfo(3); } end; }
  12. i would suggest you add the error you get , if you want a faster answer
  13. your topic doesn't make sense i suggest to read more about items you can start from here
  14. Please if you have a problem with an official script and you have the official information , consider reporting the issue in rAthena Github Moved to the right section.
  16. prontera,0,0,0 script poring_count 444,{ [email protected] = query_sql("SELECT `char_id`,`char_name`,`kills` FROM `poring_kill_rank` where `kills` > '0' order by `kills` DESC", [email protected],[email protected]$,[email protected]); [email protected] = inarray([email protected]$, strcharinfo(0)); if(inarray([email protected]$, strcharinfo(0)) != -1){ mes "^0024E8[YOU] :^000000 (" + ([email protected] +1) + ") : " + [email protected][[email protected]] + " Poring Kills"; } mes "[TOP 10] :"; for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<min([email protected],9);[email protected]++){ mes ([email protected] + 1) + " ^0024E8" + [email protected]$[[email protected]] + "^000000 ^FF0000" + [email protected][[email protected]] + "^000000 Poring Kills."; } end; OnNPCKillEvent: if(killedrid == 1002){ query_sql("SELECT `kills` FROM `poring_kill_rank` WHERE `char_id` = '" + getcharid(0) + "'", [email protected]); if([email protected]){ query_sql("UPDATE `poring_kill_rank` SET `kills` = '" + [email protected] +"' WHERE `char_id` = '" + getcharid(0) + "'"); }else{ query_sql("INSERT INTO `poring_kill_rank` (`char_id`,`char_name`,`kills`) VALUES ('" + getcharid(0) + "','" + strcharinfo(0) + "','" + [email protected] + "')"); } } end; OnInit: query_sql("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `poring_kill_rank` (`char_id` INT NOT NULL,`char_name` VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,`kills` INT NOT NULL) ENGINE=MyISAM"); } to reset, just remove all the entries in poring_kill_rank table
  17. prontera,0,0,0 script poring_count 444,{ mes "you have killed (" + poring_kill_count + ") Porings."; next; mes "reset the count ?"; if(select("yes:no") == 1) poring_kill_count = 0; end; OnNPCKillEvent: if(killedrid == 1002){ poring_kill_count++; } end; } this only work with monsters without label
  18. please do not edit the topic directly you can update the information of the file in the download section
  19. you can create a global variable with the index of the guild id like OnMonsterDead: if(getcharid(2) && $GLOBALGUILDQUEST[getcharid(2)]){ $GLOBALGUILDQUESTCOUNT[getcharid(2)]++; } end; //$GLOBALGUILDQUEST is a variable true or falce to check if the guild have the quest or not , normally just set it to true when they take the quest and false when they are done //$GLOBALGUILDQUESTCOUNT is variable for the kill count in this case and you can check for the count too
  20. i think it's disabled in the client side in 2015 or 2016 , don't remember so you can't use it if you use 2015+ client i think you can request a patch to enable it at but i don't think you will get it
  21. 2018 Client ? System/OngoingQuestInfoList_Sakray.lub
  22. look like your item db is herc's item db are you using rAthena ?