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  1. about the problem I don't know how to help you, try to create a topic in category client or source area asking for help
  2. would it be this? input [email protected]_to_gamble; if([email protected]_to_gamble){ mes "You can only put ^FF00005,000^000000 up to ^FF00005,000,000^000000 Zeny to proceed."; close; } if([email protected]_to_gamble != 5000 && [email protected]_to_gamble != 5000000){ mes "You can only put ^FF00005,000^000000 up to ^FF00005,000,000^000000 Zeny to proceed."; close; } if(Zeny < [email protected]_to_gamble){ mes "^FF0000* Insufficient Zeny^000000"; close; } Zeny -= [email protected]_to_gamble; [email protected] = rand(1,10000); //dispbottom ""[email protected]+""; //debug if([email protected] <= ([email protected]_to_gamble == 5000 ? 500:1000)) { mes "Won with "+(([email protected]_to_gamble == 5000 ? 5:10))+"%!"; getitem 607,1; } else mes "You were not lucky."; close;
  3. Try like this: 35815,Auto_Attack_Floater,Auto Attack Floater,5,20,,150,,6,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,2048,,1,1,4249,{},{ set @CloseW,0; callfunc "autojump"; },{ set @CloseW,1; } function script autojump { freeloop(1); while([email protected]) { warp strcharinfo(3),0,0; sleep2 10000; } freeloop(0); end; }
  4. Sim existe, o máximo que consigo te passar agora são os arquivos que precisa add as coisas, dai você pesquisa com base nisso, pelo menos já é uma luz pra ti kk mob_random_db item_randomopt_db item_randomopt_group da uma procurada, não é tão complicado quanto parece
  5. Um adendo amigo, Você deve usar o label OnInit: no final do código ou quando o script fizer o que você quer ali ele finalize com um end; caso contrário o script vai passar para a label OnNPCKillEvent: que no caso só seria ativado quando o player mata mob, então se o script do OnInit não for finalizado ali antes de começar a outra label vai acontecer esse erro justamente por quê não tem um player anexado ou seja não foi ativado por um player simplesmente o script seguiu em frente, só precisa adicionar um end; após definir os ids.
  6. - < TAB > itemshop < TAB > NPC Name < TAB > sprite id , costitemid {: < discount >}, < itemid >: < price > {, < itemid >: < price > ...} < map name >, < x >, < y >, < cara > < TAB >itemshop <TAB > Nome NPC < TAB > id do sprite , < costitemid > {: < desconto >}, < itemid >: < pre ç o > {, < itemid >: < pre ç o > ...}
  7. change `ʻITEM_ID`` to the item id you want to charge, the rest works as a store, then you put the item id and the price prontera,155,185,5 itemshop NPC_NAME 4_M_CHAMPSOUL,ITEM_ID,1187:100,1281:30
  8. damn, really, I didn't remember anymore thank you.
  9. how are you guys? I have this doubt, would it be possible for the mob to cast a skill that would change its element among some specified ones? Already thankful, Hyro~
  10. I don't know if they all have them, but the most well-known ones have flux-cp and ceres-cp
  11. could use a web-CP to unequip the char and then ask the person to use an npc that deletes items from the inventory
  12. Thank you very much, it worked just fine
  13. hello everyone, would anyone know how to tell me the simplest way to access a permanent char variable that i created in a player but by src?
  14. I did this example prontera,161,185,5 script NPCTIMED 112,{ if(#TalkTimer > gettimetick(2)) { mes "You have to wait!"; close; } else { for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize($Talkip$); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if($Talkip$[[email protected]] == getcharip()){ deletearray $Talkip$[[email protected]],1; set [email protected],getarraysize($Talkip$); } } } mes "Hi..."; mes "save teste?"; if(select("Yes:Not")==2){ close; } mes "Ok, ready"; set #TalkTimer,gettimetick(2)+(60*60*5); setarray $Talkip$[(getarraysize($Talkip$) ? getarraysize($Talkip$):0)],getcharip(); close; }
  15. Thanks for attention, but my idea is not to leave a time attachment, and work only when called similar to other labels that have a trigger that in this case it would always have been an increase in the minute real time. I will analyze and check how it would behave and try to create this function ^^. #Conclusion: you should pick between attempt #3 and #4. Personally, I would prefer #4. *this would also be the one I would use ^^
  16. I haven't tested it, but I hope it's the way you asked. you define the cooldown in: set [email protected],60; //time in minute the changes I made for you to understand ~1 before if ( strcharinfo(3) == strnpcinfo(4)) [email protected]++; ~ afeter if ( strcharinfo(3) == strnpcinfo(4) && RoomCD < gettimetick(2)) [email protected]++; else set [email protected]$,[email protected]$+strcharinfo(0)+", "; ~2 before else if ( .party_id ) { mes "[MvP Ladder Warper]"; mes "I'm sorry, but a party is currently playing the game. Please standby until the party is finished."; mes "Thank you."; close; } ~ afeter else if ( [email protected]$ != "" ) { mes "[MvP Ladder Warper]"; mes "There are players in your group with active cooldown!"; mes "^FF0000"[email protected]$+"^000000"; close; } ~3 before Zeny -= .register_cost; announce "The party ["+ strcharinfo(1) +"] has started the MvP ladder game.", bc_all; set .party_id, getcharid(1); set [email protected]_enter, gettimetick(2); ~ afeter Zeny -= .register_cost; announce "The party ["+ strcharinfo(1) +"] has started the MvP ladder game.", bc_all; set .party_id, getcharid(1); set [email protected]_enter, gettimetick(2); set [email protected],60; //time in minute ~4 before announce "You have "+ .timeout +" minutes to complete "+ .totalround +" rounds.", bc_self; [email protected]$[[email protected]] = strcharinfo(0); [email protected]++; ~ afeter announce "You have "+ .timeout +" minutes to complete "+ .totalround +" rounds.", bc_self; [email protected]$[[email protected]] = strcharinfo(0); RoomCD = gettimetick(2)+(60*[email protected]); [email protected]++; mvp_ladder.txt
  17. I would like to know how I change the calculation to be based on atk / matk (50%) + weapon atk currently (RE) this effect only calculates the weapon's atk, as hydra and turtle general. thank anyone who can help me
  18. é só abrir ele com um editor de texto, geralmente todas as pasta data base que tem pra montar cliente vem com eles .lub mas não ta convertida está com o seu conteúdo em texto normal. signboardlist.lub
  19. does the RDMOPT_VAR_ATKPERCENT formula work that way? https://streamable.com/egie8 Obs: 100 of RDMOPT_VAR_ATTPOWER is doubling atkpower.
  20. it's weird, it's ignoring the fixed 2 seconds of casttime, rumors say this has been around since eAthena.
  21. https://streamable.com/z9y9i - Id: 401 Name: CH_SOULCOLLECT Description: Zen MaxLevel: 1 TargetType: Self DamageFlags: NoDamage: true Hit: Single HitCount: 1 CastCancel: true Duration1: 600000 FixedCastTime: 2000 Requires: SpCost: 20 fixedcasttime 2sec '-'
  22. alter: getmapxy .map$,.x,.y,1; for: getmapxy .map$,.x,.y,BL_NPC; please show error image.
  23. \data\luafiles514\lua files\signboardlist.lub look for where and map
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