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  1. This system lets you know if the mvp is alive or dead. type @mvp <id> in the respective mvp map and a window will appear. Creators Credit (Code/Source): @Hyroshima @Tio Akima Video: https://youtu.be/0pGJgkgJbz8 Gif:
  2. the funny thing is that you don't even need a source for this, the client already supports all of this, just add the numbers.
  3. garment= back, there is no cape that you use in front. it looks like the 2dlayerdir file in the lua files you can set to bring forward, but I haven't tested it. (zell tip) you can use headgear to go ahead as an option.
  4. Many ask me for support, although there is a guide here from another member on the forum., for some reason this guide, besides being outdated, has files that don't exist (iteminfo.lub with another name) and it confuses a lot of people Quick guide to hands-on teaching you how to install garment on your rAthena emulator and Client-side Note: The garments are not considerable common looks, so they do not use Accessoryid.lub and accname.lub. Features we’re going to use: • iteminfo.lua • SpriteRobeId.lub • SpriteRobeName.lub • item_db_equip.yml • 1 image Collection • 1 bmp image for inventory • 1 spr and act of item when dragged • 1 spr and act of the equipment (male or female) STEP 1 First let’s add the name we want to the client-side System/iteminfo.lub Orange = Item id Green = collection/act/spr file name Blue = Title name Purple = item description [250001] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Unidentified Garment", unidentifiedResourceName = "후드", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "Can be identified by using a ^990099Magnifier^000000." }, identifiedDisplayName = "Super Angel Wing", identifiedResourceName = "Angel_wing", identifiedDescriptionName = { "White wings of a holy Archangel.", "____________", "^0000CCType:^000000 Garment", "^0000CCDefense:^000000 18", "^0000CCWeight:^000000 20", "____________", "^0000CCRequirement:^000000 None" }, slotCount = 1, ClassNum = 1, costume = false }, • In the print it will look like this: STEP 2 Add file name in data\luafiles514\lua files\Datainfo\SpriteRobeName.lub search for RobeNameTable, and at the end of the last robe you add yours, like this: RobeNameTable = { ... [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_C_Sakura_Wing] = "C_Sakura_Wing", [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_Angel_Wing] = "Angel_Wing", } If yours has this RobeNameTable_Eng, also put it: RobeNameTable_Eng = { ... [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_C_Sakura_Wing] = "C_Sakura_Wing", [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_Angel_Wing] = "Angel_Wing", } Now let’s go to SpriteRobeId.lub, you will find something like: ROBE_C_BlackBear_Back_TW = 81, ROBE_Calabash = 82, ROBE_C_Sakura_Wing = 83 Just add one more id, remember to add the comma in the previous one. (marked in blue) ROBE_C_BlackBear_Back_TW = 81, ROBE_Calabash = 82, ROBE_C_Sakura_Wing = 83, ROBE_Angel_Wing = 84 The bureaucratic part is almost over… now you need to open your item_db.yml, I particularly love using tokei’s SERVER DATA BASE EDITOR, if you don’t know what it is, you can click in link here or direct download here. In this tutorial I’m going to use SDE, but I’ll also show you how the result will look in .YML if you don’t want to download and just copy it. First I looked up the ID of the item I want to make, to make sure it doesn’t have it yet. Now I’m going to right click on any item or id and select the option COPY TO… Obs: the ideal is you already get the id of some wing, for example the ArchAngel which is the 2573 as we are going to make a wing, it can be the same as it. (if I were to make a sword for example or something related in the back, it could be Thanatos Sword as an example) and you put the new id, in the case of the example it is the 250001 If you notice the Archangel Wings VIEWID is the 1: So let’s put the ID of our custom, which is 84, the ID we chose in the file SpriteRobeID.lub Staying like this in the Server data base: In YML it looked like this, after saving: Now the bureaucratic part is definitely over, let’s just copy the files to the data folder and connect. STEP 3 Let’s go to the files now, the paths we’re going to use is: inventory= data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\item\ Collection = data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\collection\ drag inventory = data\sprite\¾ÆÀÌÅÛ\ wing (Male) = data\sprite\·Îºê\Angel_Wing\³²\ wing (Female) = data\sprite\·Îºê\Angel_Wing\¿©\ Note: Currently the client only reads the file by the name of the class, I’m going to use the LEARN (novice) class in the example, but ideally you use a garment generator and generate the same file for all classes (I think this one can be a good gerator *I haven’t tested it yet* But let’s test only with 1 class to test, as I said, I’ll use the apprentice, the sprite name is: Ãʺ¸ÀÚ_³² first let’s paste the textures, Collection folder in place data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\collection\ folder item inventory = data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\item\ Now we can go to the Sprites, Drop inventory = data\sprite\¾ÆÀÌÅÛ\ wing (male) = data\sprite\·Îºê\Angel_Wing\³²\ Note that the filename goes one folder before, and in the file goes the class name, this can be repeated for the female folder. in-game looked like this on @item 250001 with the class @job 0 Some observations: 1 – I had to change the SDE from (4) to 8192 to test if the robe custom was right, so that’s why it’s in the look tab and not the Equip tab, but I saw that it doesn’t make a difference, so disregard it. 2 – If the Wing appears on the ALT+Q but does not appear on the character as in this image below you probably don’t have the id in transparentitem.lub is an extra file that controls the transparency of the item, this file’s default for non-existent ids is 0 (transparent) so you just open it and so here: 84 = is ID { 84, 255, 255, 0 },
  5. My discord group https://discord.gg/kCmSH3wk5V
  6. use luafilest514/lua files/Spreditinfo Those two files are to replace the original inside luafiles514\lua files\spreditinfo so Garments won't display improperly in some positions. Same files can be renamed to biglayerdir_female and biglayerdir_male for older clients. SPREditInfo.zip
  7. try @bodystyle 1 in mechanic job
  8. to increase you just need a large number here.
  9. it is not necessary. this custom refers to @costume (christmas and etc.) does not work for visuals.
  10. Hello, a lot of people ask me for support for this, and I think something is so simple, but I still want to help them, well I know that just writing is not enough, so I made a video teaching my BRAZILIAN community how to do it, but also I made a text file and I teach for the AMERICAN community too, well you can watch and see if you can follow, I found it easier. Video complete: Server database editor GRF editor Client hexed 20200604 Current emulator rathena Notepad ++ My aura DEATH After the whole process: Quickly learn how to add custons to the latest rathena emulator with item_db.yml 0 - open your main GRF that is reading luafiles514 (in the example of the video is my data.grf because I don't have another one) and extract ACCNAME.LUB | ACCESSORYID.LUB 1 - add your custom visual name to data\luafiles514\datainfo\accname.lub 2 - add your custom visual ID to data\luafiles514\datainfo\AccessoryId.lub [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_DEATH] = "_DEATH", the _ (underline) is mandatory in this process because the client places the female and male symbol at the beginning to identify the folders. ACCESSORY_NAME = LAST ID, My: ACCESSORY_DEATH = 2006 3 - Configure the item_db.yml in the server data base editor ( select the PRE-RE or RE folder from your rathena emulator database)Link download SDE compatible item_db.yml http://www.mediafire.com/download/p0zhcc8ipa6cjt3 .| note: this version tokei made me available for testing, it's official, but I believe that here on rathena it hasn't been released, so it's a beta version. obs: you can copy the id of some item like i did with id 500 and redirect it to the new ID. CTRL + SHIFT + D (copy ... id) I used 250001 as an example. 4 - create the id on iteminfo.lub identifiedDisplayName = item name after identifying or if already identified. identifiedResourceName = location where the item's sprite will be in the inventory / collection or when it drops identifiedDescriptionName = item description after identifying or if already identified. everything unidentified on the front will be when the item is not identified. my code: [250001] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Death Aura", unidentifiedResourceName = "DEATH", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { }, identifiedDisplayName = "Death Aura", identifiedResourceName = "DEATH", identifiedDescriptionName = { "A snack of a piece of walnut mixed with chocolate and rounded together.", "I don't know why walnut carries it.", "________________________", "Heals 10% HP and 10% SP.", "________________________", "^ff0000(The item is deleted after the event ends.)^000000", "________________________", "^0000CCWeight:^000000 1" }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 0, costume = false }, 5 - place the files in the respective folders. ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ - folder that holds the spr e act of the items when dragged. ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®/³²/ - folder of the equipped male look ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®/¿©/ - folder of the equipped female look data\luafiles514\datainfo\accname.lub - this is where you define the visual name data\luafiles514\datainfo\AccessoryId.lub - file is where you define the view id of the visual. If you did not understand the tutorial and would like to see how I did it in practice, see the full video at the top. Thank you rAthena!!
  11. Use diff nemo "flood limit"
  12. Froost


    prontera,20,60,0 shop GoldVending# 810,969:500000 Gold sell 500k
  13. you might be able to paint them in the actor editor if you have the spr and act of some scripts> change all colors layers
  14. add the monster's npc in the NPC folder and put a custom npc ID, you must be using monster id, that's why the sword appears (example 1002: poring) but you can use the JT_PORING something like that that will be used from the NPC folder and not from the MOB folder
  15. View File New ThunderStorm I did this effect some time ago, I think it would be cool to share it. Submitter Froost Submitted 01/07/2021 Category Skill Animations Video Content Author Frost  
  16. that i remember gm sprite doesn’t have a mount, try taking off the gm outfit.
  17. try https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/custom/quests/quest_shop.txt
  18. Version 1.0.0


    I did this effect some time ago, I think it would be cool to share it.
  19. I will check, the version I tested here was functional, let's see what happened. ^^
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