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  1. I need to deliminate an input with space. How do I do that? " " does not work *explode(<dest_array>,<string>,<delimiter>) Breaks a string up into substrings based on the specified delimiter. Substrings will be stored within the specified string array. Only the 1st char of the delimiter parameter will be used. If an empty string is passed as a delimiter, the string will be placed in the array in its original form. Example: explode([email protected]$, @input$, ","); //[email protected]_array$ contents will be... //[email protected]_array$[0]: "Explode" //[email protected]_array$[1]: "Test" //[email protected]_array$[2]: "1965" //[email protected]_array$[3]: "red" //[email protected]_array$[4]: "PIE"
  2. Hi guys, I just compiled a new server without any modification, PURE VANILLA. I noticed that you can skill up 2nd job skills even without spending 49 skillpoints on the first job. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. Greetings! I would like to ask if there's a way to maintain the battle stance while casting skills. Skills such as bash/bowling bash, after casting, the character goes to battle stance. Also, is there a way to switch to battle stance every time players are NOT in towns?
  4. I've a latest rathena from github, using 20180307. No settings is changed. player_skillfree: no player_skillup_limit: yes But people who reset their skills can bypass the skill point check. They should add atleast 40 skill points on the first job skills before they can add levels on 3rd job skills. Right? Any thoughts?
  5. I'm using 2018-03-07 client. I've a server that automatically levels you up and changes your job, I've noticed that you can level up 2nd or 3rd job skills without using at least 50 skill points on the 1st job skills. Needless to say; it's exploitable because you can max out almost all 2nd job and above skills. I've tried it with both renewal and pre-renewal configs. I've done nothing with the SRC. Any thoughts?9==9i]=9-0
  6. My client is 20180221 mes "<URL>^AA0000[Amon Ra]<INFO>,1024,768</INFO></URL>^000000 - 1 hour"; Clicking the link opens the link successfully the first time, but once i close it and try to open it again, nothing happens. Any ideas? i tried to @refresh, reconnecting by character select, going to other map doesn't help.
  7. Hi, I'm planning to create a 99\70 server that would maybe someday expand to 175 3rd job. How big of a difference is it with stats, equipment and other stuff if I use renewal stats but only cap the level to 99/70 (2nd advance job)?
  8. Where can I get that client? I've accidentally deleted all my bookmarks of RO repositories. :'(
  9. Can anyone tell me what client this is? And any bugs I should know about if I'm going to officially use this as my client?
  10. Is it possible to autostart your client after thor patched?
  11. Basically I need a script that checks if an <item number> if it is equippable by <Class/Job number> Is there such a thing/way?
  12. Hi, I've been experimenting with this script I made, and would appreciate it if you can share ways to sort the NPC shop by name or etc... This is the script:
  13. Initially I wanted to disable aura. I tried to change aura_lv but it didn't work (I'm using 3rd job btw) I then tried to patch it with NEMO, (use custom aura limits) and it worked. BUT if you toggle /aura (either on or off) the aura returns. I'd like to diff to disable /aura like how NEMO can disable/enable /showname. Or if there's another solution to fully disable aura on both 2nd and 3rd classes, I'd appreciate the shared knowledge. Thanks in advance