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  1. How can I make the warp-out after emperium break be set to a specific area and not their savepoint?
  2. - Mob: E_CONDOR Sprite: JOB_SURA <--- Can we change the @bodystyle ? Sex: Male HairStyle: 1 HairColor: 1 ClothColor: 1 Weapon: Gladius Shield: Guard HeadTop: Sahkkat HeadMid: Sunglasses HeadLow: Cigar
  3. Auto-attacking or casting a specific skill on an enemy and will trigger "The High Priest" tarot card that dispels everything including FCP. Is it possible?
  4. Could we counter RPE and 0sprite delay users with serverside skill cooldown?
  5. How do i make "Stealth Field" (Mado skill) not cancelled by land protector
  6. Hi guys! I've reported an issue regarding reflect damage in correlation with decreased battleground and woe damage calculation. (here's my report: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/5331) I was wondering if you guys have any solutions? battle.cpp LINE 7380 I suspect we need to change the calculation. Any thoughts?
  7. Is it possible to change drop rate of a specific group without enabling the VIP system?
  8. I saw some lines on msgstringtable with the ^hex tag and it works, some doesn't though. Any way to make it all work?
  9. Didn't mean to rush anyone, i just thought things here are automated
  10. Hi! how come andro is looking for data/sprite/인간족/머리통/남/1223_남.spr? am I missing something? that's a character sprite. Why is it #1223? Nevermind, i had the <version> misspelled
  11. I need to deliminate an input with space. How do I do that? " " does not work *explode(<dest_array>,<string>,<delimiter>) Breaks a string up into substrings based on the specified delimiter. Substrings will be stored within the specified string array. Only the 1st char of the delimiter parameter will be used. If an empty string is passed as a delimiter, the string will be placed in the array in its original form. Example: explode([email protected]$, @input$, ","); //[email protected]_array$ contents will be... //[email protected]_array$[0]: "Explode" //[email protected]_array$[1]: "Test" //[email protected]_array$[2]: "1965" //[email protected]_array$[3]: "red" //[email protected]_array$[4]: "PIE"
  12. Hi guys, I just compiled a new server without any modification, PURE VANILLA. I noticed that you can skill up 2nd job skills even without spending 49 skillpoints on the first job. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. Greetings! I would like to ask if there's a way to maintain the battle stance while casting skills. Skills such as bash/bowling bash, after casting, the character goes to battle stance. Also, is there a way to switch to battle stance every time players are NOT in towns?
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