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  1. Hello people! Today I come here with a new project that I am carrying out, but it has me with some problems that I cannot think of how to solve. The first problem, and the main one ... is that my idea is to create a normal, pre-renewal server ... with status, cast and all the pre-renewal mechanics. But keeping all the content, items, equipment, maps, quests, instances, even some classes like expanded super novice, oboro etc ... The first thing that occurred to me was to put my server in renewal mode and remove the casting, aspd and stats mechanics that it gives you in the quick options of the code. but once inside the game, my cast does not exist. and my ATK has no 10 STR bonus points. My question now is ... is it possible to put my game in PRE-RENEWAL mode, and somewhere else to be able to enable all the RENEWAL content? Another of my problems ... is that throughout the course it occurred to me to limit the 3rd jobs to a maximum level of 99. So I could leave some classes available and not have an imbalance. but when I do, when I make my PC third class, it stays at level 0 and does not allow leveling up.
  2. I have loaded the ones you mention and keep giving the same errors. it seems like it's more of an emulator or database tables problem, or maybe I'm misinterpreting the error messages
  3. yes, I am using the translations, I currently have the 3 that you recommend, none of them fix the error I had forgotten that I activated those options in the exe. I disabled them and now it shows me the following errors
  4. Hello, I have a problem in my client, it happens when I open the quest window. works correctly with their respective translations. but the problem is when I click on "recommended" automatically the client closes, without giving me any error or warning somebody could help me? i think it is missing file problem in my grf data. but I have created my grf with the DATA folder more updated than I have found and I do not want to replace it completely, if someone knows specifically which files I am missing, or how I could somehow cancel the quest window as a last option
  5. oh, thank you very much ... I have removed the line, but now I see the "normal" message and I want to see the number of users online
  6. where is this file location?
  7. U can help me? I have lastest update from rAthena, rev 13 diff from BG. but i Compile using Visual Studio 2019 on Windows 10. I can´t use diff automatic mode. and no see all changes aplicables in manual modifications on files. sorry for my bad english...
  8. How do I implement this on my server? I have many hats without sprites that give me a crash
  9. Muchas gracias a ambos por responder!. Ya logré solucionarlo... resulta que si tenia las carpetas mencionadas. pero por alguna razón el ejecutable no me reconocia las carpetas data y system, asi que tuve q crear un GRF con ambas carpetas y funcionó a la perfección. ahora estoy teniendo otro problemita más pero lo pondré en otro post para desvirtuar.
  10. Hola! Hago este Post para pedir ayuda con un problemita que tengo ahora mismo... El problema es el siguiente. Me eh descargado el EXE 20180620, al diffearlo no tengo errores. pero al intentar loguear el cliente se cierra instantaneamente al terminar de poner la cuenta y deberia mostar la selección de personaje. no eh podido solucionarlo, incluso otra persona con el mismo problema en el post de donde saqué el ejecutable. Informo q estoy diffeando con 4414, tengo el rAthena full actualizado desde el git. todo bien configurado a la base de datos, el server no tiene problema alguno, ya q estaba haciendo modificaciones utilizando el ejecutable de 2015 y funcionaba a la perfección. el problema empezó con este ejecutable, y quiero solucionarlo para hacer uso de el y sus funciones. tambien tengo el kRO totalmente actualizado hasta la fecha, y los datos de DATA y SYSTEM tambien actualizados. quisiera q pudieran ayudarme a encontrar el problema o bien buscar una solución alternativa
  11. Hola, buenas tardes... disculpame la molesta. pero eh visto q dijiste tener usando rAthena en modo pre-renewal. de casualidad te funciona toda la mecanica pre-renewal?, ya que estoy en el mismo problema q tú, y ademas de eso... al aplicar la mecanica pre-renewal, funciona lo del casteo, la aspd y demas cosas pero no obtengo los bonos de atk cada 10 puntos de str y demás bonos de status. agradeceria mucho si me confirmas eso para saber que no soy el unico!. quitando eso... si resuelvo el problema del link automaticamente te aviso ya que estoy tratando de resolverlo tambien
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