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  1. There are so many battleground scripts including a free @joinbg modification, just give it a search and ull find it.
  2. they are in i was too lazy to search in rA, might be here too but anyways here u go : choose the 2018 ones. 04-04-2018 works quite well, the others are just terrible with quite a lot of NEMO patch fails
  3. Oh I didnt know this was asked before xD, Thanks Annie! works without errors about Github, my bad i didnt know those scripts were for learning purposes :x
  4. Hey everyone I have an idea for a BG based on a game called GunZ i used to play. It's called "Assassination" This is similiar to capture the flag in some ways more than anything, Concept: Normal teams Red vs Blue, lets say its a 3v3 ( u need a minimum of 2 players in a team or itd be lame xD) one of the 3 players get a target on their head ( some marker is put on the player to suggest that he/she is the one to be killed. This should not be shown in minimap though or it would be gamebreaking) The other 2 players in red and blue should search for the targets of their respective opponent teams, 1st team to kill the opponent target wins the round. Targets are the main priority. even if its 3 players alive in team Blue, 1 player alive in team Red, If the 1 player(who is the target and the rest of his/her team is dead) in Red kills the target of Blue, Blue looses. So basically, 1 target is chosen at random in each team(this changes in each round so basically every 1 might get to be the target). The opponent team has to assassinate this target. If the target dies, all his/her teammates die and the round is over, opponent wins. Hope i explained it well xD i have posted it on Hercules as well, hopefully someone comes up with possibilities of making this a script (and if possible make it part of github as well? )
  5. Go to rathena\conf\battle\player.conf Edit this : // Maximum HPs depending on base level. Default values are: // Lv 99: 330000 // Lv150: 660000 // Lv175: 1100000 max_hp_lv99: 330000 max_hp_lv150: 660000 max_hp: 1100000 // Maximum SP. (Default is 1000000) max_sp: 1000000 Edit the max_hp and max_sp to whatever you want and recompile
  6. Thank you glad to know it was helpful
  7. Hello everyone, I present to you a modified tip box which has been completely translated to English. Tested on: 2018-04-04c RagexeRE and worked like a charm. In your System folder in Client side, replace your tipbox.lub with my translated tipbox i have attached below: tipbox.lub Then, Patch your client with whatever settings you want and then open the patched client in hexeditor ( I used XV132 for this) IMPORTANT NOTE : Make sure you hex a "patched" client. DO NOT do it on an unpatched client or else NEMO will show errors for random "recommended patches" that you select while patching it. Find the following and replace with hex for english translation : for checkbox: BD C3 C0 DB C7 D2 20 B6 A7 20 BF AD B1 E2 English translation: 53 61 76 65 20 54 69 70 3F 20 20 20 20 20 for close button : B4 DD B1 E2 English translation : 44 6F 6E 65 (korean translation of close has only 4 strings so I had to replace it with "Done" to match the string size -_-) OR go to your NEMO folder/patches/TranslateClient.txt and add this at the end of it then patch your clients: (Thanks to @Asheraf for telling me about this xD) M: Translate Tip box ------------------------------ F: BD C3 C0 DB C7 D2 20 B6 A7 20 BF AD B1 E2 R: 'Save Tip?' F: B4 DD B1 E2 R: 'Done' Old tip box: New translated tipbox: -- On a funny Note, I had no clue what the korean translation for the Check box was LOL so I just randomly translated it to "Save tip?" instead cuz it was a logical solution LMAO
  8. You need to use hex editor for that, i dont see any other solution. Maybe someone can help you with the editing.
  9. Hey everyone, just thought of this @[email protected] so many questboards i see which is usually managed by the GM? ( pre configured?) how about a bounty quest board? Example: I need to farm the ridiculously long item list for something like Brynhild, i need help and im willing to pay for it., so if the "employer?" clicks the quest board, he can set an item ID and count and set a reward for the person who takes the job? similar to the "Fairy Tale anime thing with the pirates doing certain bounties? and reward is given to the NPC (Something like a temporary storage?) where people take jobs from the board and get the reward if they get the job done. the job can be taken by any 1? person who finishes the quest first gets the prize and the item that was hunted will be given to the employer and reward stored with NPC is given to the person who finished it first and the quest or bounty disappears? I know its kinda confusing but its a mix of Questboard and bounty hunting @[email protected] and its just a raw idea that came up xD people could use it as a fun way to create jobs for "maxed out" people who wait for new updates and stuff? and to increase their money flow + not just sit and stay afk cuz theres nothing to do? xD Regards, Santa
  10. go to your eathena/config folder there is a file called atcommand_athena.conf open it and you see the command Example you will add @warp for normal player search for warp the comes a line looks so// Warp yourself to a certain map, at (x,y) coordinates (2 same commands).mapmove: 40 // (also /mm or /mapmove)rura: 40 The number is the GM Lvl gms with lvl 40 and up can use it change this to 0 to make it for playerwarp: 40Looks so:// Warp yourself to a certain map, at (x,y) coordinates (2 same commands).mapmove: 40 // (also /mm or /mapmove)rura: 0 Now normal player can use @warpwarp: 0 copied and pasted from a ragezone site xD just change the number of watever command u wish the player to use to 0.
  11. Ah ty for the guidance sader but what if i want everything to be of a specific colour ( all in red?) do i just remove this line? : if (output_table[i].value == sd->status.hp)
  12. Hey everyone, was wondering if theres anyway to change the basic "green"coloured statements into other colours? for example: for @stats const char* format; int value; } output_table[] = { { "Base Level - %d", 0 }, { NULL, 0 }, { "Hp - %d", 0 }, { "MaxHp - %d", 0 }, { "Sp - %d", 0 }, { "MaxSp - %d", 0 }, { "Str - %3d", 0 }, { "Agi - %3d", 0 }, { "Vit - %3d", 0 }, { "Int - %3d", 0 }, { "Dex - %3d", 0 }, { "Luk - %3d", 0 }, { "Zeny - %d", 0 }, { "Free SK Points - %d", 0 }, { "Used SK Points - %d", 0 }, { "JobChangeLvl (2nd) - %d", 0 }, { "JobChangeLvl (3rd) - %d", 0 }, { "Attack Speed MS - %d", 0 }, { NULL, 0 } }; This would reveal each line in green colour, so i was wondering if theres any way I could change this to make things more colorful? like base level being shown in red , HP in red while others in green or other colors? or is this is basic color shown by rA?
  13. Made it work for my 2013 client, heres the src edit i did to ur src diff : /*========================================= * Check values of resistance to elements * [ Keitenai ] *-----------------------------------------*/ ACMD_FUNC(resist) { char output[CHAT_SIZE_MAX]; int i; struct { const char* format; int value; } output_table[] = { { " [ %d ] Neutral resist", 0 }, { " [ %d ] Water resist", 0 }, { " [ %d ] Earth resist", 0 }, { " [ %d ] Fire resist", 0 }, { " [ %d ] Wind resist", 0 }, { " [ %d ] Poison resist", 0 }, { " [ %d ] Holy resist", 0 }, { " [ %d ] Dark resist", 0 }, { " [ %d ] Ghost resist", 0 }, { " [ %d ] Undead resist", 0 }, { NULL, 0 } }; memset(output, '\0', sizeof(output)); clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "========= Resistance Values ========="); output_table[0].value = sd->subele[ELE_NEUTRAL]; output_table[1].value = sd->subele[ELE_WATER]; output_table[2].value = sd->subele[ELE_EARTH]; output_table[3].value = sd->subele[ELE_FIRE]; output_table[4].value = sd->subele[ELE_WIND]; output_table[5].value = sd->subele[ELE_POISON]; output_table[6].value = sd->subele[ELE_HOLY]; output_table[7].value = sd->subele[ELE_DARK]; output_table[8].value = sd->subele[ELE_GHOST]; output_table[9].value = sd->subele[ELE_UNDEAD]; for (i = 0; output_table[i].format != NULL; i++) { sprintf(output, output_table[i].format, output_table[i].value); clif_displaymessage(fd, output); } return 0; } Note: ELE_ALL isnt required, tested on :Nydhrogg's garb; it auto assigns +7 to all the eles besides that, subele(ELE_ALL) isnt present in the 2013 version