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  1. This is a researching release, it could have something bad or you may have no idea how to use this. - Preview : - Info : You can make someone to log into server without using client. So, basically, this is a BOT. - Download : txtlogin.7z
  2. Preview : Info :GM active this game ---> player go to click NPC ---> wait for it ---> warp to game map ---> Kill all monster ---> go to next wave ---> no more wave ---> go to next level ---> no more level ---> go to reward. IF you didn't kill all monster before time over, you lose this game. IF you didn't go to click reward before time over, you get nothing. IF you are dead and no one help you, you can't do anything. Download : Another Devil Square.txt Time setting : .time_joining = 100; // How long that game will start after first join. (second) Level setting : OnSpawnMob: // getarg(0) ---> Level , getarg(1) ---> Wave , you can do what you like. callsub OnTimeLeftAnnounce, <second for player have to finish this motion or it will be game over>; callsub OnTimePauseDelay, <second for pausing the timer and it will not end this game>; callsub OnSMob, <x1>, <y1>, <x2>, <y2>, <mob id>, <amount>; // Use this to spawn monsters. default: // Game Over, go to reward mapannounce "ordeal_1-1", "[Devil Square]: You win!!", bc_map, 0x00FF00, 400, 18; enablenpc "#DevilSquarewarp2zoon6"; // Open reward npc stopnpctimer; sleep2 5000; // Delay for ending this game callsub OnEndd; break; ordeal_1-1, 149, 149, 4 script #DevilSquarewarp2zoon6 1324,{ // Default Reward NPC warp "prontera", 150, 180; getitem 607, 1; end; }
  3. clif_damage(struct block_list* src, struct block_list* dst, unsigned int tick, int sdelay, int ddelay, int64 sdamage, int div, enum e_damage_type type, int64 sdamage2) src : who send this dst : who receive this tick : when do this sdelay, ddelay, div, sdamage2 : you don't need to care it sdamage : yeap, damage number type : 0 ~ 12, there are info in clif.c Here is a little sample about monster send 9999 to me : clif_damage(&md->bl, &sd->bl, gettick(), 0, 0, 9999, 0, DMG_NORMAL, 0);
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