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  1. Aren’t those maps enabled by default ?
  2. Well you could try my unofficial version of it, though the database files are still in .txt format, but you can use the convert tool from rAthena for that: https://github.com/llchrisll/rAthena-Scripts/tree/master/unofficial/MagmaDungeon03/Server The mob drops and stuff are also not official. So if you have more info on that, feel free to edit that. Regards, Chris
  3. Small info regarding some Scripts: Dynamic Battleground Arena: I decided to temporarly remove it from the list and GitHub repo, because when I tried to fix some errors, I crashed my map server and I don't know the reason yet why. So I thought about rewriting most of the code, maybe I have a brain-mistake somewhere which I can't think of now or I find a better way to do stuff. But UNTIL I have the motiviation to do that (maybe I delete it completely, who knows) I removed it. Mob Invasion: I wasn't able to reproduce the "mobs spawn in batches issue" no matter what I tried so I only did some adjustments and the force end fix. Next up is the Battle Royale Script, where I screwed up the testing part for the other maps and only did it on the Alberta map and thought it should work on the others as well, which it didn't. So that's what I'm gonna do next and then I will continue with the ROTP (RO Translation Project) again, since I took a break currently since I have to translate the Tipbox next. I swear that's a long work..... a boring one at that ~ 5k lines :I. Regards, Chris aka Houndeye
  4. Well that script was an request based on the ideas to unlock the MvP cards that way as far as I remember. But like I stated in my topic, I'm not doing any modifications anymore only bug fixes, so sorry can't help you with that.
  5. So looked into it a bit, and changed a few lines, first of all I wasn't replicate the "spawn monsters in batches" issue. Though gonna test more after I'm back.... So the changed version: mob_inva.txt I changed the way the Force End will be called and tested it with 3 minutes and worked, not sure if it worked before, but I think it didn't. I also changed the announce way so it displays only 2 different lines, one at the usual 5 and on the last mob, otherwise it will the amount of monsters left like you requested. Please test it yourself and gimme feedback, until then I will make some more tests regarding the spawn monsters in batches thingy. Afterwards I will update the repo :P. Regards, Chris
  6. Well 1+2 are intentional, mostly. Well gonna take a look at it again, when I have more time or rather motivation, still needs to fix other scripts, Battle Royale and Dynamic BG Arena >_>. But the translation project takes time so I pretty much focus solely on that. Sorry, that I can't fix my scripts ASAP. infinite loop is that it needs a pause in between, gonna add it to my todo list regarding scripts to look at it further.
  7. Please use codebox next time, so it doesn't create any unnecessary lines. Also I don't provide any script modifications anymore, as I stopped scripting since the Translation project take-over. So as long they are no bugs, I won't do something to the scripts. Sorry.
  8. You're welcome guys, I hope your satisified so far with my contribution :).
  9. I'm aware that it's erroring, but I'm too lazy atm trying to fix it. Also english please next time ^^. (I guessed from your map server console, btw what you wanna tell me)
  10. Why should you ask me? If you can't find in such an (Client Sprite Collection of official servers) Then I can't help you xX
  11. Well just a small issue regarding getmapxy, since I didn't update it since they changed the it was handled, it errors ofc. For a quick fix, just exchange the "1" at the end of every getmapxy to BL_NPC and you are fine. Edit: Updated some scripts along with the fix of it.
  12. What do you mean by that? I didn't make the repo private :O.
  13. Is your kRO grfs up to date and is your custom grf inserted in your data.ini? Or if you use data folder you need to apply the patch "Read Data Folder First".
  14. If I remember correctly that was an packet issue, which got fixed if I'm not wrong. Try to update your server.
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