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  1. You're welcome guys, I hope your satisified so far with my contribution :).
  2. I'm aware that it's erroring, but I'm too lazy atm trying to fix it. Also english please next time ^^. (I guessed from your map server console, btw what you wanna tell me)
  3. Why should you ask me? If you can't find in such an (Client Sprite Collection of official servers) Then I can't help you xX
  4. Well just a small issue regarding getmapxy, since I didn't update it since they changed the it was handled, it errors ofc. For a quick fix, just exchange the "1" at the end of every getmapxy to BL_NPC and you are fine. Edit: Updated some scripts along with the fix of it.
  5. What do you mean by that? I didn't make the repo private :O.
  6. Is your kRO grfs up to date and is your custom grf inserted in your data.ini? Or if you use data folder you need to apply the patch "Read Data Folder First".
  7. If I remember correctly that was an packet issue, which got fixed if I'm not wrong. Try to update your server.
  8. maybe you forgot to use one of the texture folders I provided :I But I think you didn't setup your client properly. As your map display is still korean, which shouldn't be the case. Try to make a new client with one of the NEMO profiles I have in "Client Support/Nemo Profiles" and select the "2020_Translation" profile, be sure to copy the content "Renewal" folder into your data folder and select your Texture folder you wanna use, I use the Basic Texture Folder and I don't have an issue with anything.
  9. If I'm not wrong right now, those two files comes with kRO by default xX.
  10. That's RecommendedQuestInfoList btw, OnGoing is the other tab. Though I wouldn't recommend using that file, as it contains content which isn't in rAthena yet. Though you could adjust it yourself.
  11. Looks like you didn't understand how the chance will be calculated in that script: Line 71: set [email protected],getarg(1); Line 100: switch (rand(1,[email protected])) { getarg(1) = [email protected] So in your example: rand(1,100) > random value between 1 and 100 if you wanna get 100%, what do you need to put as value in [email protected]?
  12. Did you recompile your server after editing src folder? Cuz the renewal izlude map works just fine for me. No need to change the mapcache in that case anyway there are two seperate files for that. Also Pre-Re and Renewal got like you should know a different izlude map and ofc a different map cache for it. So if you copy your pre-re izlude file over to renewal, then ofc it will bug out.
  13. Did it work before you adjusted your levels? If yes, then you might made a mistake in your server files. Cuz lua files are not responsible in this case. I have in my first local server is 300/90 max levels and it works fine and I didn't change anything in the lua files.
  14. Did you reload your database? or your restart your server? Does your table even has the exp value up to job 70?
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