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  1. Looks like you didn't understand how the chance will be calculated in that script: Line 71: set [email protected],getarg(1); Line 100: switch (rand(1,[email protected])) { getarg(1) = [email protected] So in your example: rand(1,100) > random value between 1 and 100 if you wanna get 100%, what do you need to put as value in [email protected]?
  2. Did you recompile your server after editing src folder? Cuz the renewal izlude map works just fine for me. No need to change the mapcache in that case anyway there are two seperate files for that. Also Pre-Re and Renewal got like you should know a different izlude map and ofc a different map cache for it. So if you copy your pre-re izlude file over to renewal, then ofc it will bug out.
  3. Did it work before you adjusted your levels? If yes, then you might made a mistake in your server files. Cuz lua files are not responsible in this case. I have in my first local server is 300/90 max levels and it works fine and I didn't change anything in the lua files.
  4. Did you reload your database? or your restart your server? Does your table even has the exp value up to job 70?
  5. You also need to edit jobidentiy.lub file otherwise I don't see a mistake so far.
  6. Well not anymore, added the previous client files to the others as well
  7. This file here: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE/blob/2f9f5f46c3f1005af9058612d0b3cd6323ebdc07/Renewal/data/luafiles514/lua files/msgstring_kr.lub#L38
  8. Hello and welcome to the continued English translation project, started by @zackdreaver. Many may know already that zackdreaver stopped with his project and that I continued with it since then. See here. First of all thanks to zackdreaver for his time and passion, which he contributed so far with his project. But since there was no one else who had a project like his or someone who took his/her time to do all this work, I thought I could take over and learned the way to do it. The result can be found at this link: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE I made a lot of progress so far regarding translations, skill rebalances and 2020 client support. Lately I also added the required files for pre-renewal, which still follows the same format as zackdreaver's ROEnglishPRE repo, by overwriting the renewal project files with the pre-renewal files. I also have an discord server setup for faster support, issue reporting and more. Link can be found at the repo above. The difference between these two projects is also how it is installed, but to make things easier I setup a wiki: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE/wiki The actual guide can be found here: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE/wiki/Project-Guide If you experience any trouble using this project, please use the discord server because I rarely visit the rAthena forum. Best regards, llchrisll aka Houndeye
  9. Well I don't have any issue with that file at all: Try to check your NEMO patch regarding MapInfo, and be sure to follow the guide on my wiki, especially the part with NEMO profiles. If you really use my translation project that name of that file is mapInfo_True_EN.lub.
  10. They are not compatible with Hercules, if they would be, wouldn't they not also be on the Hercules forum? :I Just saying. Looks like you didn't setup your NPC's in the file, look at the end of the file :I.
  11. Are you using 2018-06-20 client or newer? If yes, did you rename the "skilltreeview 20180620.lub" file into "skilltreeview.lub" in the data/luafiles514/lua files/skillinfoz/ folder?
  12. Test it and report issues, not gonna test it myself, it worked with the last version mentioned in the Header.
  13. You mean the possible values? Just adjust them in their arrays o.o.
  14. That error appears when the lua file's content is messed up, like at manually updating it. Replace the whole file. Another problem might be if you are using encoded .lub files instead of decoded ones. Also NEMO patch for RecommendedQuestInfoList and OnGoingQuestInfoList don't accept the .lub extension. Look at my signtature, there you have a whole Renewal Translation Project.
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