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  1. You mean the possible values? Just adjust them in their arrays o.o.
  2. That error appears when the lua file's content is messed up, like at manually updating it. Replace the whole file. Another problem might be if you are using encoded .lub files instead of decoded ones. Also NEMO patch for RecommendedQuestInfoList and OnGoingQuestInfoList don't accept the .lub extension. Look at my signtature, there you have a whole Renewal Translation Project.
  3. You are aware that the skill got removed? Not sure how it ended up in your ETC bar, maybe outtdated lua files regarding that.
  4. You're msgstringtable.txt is wrong for your client or not updated.
  5. Well @loadnpc is not really the most usefull command as it doesn't load OnInit: labels so it's better to restart the server or use @reloadscript to reload everything. Also I need to recheck every script when I manage to have time for it. Like the Battleground Arena, which crashes now the map server since the Batteground Queue System was implemented. Not sure why tho. But as I focus more on the Translation Project I might take longer then it would need.
  6. There are few skills untranslated, but as I have heard zackdreaver is thinking about dropping this project, since it's too time consuming when he doesn't have mich time to begin with. So I thought about... I cloned his repository and started to work on it myself. For those who are interested: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE I also made an discord server, so if someone want's to talk about the translation, he/she can do that there. Link is at GitHub. Regards, Chris
  7. I think 2014 doesn't use lua yet, dunno for that version, might be a view id issue of the item db entry
  8. If you would use a global event but want it only to a affect an instance then it's the same as using an event label for the monsters.
  9. Global events like that can't be duplicated for instances. Also try to assign an event to your mob spawns like capuche mentioned.
  10. if you are using Zackdreaver's translation project, look for data/luafiles514/lua files/skillinfoz/skilltreeview 20180621.lub and remove the 20180621, also rename the original one before.
  11. If I'm not wrong clients before 2018-01-24 don't need ClassNum field, as stated by Zackdreaver's translation project, doc/compatibility list.md.
  12. Hmm, nope that's correct. Wondering why it still errors that way
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