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  1. That's as far as I know in the source coded.
  2. I think before saving everything into variables it's better to use SQL, imo.
  3. At if(@minute) add to it: && (strcharinfo(3) == prontera || strcharinfo(3) == payon) So it looks like this: if(@minute == 1 && (strcharinfo(3) == prontera || strcharinfo(3) == payon)) {
  4. Did you change it also at part? Cuz it doesn't look like it. Search for deletearray event_cc_pig$ and rename the variable. In case you need to charge every line where this variable is used. Not only once. Also about your playerattached error: Either you comment it, delete it or instead of != 0 you put == 0
  5. As soon as I have time I will test the script, not sure what happened there. I'm currently busy with my battle royal script. In line 22 is an example. otherwise I use the same function in my Dungeon Quest Service at line 253. Basically you save the menu entries into am single variable with implode and define the max entries, the function creates an menu and returns the value of "@menu" based on the option you chose from the array which was imploded for the function.
  6. Your image doesn't work, can't really help that way.
  7. 1. You already got that part right, but your label is called L_None, but you try to goto L_Nonea; 2. At your OnPCDieEvent, exchange warp "merullian",105,58; with warp "SavePoint",0,0; 3. At OnSpecialMobDeada, exchange the sleep 2000; warp... With sleep 30000; mapwarp "Coliseum","SavePoint",0,0; I will have a look at it better when I'm at home and maybe optimize since using goto is ugly. Also you got a few unneeded OnTimer100 where nothing happens. Butt overall not bad for your first script related to events. Regards, Chris
  8. You could use the search function in the Installation Support section, there are already tons of topic about it. Also this is the script support section, if it's not script related move over to the correct one please.
  9. conf/groups.conf What did you set in the exp.conf?
  10. Remove the ""+ and +"" in every line containing this part Edit: Well since I nearly got overhelm of the goto Labels, I optimized it a bit: //===== eAthena Script ======================================= //= Stats Seller //===== By: ================================================== //= DeadChild //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //= 2.0 - Fixed an bug with warp and optimized it[llchrisll] //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= Any eAthena Version //===== Description: ========================================= //= Stats Seller //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= Have fun with it ^^ //============================================================ prontera,166,201,0 script STP/SKP Seller 86,{ mes .n$; mes "Hi, I'm the STP/SKP Seller"; mes "It cost "+.price+"z each point"; mes "which one you wanna buy?"; next; switch(select("- Status Points:- Skill Point:- No thanks I'm fine")) { case 1: mes .n$;; mes "What do you want to buy?"; next; set [email protected],select("Str:Agi:Vit:Int:Dex:Luk"); mes .n$; mes "Hold on..."; next; mes .n$; mes "So how many?"; input [email protected]; next; mes .n$; if ([email protected] == 0) { mes "Please don't waste my time"; close; } if ([email protected] > 999) { mes "Sorry but you can only get 999 Status Point"; close; } if (zeny < ([email protected]*.price)) { mes "Sorry but you do not have enough zeny."; close; } set Zeny,Zeny - ([email protected]*.price); switch([email protected]) { case 1: statusup2 bStr,[email protected]; break; case 2: statusup2 bAgi,[email protected]; break; case 3: statusup2 bVit,[email protected]; break; case 4: statusup2 bInt,[email protected]; break; case 5: statusup2 bDex,[email protected]; break; case 6: statusup2 bLuk,[email protected]; break; } getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0,strcharinfo(0)); mes "Done"; next; warp [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; close; case 2: mes .n$; mes "So how many?"; input [email protected]; next; mes .n$; if ([email protected] == 0) { mes "Please don't waste my time"; close; } if (zeny < ([email protected]*.price)) { mes "Sorry but you do not have enough zeny."; close; } mes "Done"; set zeny, zeny - ([email protected] * .price); set SkillPoint,SkillPoint + [email protected]; break; case 3: mes .n$; mes "Okay then..."; close; } OnInit: set .n$,"["+strnpcinfo(0)+"]"; set .price,476000; end; }
  11. Well mostly is those quest commands which I mentioned one of them.
  12. *questinfo <Quest ID>,<Icon>{,<Map Mark Color>{,<Job Class>}}; This is esentially a combination of checkquest and showevent. Use this only in an OnInit label. For the Quest ID, specify the quest ID that you want checked if it has been started yet. For Icon, use one of the following: No Icon : QTYPE_NONE ! Quest Icon : QTYPE_QUEST ? Quest Icon : QTYPE_QUEST2 ! Job Icon : QTYPE_JOB ? Job Icon : QTYPE_JOB2 ! Event Icon : QTYPE_EVENT ? Event Icon : QTYPE_EVENT2 Warg : QTYPE_WARG (Only for packetver < 20170315) Warg Face : QTYPE_WARG2 (Only for packetver >= 20120410 and < 20170315) Click Me : QTYPE_CLICKME (Only for packetver >= 20170315) Daily Quest : QTYPE_DAILYQUEST (Only for packetver >= 20170315) ! Event Icon : QTYPE_EVENT3 (Only for packetver >= 20170315) Job Quest : QTYPE_JOBQUEST (Only for packetver >= 20170315) Jumping Poring : QTYPE_JUMPING_PORING (Only for packetver >= 20170315) Map Mark Color, when used, creates a mark in the user's mini map on the position of the NPC, the available color values are: 0 - No Marker (default) 1 - Yellow Marker 2 - Green Marker 3 - Purple Marker When a user shows up on a map, each NPC is checked for questinfo that has been set. If questinfo is present, it will check if the quest has been started, if it has not, the bubble will appear. Optionally, you can also specify a Job Class if the quest bubble should only appear for a certain class. Example izlude,100,100,4 script Test 844,{ mes "[Test]"; mes "Hello World."; close; OnInit: questinfo 1001, QTYPE_QUEST, 0, Job_Novice; end; } Do you mean this? Just search doc/script_commands.txt.
  13. Well we need the coordinates of the boxes or we can't check if you maybe missed them, maybe better if you send us your map so we can test it properly. In case you don't want to share your map, you could also do the following: Make npc duplicates to check if you put in the right coordinates, by using waitingroom. Might be a hassle but worth trying. If you need help doing that, I will send you an code soon, or if someone else is faster xX. Regards, Chris
  14. I mean, that he wanted to block being recalled by @recall and not emergency call. Anyway well done :).