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  1. Thank you! Akkarin should apply this on Repo.
  2. Royr


    Not really? but it's totally working without any issues.
  3. Ragna Hosting is long time DEAD. i heard a lot of issues back then around 2015+ You can ask @Tokei and @Nova I'd suggest go with other reliable hosting like OVH or Digital Ocean. "NO INSTANT-SETUP"
  4. // Functions function script DispLink { [email protected] = getarg(0); [email protected] = getarg(1,0); [email protected] = getitemslots([email protected]); return "<ITEM>"+([email protected]&&[email protected]?getitemname([email protected])+" ["[email protected]+"]":getitemname([email protected]))+"<INFO>"[email protected]+"</INFO></ITEM>"; } // Scripts prontera.gat, 146, 184, 4 script Display Link 2_DROP_MACHINE,{ mes "[ Display Item ]"; mes " "; mes "Display Link: "+DispLink(4001); close; } This one?
  5. Simply add "}" after the end;
  6. Fake ass Developer A.K.A Almer Digamon and asking for help here? try to dig your own source and experiment from scratch.
  7. Looks like you just found the map somewhere else and grab it from GRF(even if it is encrypted). It means the map you get/stole was encrypted. if it "MAP" wasn't encrypted means it's going to work.
  8. Please give this a try, i hope this is what you're looking for. prontera.gat, 155, 185, 4 script Exchanger Board 4_BOARD3,{ [email protected] = select( (countitem(501)?"- Exchange with "+getitemname(501)+"":""), (countitem(502)?"- Exchange with "+getitemname(502)+"":""), (countitem(503)?"- Exchange with "+getitemname(503)+"":""), "- Nothing" ); switch([email protected]) { case 1: getitem 607,1; break; case 2: getitem 608,1; break; case 3: getitem 616,1; break; default: mes "[ Exchanger ]"; mes "There's nothing i can do for you."; mes " "; mes "Please come back to me later!"; break; } end; }
  9. I'm currently using an old client 2015-09-16 however, some of the EFST_EFFECTS ain't working in-game i already updated both data,rdata and hateffectinfo(Lua). I'm not sure if this is client issues or i'm trying to figure but couldn't find an exact answer or it must be requires a "HIGH-CLIENTS"?
  10. Ms. Experiment /kis

  11. Davven, if you still need some of your old maps, for future edits "maybe" I still have them yes, I purchased them directly from you at eAthena .

    Welcome back!

    1. DavDav


      That would be great!! Can yku send them to me on this email: [email protected] 

      I would really appreciate it!! 😄

    2. Royr




    3. DavDav


      Thank uou so much Royr. I owe you 🙂

  12. Try this: prontera,150,180,4 script Exchanger 4_F_BRZ_WOMAN,{ mes .n$; mes "I can exchange your "+getitemname(.exc_id)+"s for other items."; mes "Please select from the list what you want."; mes " "; mes "Currency: "+ getitemname(.exc_id); next; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.item); [email protected] ++ ) [email protected]_menu$ = [email protected]_menu$ + "- "+ getitemname(.item[[email protected]]) +" ("+ .cost[[email protected]] +") "+ ( (.item[[email protected]+1] != 0)?":":""); [email protected] = select([email protected]_menu$) - 1; mes .n$; mes "You have chosen "+ getitemname(.item[[email protected]]) +" for the price of "+ .cost[[email protected]] +" "+ getitemname(.exc_id) +"s"; mes "Is that correct?"; next; if( select("- Yes:- No" ) - 1) close; mes .n$; if( countitem(.exc_id) < .cost[[email protected]] ) { mes "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough "+getitemname(.exc_id)+", please come back when you have enough."; close; } getitem .item[[email protected]],1; delitem .exc_id,.cost[[email protected]]; mes "Exchange complete."; close; OnInit: .n$ = "[ "+ strnpcinfo(0) +" ]"; .exc_id = 501; setarray .item[0],603,13890,13889,618,616; setarray .cost[0],1,1,1,1,1; end; }
  13. function script AddPoints { [email protected] = getarg(0); [email protected] = getarg(1); getitem $shardIds[0], [email protected]; message rid2name([email protected]), "You've recieved "+ [email protected] +" Shard"+ ([email protected] > 1 ? "s":"") +"."; return; }
  14. in mob.c - pc_isGM(sd) + pc_get_group_level(sd) Try this one: if( (mvp_sd && pc_get_group_level(mvp_sd)) || (sd && pc_get_group_level(sd)) ) { if( mvp_sd && pc_get_group_level(mvp_sd) < battle_config.gm_monsterdrop_lv ) type |= 1; else if( sd && pc_get_group_level(sd) < battle_config.gm_monsterdrop_lv ) type |= 1; } It should work, i tested mine here.
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