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  1. I made this on a phone...Please give a try (based on your script and optimized it). I added some multiple items reward with chances added some flavor to your server. //Created Date: 04/07/2022 - script AEOUS_MVP_DROP FAKE_NPC,{ end; OnNPCKillEvent: [email protected] = rand(1,100); if( getmonsterinfo( killedrid,MOB_MVPEXP ) ) { for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.item_arrays); [email protected] += 3 ) { if( [email protected] < .item_arrays[[email protected]+2] ) { getitem .item_arrays[[email protected]], .item_arrays[[email protected]+1]; announce "Congratulations! Player "+ strcharinfo(0) +" has obtained "+ getitemname( .item_arrays[[email protected]] ) +" ["+ .item_arrays[[email protected]+1] +"] from "+ getmonsterinfo(killedrid, 0) +" (chance: "+.item_arrays[[email protected]+2]+"%) MVP Drop(s).",bc_all,0x00FF00; } } end; } OnInit: // (<structure,<item_id>,<chances>) setarray .item_arrays[0], 675, 1, 10, 677, 1, 30, 7539, 1, 100; end; }
  2. Looks like a custom addition UI for Thailand RO Official? This thing doesn't exist in Official kRO.
  3. Means those monster doesn't exist. (Those are RENEWAL Monsters) that's why it's showing ~null hunting You don't to have TOUCHED those part. *getmonsterinfo(<mob ID>,<type>) MOB_NAME - monster's name, if there is no such monster "null" is returned
  4. You can also alternatively use XAMMP,WAMP,VertrigoServ and HeidiSQL (common tools)
  5. 1st Question: You just need to open those IP's (ask your Web Hosting Provider) 2nd Question: Yes it's possible to host a FluxCP under your VPS just like VPS+FluxCP. (Cheaper for Budget-Meal) Just don't forget to give permission(chmod -R 777) on your FluxCP this has been common problem installing FluxCP under VPS. logs/itemshop/tmp Incase if your using CentOS and have error access to FluxCP. Disable SELinux nano /etc/sysconfig/selinux SELinux=enforcing change to: SELinux=disabled
  6. Lack of INFORMATION and i don't see any ERROR, i assumed PACKETVER (define to your [YYYY/MM/DD]) you're missing the parts of athena.configuration (char,login,map).
  7. Hey there! i tried working this request last night of course made from scratch, but not sure if this is enough.. I could think of possibly abused in this bound feature(s). I made some PREVIEW if this what you wanted: https://streamable.com/zdx9fq This requires: delitemidx I added some Blacklist Features so you could block some item(s) you want.
  8. Try this one: export_deprecated_constant2("SI_VIPSTATE",1500); => Not Necessary src/map/status.cpp StatusIconChangeTable[SC_VIPSTATE] = EFST_VIPSTATE; StatusChangeFlagTable[SC_VIPSTATE] |= SCB_NONE;
  9. Royr


    using Screen method. Make sure you install the 'Screen' CentOS Command: yum install screen Note: You need to execute this 1 by 1. screen -S loginserver ./login-server & After that Press CTRL+AD screen -S charserver ./char-server & After that Press CTRL+AD screen -S mapserver ./map-server & After that Press CTRL+AD TO RETURN BACK TO WHICH server(map,login or char) would you like visit simply press : Note: Make sure you're in your rAthena Server or RO Folder. cd /home/winter/MyROServer screen -R mapserver - To check the mapserver-status screen -R charserver - To check the charserver-status screen -R loginserver - To check the loginserver-status To Exit: After that Press CTRL+AD If you want to confirm what apps are running: Simple Type: ps aux | grep server
  10. Means the client has been protected. I think you can found it on the NEMO i forgot what patched is that.
  11. Means you need to set the permission on that folder "Logs" Type: chmod -R 777 /var/www/html/cp/data/logs chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html/cp/data/logs If this thing still shows up, just do the same thing. mostly this are the only 3 folders need to set a permission. logs, itemshop and tmp
  12. This has been talking years of years, that there's going to be 1 Person who will make a friendly STR Tool similar to the GRF Tool you've made. Finally it became true "Tokei". Thank you very much for sharing!
  13. Just install PHP 7.+ up. Then it should worked. some of the codes requires higher PHP. How to Install PHP 7+ Linux
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