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  1. Hello can anyone tell me how? I’m really newbie… I tried to upload new items and new map on live server without making the players redownload the DL files again… step by step would be nice please thanks
  2. Not sure where to put this topic... due to idk where to edit them but where can disable the filters? So everyone can say anything they want even it’s a bad word?
  3. Hello, does anyone know how to update a live server? Rather than keep uploading new lite and full download? something similar to database editing but on client this time. Please how?
  4. bump ---- advance happy new year! ? bumpy bumpy ? .. i hope someone noticed ?
  5. IvanD

    Mail script?

    still not working, do i need to turn anything on DOC folder?
  6. can i request this personal warp script? NPC that only recognize account id 2000001,2000002,2000003 and a choice to (warp prontera or change password) and a pub that says "warper"
  7. IvanD

    Mail script?

    not even an npc shows up ?
  8. IvanD

    Mail script?

    hello anyone have a mail script? mine doesnt work. the npc doesnt even shows up
  9. anyone got a simple costume signer? top mid low costume or signer that you can put any word on an item instead of name? (and 24 hours rental/expiration)
  10. Thanks for the specific guide... Imma do it when I get home, thank you very much
  11. Thank you, I didn’t get notified that someone answered
  12. I’m renting a vps... but my server set to renewal, how can I switch it to prenewal (no third job classes)?
  13. anyone have a costume signer? or have this script? gm lvl 99 access only sign all location of the costume at once. (if possible to have a way to type in the name indstead of automatic sign?)
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