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  1. Hello, does anyone know how to update a live server? Rather than keep uploading new lite and full download? something similar to database editing but on client this time. Please how?
  2. bump ---- advance happy new year! bumpy bumpy .. i hope someone noticed
  3. IvanD

    Mail script?

    still not working, do i need to turn anything on DOC folder?
  4. can i request this personal warp script? NPC that only recognize account id 2000001,2000002,2000003 and a choice to (warp prontera or change password) and a pub that says "warper"
  5. IvanD

    Mail script?

    not even an npc shows up
  6. IvanD

    Mail script?

    hello anyone have a mail script? mine doesnt work. the npc doesnt even shows up
  7. anyone got a simple costume signer? top mid low costume or signer that you can put any word on an item instead of name? (and 24 hours rental/expiration)
  8. Thanks for the specific guide... Imma do it when I get home, thank you very much
  9. Thank you, I didn’t get notified that someone answered
  10. I’m renting a vps... but my server set to renewal, how can I switch it to prenewal (no third job classes)?
  11. anyone have a costume signer? or have this script? gm lvl 99 access only sign all location of the costume at once. (if possible to have a way to type in the name indstead of automatic sign?)
  12. i wished i have read this reply before i put them one by one T_T hahaha...
  13. Because the one I have when I tested the swordsman job change there’s option that turns into one instantly, I’m using a normal account
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