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  1. sound like a great idea, may be you would add a donation manager as well for people who deal with donations thru moneygram, western union and bank deposits a contact form, also put a delay for people to able to report a donation so people who try to waste an admins time wont work. please make it compatible with 3ceam FLUX CP
  2. fluye la pereza aquí, mejor abórtalo! 2 años y nada de nada.
  3. tried it on 3ceam and it didn't work, oh well, could u make some time a patch to work with 3ceam? put it in your to-do list u already have he link for it lol Edit: the wait is over, this trick works just fine: works ok with eathena and 3ceam.
  4. if you don't want to pay or don't have paypal account just use (edit it with your server config) and put it on an iframe it uses Annieruru Pvp ladder
  5. i know this is a very silly question but.. as of today is it possible to access using a Android or Apple tablet/smartphone thru the browser? i see that requires java, how would that work? that would be really cool
  6. hi just use this one, don't listen to all these people who don't want to help :l
  7. share the PSD's and font if you don't mind.
  8. burn it with fire.
  9. nice, makes me want to open a server
  10. dont be lazy, read, figuire something, do it. not everything can be delivered to you easy, sorry :/
  11. thanks for the share, i was using a painful one full of gabberish =')